Lollypop Tree Blocks Completed


All stitched down.  But I remembered in the middle of the night, that I wasn’t done stitching.


I still have the border blocks to finish.  But first, I’m going to enjoy being at this point (for closeups of the last three blocks, head to “Lollypop Trees” in the header).  I finished taking off the back of the pieces last night before I went to bed, then pressed it and put it up on the wall.  I think sometimes in our rush to have a finish, we forget to stop and smell the flowers.  So I’m stopping today to smell these flowers–even though there’s no fragrance, there’s a sweetness to the air in my studio–all these up on the wall.  They’ll cheer me on while I grade the poetry papers that came in yesterday from my students.  So, in honor of getting this far on this quilt, and this far in the semester, I leave you with a couple of haiku, bare whisps of poems appropriate to the season.

Tom Tico:

Into old pots and pans

thrown out in the backyard—

the musical rain

Harriet Axelrad:

snowflakes glued

to the kindergarten window—

no two alike

Enjoy the weekend!

8 thoughts on “Lollypop Tree Blocks Completed

  1. Oh, my year 7 students are submitting their poetry portfolios next week! Maybe we could compare notes! On second thoughts, maybe not – mine are bound to be ‘interesting’!! LOve the lollipop trees- yes, you must stop and enjoy the journey!

  2. You have your priorities in the right place! Thought I heard a big “TA DA” coming from the left side – now I know it must have been you.

  3. What an accomplishment to say the least. I’m so glad you have finished Lollipop Trees which is one that I’m working on still. Now that you have them finished I’m sure you’ll look back and say yes it was well worth the time that I put in. I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from doing these beautiful trees. They are certainly a work of art. Please hang it on the wall and enjoy it for some time to come.

  4. Its a great accomplishment! They look fabulous. It looks gorgeous..I imagine it is even more amazing in person. It’s a fantastic quilt.

  5. Good for you! Your Lolly-pop Tree blocks are wonderful, the colors are fantastic and the designs are wonderful. It is such a fanciful idea and is executed in such an amazing way. I can hardly wait to see how you finish the quilt. I’m sure it will be a treasure forever.

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