Finally, a Wednesday

Finally?  Doesn’t Wednesday come around each week?  Well, yes, but today was the day I gave my final, and I came right home and graded the essays.  Then it’s stew over the grades, which is going on in the background.

While I never usually list all the quilts I want to do, I do like this kid’s approach to his summer.  Some small ideas and some big ones.  I especially like the “attend an outdoor play” and “s’mores.”  I have listed things before on this blog, and it’s pathetic how few of them get done.  But here goes:

I admire those who have a quilt-in-progress to show, but I finished mine!  See yesterday’s post.  Head back over to Lee at Freshly Pieced for more wonderful Works in Progres.

4 thoughts on “Finally, a Wednesday

  1. Good luck with marking, and then good luck with your list! Often just making a list helps you get more done than if you hadn’t made a list at all so don’t sweat too much abut what isn’t done at the end of summer. Ideas keep better on a shelf sometimes. 🙂

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