Chuck Nohara Quilt Blocks


I have a new girlfriend and her name is Chuck Nohara.  Like all of my girlfriends, she is charming, sweet with a bite of spice, witty and oh! so clever.  This is her book, purchased from QuiltMania.  She’s also worth her weight in euros — er, dollars — so get ready for that part, too.  If you live near a quilt show that’s coming up, sometimes QuiltMania comes to quilt shows and you can escape the horrific international shipping costs.  I admit only to the fact that I was in recovery from surgery when I was shopping and perhaps the drug-induced haze had something to do with it, but now I’m having fun.

I was suckered drawn into this by the adorably cute photos of her work on the #chucknoharaqal on Instagram, and as soon as I saw some of these blocks, I was hooked.ChuckNohara3

The hashtag sashing is also very cute.  I may or may not do this.  Depends on my current state of mind.ChuckNohara2

You can make over thousands of these blocks, hence the title “2001,” which does not refer to the year, but instead to the number of block drawings inside.  There have been other Chuck Nohara books, and they are scarcer than hen’s teeth.  QuiltMania republished her work (text is both in French and English) and so now we can get her designs.  Because of course you want a new girlfriend, too.ChuckNohara6 ChuckNohara5 CN606 prep

This is the one that drew me in.  I’m prepping up some of the blocks just to try them out.  Susan of PatchworknPlay and I are going to join the quilt-a-long and do some of the blocks, too. If you jump in with us, head to Instagram and post up your blocks there.CN969 prep1

I started by scanning the page I wanted, full-size.  I then cut out my block, placed it on the copier bed and enlarged it until it measured 6″ on a side.  For the birdhouse, I needed to enlarge it by 283%.  But the cherries needed 301%.  I have no idea why.  Those mysteries are way beyond my pay grade.CN969_prep3 CN969 prep2

A perfect little project to tote along to doctor appointments, on car trips, and on a journey to my father’s 90th birthday celebration.

20 thoughts on “Chuck Nohara Quilt Blocks

  1. I love this concept, but wonder how you’re transferring the picture? On Vellum, and cutting the pieces to hand applique? With 2001 pictures, I cannot imagine there are individual patterns for each! Share more, please!

  2. What a wild undertaking that is for you, but I can’t imagine anyone who can step up to the challenge any better. Those will make great take along or quiet stitching projects. I really like the hashtag sashings. Very clever!! Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. You’re intrepid! At my age, I think I’ll just watch what you do. I do like your fabric choices for the house block. I just checked the Road to California vendor list, and Quilt Mania will be there in January.

  4. Quiltmania now has a U.S. website and its English version is going to be published in Wisconsin! So no more shipping that costs more than the items you want! I put both the Chuck Nohara book and the French version of the Spring issue of Quiltmania in my cart for $9.99 shipping and bet I can add more! Also, the annual subsciption is now $60 instead of the fortune it was earlier with transAtlantic shipping. I’m betting that I can follow Jen Kinwell’s pattern even if it is in French. I expect great illustrations (hope I’m right).

    1. Followup comment: placed an order Sunday night, 11-8, and it was delivered Wednesday, 11-11, early. On a holiday, no less. And I’d asked a question or two about the ease of following the Jen Kingwell pattern in French, and got an e-mail offering to provide me with an English translation. How’s that for service???!!!!

      1. Which Jen Kingwell pattern are you referring to, Brenda? I have the My Small World pattern – is she going to be doing something new with Quiltmania? Thanks for any info you can share – Debi in Texas

  5. I’ve fallen in love – again. Curse you Elizabeth. I’ll never catch up with my projects if you keep showing me all these delicious quilts. 🙂

  6. I picked up that book at a quilt show on Friday because I’ve long admired Lorena Uriarte’s version of this quilt. However, I saw all those extremely detailed blocks and decided that it wasn’t for me – the price tag of NZD80 didn’t help either. However, I wish you well on your journey and will admire your progress from afar. Good luck.

  7. Chuck Nohara is a woman? I will admire your blocks from here ; ) I’m still stuck on 100 modern blocks, patchwork city, farmers wife, and my millefiori . Have fun and I look forward to seeing your blocks

  8. Love that cute birdhouse and the fabrics. You have way way more motivation for detailed projects than I have. Look forward to seeing these blocks progress.

  9. I must admit to not being familiar with Chuck Nohara. I am fascinated to see you and Susan make your versions of these blocks. Fun to follow along even if one is not participating ;-))

  10. Hi Elizabeth – After reading your first post on the Chuck Nohara book I searched and found it and decided to get it and boy I was not disappointed. Such great blocks and since I am starting applique they were perfect for what I wanted to do. I am having trouble picking out six that I want to do but your hints on how to enlarge the block helped me and using the spider web idea for sashings I am starting to lay out my project. Thanks again for bringing this wonderful book to everyone’s attention.

  11. I am smitten with the Chuck Norhara blocks ant stop thinking about doing this quilt along…anyone know where I can get my hands on a copy of the book that not so pricy? Thank you!

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