Plugging Along

Plugging along?

How did that phrase ever come to be in my vocabulary?  But it suits perfectly what’s going on with my quilting right now.  I’m making progress, but it should be measured in nano units, smaller than crumbs, weensier than a speck of dust.

Square on Square, my autumn quilt got to this place by the end of last week.

Then all sides/pieces on and up on the wall by Sunday.

Then I start messing with my mind and thinking. . . sashing?

Version 1.  Not really.

Version 2.  Bluey lavender strips–possibly with a gold cornerstone at the intersections?

Version 3.  Nothing, letting the squares interact with each other.
All this started with a comment I read on Lee’s blog last week about updating old designs with new fabrics.  Well, that wasn’t happening here, because I wanted to use up these fabrics (and I love them) but I thought about ways to update a TNT (Tried and True) design, and started playing around with sashing. But  I’m still a fan of block mash-up, when they’re interacting and talking to each other.

Another reason the progress is so miniscule is that I have a lot of company coming this week/weekend, and I’ve been trying to work ahead in my lesson plans so as not to be overwhelmed.  This translates to no time for quilting.  But isn’t that the beauty of it?  While it’s true that the blocks and the quilts won’t get done by magic fairies in the night, they won’t get UN-done either.  They’ll still be waiting for me when I’m ready for them.  Unlike housework and dishes, which accumulate and fall into chaos, the patches wait patiently right there on the cutting table, faithful and loyal.  True to the end.

I love quilting.

See what other patches and fabric and quilts have waited patiently for other quilters, here at WIP Wednesday, over at *Freshly Pieced Fabrics.*  Thanks, Lee!  (And take a gander at her lovely fabric designs, as well as her Moda Bake Shop quilt!)

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