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Temecula Quilt Show, 2011

I woke up early, excited for my quilty day.  I’m dividing this up into two posts.  First up is the Temecula Quilt Show, out on the streets of this Western town.  Tomorrow will be the red/white mini-show at Temecular Quilt Company.


A license plate on the way down: QWILTN.  Think she’s going the same place as I?

I arrived a bit early in Temecula, and as the main street was already clogged with cars, I detoured to a side street and found a parking place quickly.  Camera ready, I walked down to the street with all the quilts.

I have Christmas quilts on my mind.  This is a very good example of using traditional patterns — a double nine-patch —  in new ways.

This was a beautiful sampler quilt, but points out one of the difficulties of an outdoor show: mottled shadow that obscures the design.  You had to be there, I guess.

And some quilts are up really high, so I apologize for the picture quality–this was another beautiful quilt.  Love that star.

Since so many of you are doing hexies, here’s a vintage quilt.


I think this is one of those quilts we should all make at least once: Storm at Sea.  Mine’s still in the future, although I have made one block.

Cute Halloween Banner on the left, in purples, blacks and lime green.

Cute snowman faces.

Snowmen are on the brain, I think. This, in a town that never sees a snowfall!

The metal banner over the main street, still clogged with cars.

Temecula is known for its western history, its vineyards and its hot air balloon festival.

I loved this series by Sandy Besanson.  This one’s called “Bike Ride,” and the one below, “Gondola Ride.”

And finally, Dancing Chickens.  Wonderful series.

These quilts (above and below) were hanging outside Quilters Coop, a shop in Temecula.

And this one, too!

On the front of the shop were hanging several Quilts of Valor.

Stunning yellow and blue Log Cabin quilt.

Their raffle quilt.

Tomorrow: the quilts of the Red/White challenge.

2 thoughts on “Temecula Quilt Show, 2011

  1. Love them all, but especially the Sandy Besanson quilts and that gorgeous raffle quilt. You did by a hundred raffle tickets for me, right?

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