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Red/White Mini Quilt Show

After seeing the quilts along the streets of Temecula, I headed to the Temecula Quilt Company, a shop that specializes in reproduction fabrics, which lies about 4 miles inland from Old Town Temecula.

As usual, she had done the displays in such a perfectly arranged fashion.  There’s a little excitement when you have a quilt in a show, even a mini one, and I hunted for my two.

Right away I see one of mine: the folded quilt on the lower left.

It’s a deeper red than those around it and I like how she harmonized all the patterns together along with color tones.

Some quilts were tiny, some small, some larger.  Sometimes we think we can only make giant-sized quilts, but these little ones carry great visual punch.

Some quilts have more red, some have more white.

What makes this starry quilt intriguing for me, is the tilting of the central stars in the blocks.

Teensy little rooster quilt.

With a fabulous label.  Wouldn’t it be very cool to have a “signature label” like this one?  I suppose that #184 in the upper left corner is her personal number of quilts?  I’ve got to make smaller quilts so I can catch up!

The quilt on the upper right (center-ish) is compelling with all the applique symbols.

In the classroom area, she had this giant red/white quilt top started.

More classroom quilts.


I started chatting with the shop owner as I exlaimed at how much I enjoyed her display.  Next year, she said “Blue and White!”  I laughed.  She asked me if I’d seen my quilts and I told her I hadn’t found my table runner.

“The sampler from around the world?” she asked?  “We put it up front where we could display the full length of it.”

Ah, there it is!  Thanks again to all my participants.  It looks great.

As I sat and ate my lunch — she’d provided All-American Hot Dogs to go with these deeply All-American quilts of her mini-quilt show — I could take in all the quilts around in this area.  It was a lovely, satisfying day, spending time with quilts and with other quilters, and I appreciated all the efforts of those who put up displays for all of us to enjoy.

I strolled around the shop once more, trying to see everything.

The show will be up for the month of October — if you are in the area, I’d suggest heading there to enjoy all these quilts!

8 thoughts on “Red/White Mini Quilt Show

  1. So nice to see yours displayed and to ready the running commentary. Can’t wait to see you original label. Congrats.

  2. ugh! so amazing! You’re table runner is stunning. I also really am fond of that quilt label as well, it’s so unique! I’ve finished 2 baby quilts, 1 twin size, and 1 mini in my quilting career so far. Not too bad for five months… haha, obvious sarcasm! What a beautiful show. Thanks for documenting it and sharing all these beauties!

  3. Elizabeth, I linked back to this post from my blog, Cupcakes n Daisies, hope that’s OK. Thanks for the heads up on my link, I fixed it.

    Congratulations on two wonderful projects in the Temecula Quilt Show.

    I could not find your email, so I’m leaving this comment. Hopefully you’ll get more, what a great post and blog!

  4. Thank you for sharing your photos from this wonderful red and white quilt show. Your quilts were great. Loved the table runner.I love this shop and consider a visit there very exciting… never mind the hour and half drive .. I plan to visit again next week.

  5. I liked your red and white!! I will have to get to the shop and see them in person. I like the orange stripe boarder on your square in a square. You have a lot going on. WOW!!

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