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Lollypop Trees Rise Again: Blocks 4, 5, 6

One advantage to being in a group like Leanne’s Finish-A-Long (FAL), is that you have a reason to pull those unfinished projects to the front of the line, rather than letting good solid work be upstaged consistently by the New! and the Fabulous! and the Have You Seen This Fabric Line! sort of business.  So the Lollies came out of hibernation.


Lollypop Tree Four.


Lollypop Tree block five.


Lollypop Tree block Six.

Gang of Six Lollypop Trees

So I’ve appliqued six to their background fabric, using the freezer-paper, then invisible thread in top spool method.

Appliqueing Lollypop Tree

I’ve discussed this in buckets of digitial bytes in other posts, but here’s a photo of me going at it.  Yes, those are teensy applique pins and when you have about 60 of them on a block (these are huge blocks), it helps that they are small so you are not stabbed to death by pins.  I also hang my sweater on the back of the chair, as they have affinity with knitted things–they get caught in the sleeves.  I use a 1.0 width zig-zag with a 2.0 length of stitch, with Mono-Poly invisible thread in the top spool (put a netting on it and you will be happier) and Bottom Line thread in the bobbin.  I also dial back the upper tension by half, down to 2.2 and use a very slender needle.  Both threads are made by Superior Threads.

My student papers don’t come in until Thursday evening, so maybe I can squeak out three more blocks?  It takes about an hour to stitch each block, and another 20 minutes to open up the back and take all the freezer paper pieces out. I know I won’t finish the quilt this first quarter of the FAL, but the very fact that I’m sewing on these trees is a benefit of signing up. I’ll be thrilled just to get the blocks done.


Now head back to Lee’s Freshly Pieced blog to see more Works in Progress!

16 thoughts on “Lollypop Trees Rise Again: Blocks 4, 5, 6

  1. These blocks are just stunning, Elizabeth! They are really worth the effort. This will be a gorgeous quilt when you are done.
    Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  2. Hey, long time, no comment from me, I know! It’s so fun to see you pulling these out again. I just got some of the monopoly from Superior, so I’m glad to see your tips. I got it to do some FMQ on the fairy quilts.

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