Cleaning Up the Study/Happy Memorial Day!

What my sewing study looked like at the end of the semester, after I’d posted grades.

Way leads on to way. . . getting worse.


Before I exploded the room, I was working on a little quilt design for a quick summery treat.

Here’s the quilt.  It’s titled Summer Treat, but when I was working on it I called it Ice Cream Treat, as those colors look like you could lick them. I threw in a couple of purple triangles just to make things interesting, for I believe that every quilt should have a full range of lights-to-darks.  Just like any good photograph.

Here’s the block.  Since it’s a 12 inch block, this should go together quickly.  I’ll post some templates tomorrow and hopefully a shot of one of my refreshing Summer Treat blocks.  Now that my study’s all cleaned up, it’s time to pull out the fabrics and put that clean space to use.

Happy Memorial Day, or Decoration Day, as my mother calls it.  She and Dad have already started putting flowers on the graves of those relatives who have gone before, adding another one or two each year (everyone gets buried near them–kind of our psychic home away from home).  I appreciate that they honor the original meaning of the holiday, and it makes me think about my grandmothers and my one grandfather who I knew best.

We’ll be heading out to the main street near our house to cheer on thousands of motorcyclists for Rolling Thunder West Coast, an homage to Rolling Thunder, East Coast.  We saw that one when we lived in DC–so many bikes came over that bridge on their way past Lincoln’s Memorial and on to the Mall.  Last year for West Coast Rolling Thunder we had about 4,000 bikers and I waved my little American flag and hollered.  It was great.

Barbeque for us?  Maybe.  Or maybe we’ll just go out for a burger and let others do the grilling for us.  But I’ve already picked up the strawberries for our Summer Strawberry Cake (recipe on my cooking blog).  That’s they beauty of all the children grown–life’s a bit more flexible around the edges.  And of course–some sewing in my nice clean study.

Happy Memorial Day!

3 thoughts on “Cleaning Up the Study/Happy Memorial Day!

  1. your room looks nice all cleaned up! the quilt is really sweet and truly does look summery. cant wait for the templates to try a block
    thank you

  2. Oh my, you need a warning that if a person innocently clicks on the Summer Strawberry Cake recipe link, they should under no circumstances curiously click home on your recipe blog, where they might inadvertently stumble upon the Double-Chocolate Brownies recipe. Going to the store for real butter and walnuts as soon as I hit send!

    1. We loved to watch Rolling Thunder when we lived in Virginia too. My favorite Memorial Day was the one when they opened up the WW II monument. So many of the vets from that war were there, and it was an honor to watch them reconnect with other soldiers. Some had their old uniforms on and many were in wheel chairs. The notes on the wall left by family and friends was so moving, I don’t think there was anyone down there without tears leaking from their eyes. I wish I could have made them all Quilts of Valor.

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