Guccilious Scraps Head into the World

Paintbrush Studio Solids_lineup

As promised, the scraps from my Guccilious quilt need to go out into the world, for others to enjoy this fabric and this particular range of colors.  And although this bundle accumulated quite a few votes in the March Madness 2017 (thank you very much!), Christine’s bundle of blues and yellows won (I voted again today…and for hers!).

Paint Chips Painter's Palette Solids

I think someone might like to see all the range of colors, so I’m also giving away two Paintbrush Studios Paint Chips, which includes every color you see below.  No, I’m not giving away the card, just the double-pack of two Paint Chips that have every color, as shown above.

Paintbrush Studios Colors_chart

Giveaway Banner

UPDATE: GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED.  THANKS TO ALL WHO LEFT A COMMENT.  RESULTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED TOMORROW.  Leave me a comment below, telling me which one you’d like to win–the scraps or the double pack of Paint Chips–and after a few days, I’ll close off the giveaway and send out the fun!  Thanks for entering!

Summer Giveaway Winners

Summer Achievements 2013

You are all winners in my book–just take a look at all that was accomplished this summer!

I’m generally terrible at picking winners; I personally LOATHE the random number generator, but don’t mind their List Generator.  So I typed up all your accomplishments into a list and let the random generator help me choose.  Of course, I personally would have gone for the running-while-not-re-injuring foot, given the fact that my summer consisted of foot surgery, but in the end, Amy C. and Ashley, of Wasn’t Quilt in a Day,  were the winners for this giveaway.

I still have a couple of more little things I picked up at Long Beach, so I’ll probably have to find another reason to host a giveaway.  Thanks to all who entered and congratulations on having so many stupendous achievements over the summer!

Summer Giveaway

Giveaway Banner

So why a giveaway?

Oh, I don’t know–it’s coming down to the end of summer, I picked up a couple of cute things at Long Beach Quilt Show, and why not?

Giveaway packet 1 fall 2013

The top photo shows the little bundle exploded so you can see the fabrics.  I chose turquoise and reds, plus that fabulous record novelty print for the first one.  And for the second, I sometimes think we all need some decent darks in our stash–we all tend to buy light, brights, but to make a quilt really pop, a wider range can help.

Giveaway packet2 fall 2013

Giveaway 2 Fall 2013

And what’s tucked inside?  Two little sewing kits, picked up from Eleanor Burns’ booth at the quilt show, with fun sayings.

To win either packet (you can specify), leave me a comment telling me your favorite achievement this summer–could be a quilt finished, time spent with children or grandchildren, or a good book read.  As per the usual, those who are followers of this blog get their name thrown in twice!


Comments were closed at this post on Sunday evening.  Anything comments after that were appreciated but unable to be entered into the drawing.  Thanks for stopping by!  See this post for winners.

I’m Featured on the Name Game!

Name Game ButtonToday Cindy of Live a Colorful Life is featuring this blog on her series titled, The Name Game, where she highlights a blog whose name she likes.  I’m more than happy to be one of her Featurettes. So, please, head over there and see what she has written (you can bet I’ll be looking, too, as I don’t know what she’s said yet, either!)

Giveaway Spring 2

And leave a comment below if you’d like to win that fun button and the boy-themed fabric.

Giveaway Spring 1

Or you might want this one (see previous post for more info on both).

If you are a follower, you double your chances of winning, so feel free to enter your email and follow me, now that Google Reader is disappearing (sigh).  At any rate, Cindy and I will draw from our comments and will choose some winners–two from each blog.  Remember to indicate which button is your first choice.

We’ll close the drawing on Wednesday at 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, and announce the winners.  Leave your comment below and good luck!

Update: Drawing closed and I will post winners shortly (like, after dinner).  Thanks to all who left comments and entered our giveaway.  You’re the best!

Cranking out those Lollies!

Cranking is probably the wrong word.  It takes me the better part of a day to get one of these pinned, just because I have to leave time for pulling out all of the Kaffe fabrics I own, distributing them around on every flat surface in my sewing room (I have been known to pull out the portable tray tables for another surface) and then finding NOTHING I want, make a run to the fabric store for more. (Oh, and by the way, there’s news about my tiny giveaway at the end.)

Lollypop Tree Wallhanging ESE_1

So maybe cranky is a better word.  That’s always I how I feel in the middle of one of these blocks.  And also when I look up at the one that’s All Done and I realize the mauvey pink leaves are all wrong all wrong.

Lollypop False StartAnd so were these attempts to fix the problem.  I was able to find these because in the middle of all this angst, when my entire color-themed cupboard was exploded, I decided to tidy up.

Cleaned Closet

Pretty, right?  Notice I didn’t show you the other closet.

But I persisted, cranky or not.

Class Sample Lollypop Tree Block

By switching out some of the larger circles it finally came together, so cross that one off my list.  I’m also trying to pay attention to how I begin and work through these knots just in case my class carries and I will actually teach it.  I’m going to bring chocolate for when they hit the cranky part–that ought to help.

Christmas Start

I wanted to try to make a RED-background Lollypop Tree for the holidays.  I pulled out my Piece O Cake books and patterns as Becky Goldsmith does such wonderful things with red backgrounds, but whatever I worked with didn’t look holiday-ish enough to suit me.

Lolly Christmas Start


Lolly Christmas Start1

Christmas Lollypop Tree

So I made it to here, and am going to let it rest.

Giveaway Spring 1

When I was a local quilt show, I picked up a few fun buttons to giveaway on my blog that have sewing-related themes.

Giveaway Spring 2

And because I cleaned out my sewing cupboard, I’m throwing in a bit of fabric to go with them.

Giveaway Spring 2 back

The second group, with the “power tool” button is a few larger squares of boy-oriented fabric for those quilts for sons or grandsons, or an I-spy quilt you may want to make.

Giveaway Spring 1 back

The first batch of fabrics (“Hot Stuff”) has couple of fat quarter solids and a trio of fun novelties.

Name Game Button

Cindy, of Live a Colorful Life, is hosting me on her Name Game on her blog on April 8th, Monday.  To win one of those buttons, and the bits of fabric that go with them, check back on MONDAY, the same day her feature will post.  Don’t leave comments below for the giveaway, as I’ll only draw from Monday’s comments.  As usual, you get one chance for your comment, and one more chance if you are a follower of this blog (and leave a comment).  I’m hoping you’ll head over to Cindy’s blog and see what she has written (thanks! Cindy), and you can also leave a comment on Cindy’s blog for her buttons (she has two different ones).

Okay, now I have to go and clean up my sewing room.