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Happy Days and Giveaway

If I unrolled a jelly roll and placed the strips end to end, would I make it from my house to my friend Sherri’s house? Um, nope. There’s more to this story, but first, some tourist photos:

A tiny cave on the left, and some petroglyphs on the right. The Valley of Fire State Park is not a huge place, but we arrived about an hour before sundown, and enjoyed all the glowing red rocks. Visiting here led to Sherri’s house, which led to her handing me a jelly roll of her newest line so I could do a giveaway of this bright and cheery line of fabric. See? I connected all the dots! And now some more tourist photos:

Okay, we ate right through the peaches we bought at a fruit stand in Santa Clara (recommended by Sherri’s husband), and then bought more of them when we were in Northern Utah. Happily the border checkpoint didn’t take them away when we came home with them. And now…more tourist photos:

We live in area that doesn’t get fall color. Around January some leaves on the liquid amber trees might change colors but the rest of the trees stay green, or might turn brown and drop their leaves. So if we want to see color, we have to go north, and we hit it just right this year. Above is the view from the Mt. Nebo Loop, Utah.

Apparently heading down into Payson, the cows are all over grazing, but there were only about three cars we saw the whole time. It was lovely. The last photo, of the yellow aspens and the green pines is from Millcreek Canyon, near Salt Lake City, where we stayed (visiting relatives).

We had such “happy days” driving through such beautiful country, and above are the fabrics in her line (photos courtesy of Sherri, from her terrific blog A Quilting Life). We also had happy days in being able to meet my daughter and her family at Orson Gygi, a giant cookware place:

On the left is Barbara‘s article about color in Orson Gygi’s fall publication, and on the right is the cookie cutter wall. We also saw my son and his family, all of us enjoying dinner together that night. All the wee grand-toddlers of long ago are grown into teenagers!

Sherri is also a fabulous designer, and all of the above quilts were designed for this fabric line; patterns available at Fat Quarter Shop, or on Sherri’s ETSY Shop (all photos used with permission).


UPDATE: Giveaway is closed. Thank you to all who entered!

So, to enter the giveaway for a jelly roll of Happy Days from Sherri and Chelsi, please leave a comment telling me of a recent happy day. Or days! Giveaway is limited to those who live in the USA, but please do leave a comment even if you are far away. We love to hear about happy days.

And now I leave you with one last photo, a typical Utah flower of a hollyhock. They were everywhere when I was a child living there. I found these right downtown one evening so had to take a photo: such old and dusty and cherished memories.

Thank you very much, Sherri. Please leave a comment to enter to win!

UPDATE: Giveaway is closed. Thank you to all who entered!

139 thoughts on “Happy Days and Giveaway

    1. I’m happy when we can enjoy the crisp fall days in Oklahoma and have the kids and grandkids over for stew and cornbread. 🍁

  1. My sister had some test done for a health issue. The test came back ok. I was so thankful and happy.

    1. I had a happy day! I am in isolation due to COVID but my nephew and his wife dropped off a container of white chicken chili and orange juice; my neighbor stopped by to take my dog on a walk ( prearranged so my dog was outside waiting and there was no contact with me); my handyman stopped by on his own and turned off my sprinklers in preparation for winter and told me it was free of charge and that he was praying for me! I had an art class over Zoom , did some art, and played Ticket To Ride remotely with one of my sisters and talked on the phone to another. But to top it off I was told that the school I work at is going virtual based on the number of students and staff with COVID, finally recognizing that there is a problem there.

  2. My husband and I drove two hours to a farmers market and had a fantastic food adventure together! Eating all our finds today!

  3. Beautiful fabric! My recent happy day was on Thursday – we spent the day at Zoo Tampa. My husband and I had a great time!

    On Sun, Oct 10, 2021, 6:01 AM OccasionalPiece–Quilt! wrote:

    > Elizabeth E. posted: ” If I unrolled a jelly roll and placed the strips > end to end, would I make it from my house to my friend Sherri’s house? Um, > nope. There’s more to this story, but first, some tourist photos: A tiny > cave on the left, and some petroglyphs on th” >

    1. We recently moved and have been having a happy day enjoying my wonderful sewing room working on projects.

  4. we went ( masked) to a large outdoor flea market that we have not attended in several years. It felt like a return to normal!

  5. My husband and I transplanted several large day lilies and then planted about 40 tulip, daffodils and crocus bulbs in our flower beds. It was a happy day to work on this project and think about how lovely spring will be next year.

  6. My happy day was my Daughter and Son in law recovering from Covid . and my nephew after being in the hospital in a coma for three months and one month in rehab learning to walk again after Covid being released to go home .

  7. Many of my happiest days are when I’m visiting family in UT. I haven’t been back in several years. I live Sherri’s fabric line and blogs.

  8. I just finished a two day retreat, sewing with a lovely group of quilters. It was a very happy day. Or two!

    1. My happy day was last week getting to have breakfast at Al Johnson’s in Sister Bay, WI to see them bringing the goats up to graze on the roof. Everyone enjoyed breakfast that happy day!

  9. Yesterday was a recent happy day. My daughter surprised us with tickets to visit her in Colorado in a few weeks. She recently moved and because of my recent blindness I was unable to travel and set up home with her. I’m hoping that in a few weeks I have regained my sight enough to see her lovely face and those of my adoring grandchildren.

  10. My husband and I just spend 2 days as volunteers for our dog club. We ran the raffle for our dog show. It was a joy seeing all the dogs. Not to mentions seeing longtime friends, Even better to know that the money is goiing to a worthy cause.

  11. With so many events getting cancelled, I was able to attend a stitching retreat with 8 other friends. It was 4 glorious days filled with laughter and stitching. Happy days and happy memories with friends!

  12. Dinner in crockpot. Temperature in the 70s with bright blue sky. Trees starting to turn red, orange and yellow. Beautiful day for a long walk.

  13. I have to say it was not just one happy day but twelve. We recently returned from a twelve day tour called Enchanted Canyonlands. It included fives National Parks in Utah plus the Grand Canyon. We traveled with my brother and sister-in-law and finally got to see these beautiful sights which have been on my bucket list for years. It was worth the wait and definitely all twelve were Happy Days.

  14. Had an absolute happiest day watching my 2-1/2 year-old grandson, Max, and seeing how much he has changed in a month since I last saw him!

  15. I had a happy day yesterday, touring a home our daughter has put an offer on. The plumber was there to look over everything, and I’d measured her furniture & the bedrooms they are staying in at our home. Found the new home to have plenty of spots to put her furniture and the bedrooms were perfectly sized. Hopefully will find out today if the seller will agree to pay for the roof this home needs (or at least a very good portion!). We’re enjoying having our daughter & granddaughter with us in the meantime, though. Thank you for the giveaway!! I read Sherri’s blog everyday – enjoy it very much.

  16. Utah is such a beautiful state! We have visited Valley of Fire State Park too and I remember thinking it felt like I was on another planet! I try to find happy moments in every day, but one of the happiest was on our recent trip to SW Colorado. It was glorious seeing the Aspen trees changing to their golden colors on the mountains. As we made our way back to the midwest, the color changes moved back to green. We are awaiting the colors soon!

  17. We recently had some friends agree to go for an early morning kayak on a nearby lake. Kayaking is one of our favorite activities and we wanted to share it. The scenery was gorgeous, we saw some interesting wildlife (including a very fat beaver!), shared some tasty snacks, and really enjoyed the morning. Our friends said it exceeded their expectations, so we were very happy about that.

  18. Like you and many others, my happiest days are those spent with family and friends. My kids are adults now and moving on to new adventures. My happiest days are when my husband and kids are all together. Such a peaceful feeling!

  19. Thank you for the picture of the hollyhocks. Made me think of my Mother who had some planted at our home when I was growing up. My happy time has been having my husband home after spending most of the summer in and out of the hospital after surgery and he has just recently been able to reduce his oxygen usage. Enjoy your pictures and posts. Take care and enjoy your family and friends.

  20. Living in the Northeast spoils me with fall foliage. It has to be seen! But I also pre pandemic made a yearly visit to Oregon to see friends and know what beautiful land that is. My happy day right now is sort of limited as I am recovering from knee replacement. But I
    am enjoying looking at pictures from my travels in the past. So many wonderful places.

  21. Your hollyhock picture immediately took me back to long ago days with my grandmother on a little family farm… tractor rides, climbing haystacks, open-faced toasted cheese sandwiches and pink-frosted angel food cake, rabbits and calves, and her art studio in the garage where she painted hollyhocks and many other flowers! Thank you for jogging a lovely memory 😊

  22. Most of my days are happy, but after reading your post I remembered the saying, “The road to a friends home is never long” and I will be remembering that as we try to get bak to seeing our friends and family. A wedding this month for our niece will be a super happy day. Not surprised that you know Sherri from A Quilting Life she is another blogger that I read and look forward to her news and content. Podcasts while I walk in the mornings. Happy day to you Elizabeth!

  23. I was a kindergarten teacher for 25 years. This past week I started homeschool/preschool with grandchild 2 & 3, cousins born a month apart. It surpassed my highest hopes. What joy to use what I practiced for so many years with these dear children of my heart.

  24. My recent happy day was spending time with my daughter and granddaughter. We love to visit the local wildflower center and see what’s blooming!

  25. Yesterday was our Happy Day! We drove to a Pumpkin Patch and Winery on the Missouri side of Kansas City. We sat and watched children of all ages play: in a sand pile, on a low zipline, rubber tire swing, eating delicious apple cider donuts, drinking cider slushes, sharing pulled pork fries, picking out pumpkins and gourds. We bought a bottle of wine to bring home for dinner. Delicious! The weather was perfect.

  26. My happy days(s) were last week on a quilt related bus trip from Michigan to Nebraska, visiting great quilt shops on the way to and from, plus visiting the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln. met new friends and lots of fun with old friends.

  27. I am having many happy days. I am able to work from home, and have money and access to groceries and medicines. I’ve had energy to clean and organize my home, and each cleared spot makes me happy.

  28. My husband retired just before covid changed the world. I’m glad to say we have had many happy days of retirement. My concerns of being around each other 24/7 have proven unwarranted. The isolation has enriched our relationship as there is time for good conversation, friendship, movie watching and time for each of us to pursue our individual hobbies. Looking forward to happy days of traveling soon.

  29. My happy day was last week when my husband told me we were gifted a brand new freezer by some friends from our church! So thankful!!

  30. I’m having a happy day— woke up to see my son climbing up on the roof at our house to bring down the swamp cooler pads—after spending a good hour or two scraping and cleaning and replacing the pads, my son will return in a while to put them back on the roof and tarp over the swamp cooler for the winter. Always a happy day when you’re all prepped for winter!

  31. Let’s see, a recent happy day was my first time at a new quilt guild. My town has one and although I have tried it several times, it just wasn’t a match. So, I tried the guild in Fort Worth, TX, about 30 minutes west of me. Oh my stars! I found my people!!! They are welcoming, involved in the community, and have some fabulous speakers and quilters. I am so excited to be part of a quilting community! Even though I don’t really know anyone, I signed up for the retreat next year; I’m planning for even more happy days.

  32. We had a most happy day celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary. Dinner and our newest hobby ~ line dancing! Laughed so much we felt 10 years younger. Here’s to the next 33 years!

  33. Everyday in my sewing room is a happy day. Spent Sunday working on a tote bag, which I will bring to California next week. We are meeting up for our first cruise in over 2 years. Good way to celebrate her birthday, and the happiness that she survived a major stroke just a year ago.

  34. My most recent Happy Day was Saturday–spent with two besties at the Tennessee Quilt Study Group meeting learning about Anne Orr and seeing FABULOUS quilts from the 30s!

  35. I had a very happy day yesterday. 5 mile hike with my hubs and kids (7&9) in Western Indiana followed by pizza pockets made with my husband’s grandparents hand me down pie irons over a fire. It is wonderful to slow down and enjoy family and nature.

  36. Just had some special happy days. Spent the weekend in Chicago with my son and his spouse. Had a wonderful time. We dined out, took in a comedy club and played games; fun and relaxing.

  37. Yesterday I attended our local quilt guild quilt show. So many talented quilters!. Came home to work on my fall twister quilt. A fun relaxing day.

  38. This past week was a very happy week when our son, that lives in Colorado, was home visiting us. It’s always a little sad when he leaves to go home again, but we’re very grateful for the time he is here with us.

  39. Dug up carrots, picket 10 different varieties of apples, both from my very generous neighbor yesterday, before we had snow last night. At 3500 ft elevation we were spared, but 5-6K ft a lovely dusting. Beautiful last of summer, Fall days! Now the applesauce making process begins!

  40. It sounds like you’ve enjoyed many happy days lately. Isn’t it wonderful to see all the changing colors? It’s so special coming from CA. That’s a really pretty hollyhock color. Did you make the hollyhock dolls when you were younger? We always had so much fun with them.

  41. I’m just back from vacation in Greece and Italy where I spent the best day hiking the Valle de Ferriere above the town of Amalfi.

  42. I have a lot of happy days and like so many of the other comments, they are the ones spent with family and friends. I love the Happy Days collection – especially the name!

  43. My husband and I spent last Saturday with our 3 and 6 year old grandsons and had the most marvelous day. We decided to go to a roadside stand in our community, to pick up some pumpkins. Well, that place had way more than pumpkins! There was freshly pressed cider and still warm from the oven spice donuts! There were gourds of all variety and flowers and it was all so exciting. But the most wonderful thing was the corn maze, a first for each of us. We went up the rows and down the rows. In and out and hither and thither. We made memories to last us a lifetime (or at least until next year when we will surely do this again.) And, as if that weren’t quite enough, we went apple picking afterwards, then came home and made apple crisp. A good day.

  44. I had the most wonderful Happy day on Thursday! I went with a dear friend up to a quilt shop two hours away to pick up a new sewing machine and while there, my daughter, who is due November 1st, called and said she thought she might be in labor., back ache every two minutes (Yikes) We left immediately (well after loading the machine in the car) (3:30 pm) and I walked into the hospital room at 6:45. My newest, beautiful granddaughter was born at 7:27 and I made it to be there with my daughter and son in law. So Happy isn’t even strong enough a word! 🙂 Quickest first labor I think I’ve seen

  45. I had 2 Happy Days in a row, I just spent 2 days at a Handi Quilter Class and learned so much, plus I made a new friend. 😊

  46. My recent happy day was a trip to Wisconsin to visit family after more than 1-1/2 years apart.

  47. Yesterday was a happy day! A friend told me about a Quilters Destash Sale at our community center. I had a blast buying fat quarters and yardage to add to my growing beginning quilter stash. The best part, all the sale proceeds are donated to local organizations!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. I had a craft day with some friends last week. We haven’t had one in a long time. It was nice to be able to visit and see all of the things everyone has been working on. Mine of course was quilt related :).

  49. My happy day is enjoying the beautiful fall days we are having here in West Virginia and sewing and stamping cards!

  50. My happy day is today. It’s Saturday morning and rather than sleeping in, I got up early and am baking apple bread. I love autumn!!

  51. My happy day was my granddaughters third birthday. It started with playing at the la to, making a new friend, watching pickleball, eating lots of fruit outside, looking at new baby cows and then having the most fabulous pink and orange birthday party with family and fried chicken and cake and presents. Such joy through a 3 year olds eyes!

  52. Beautiful photos! Looks like a wonderful trip. Today is a happy day – I’m having high tea with a friend and then I’m planning on sewing for a few hours. Can’t wait!!

  53. I had a happy day yesterday, packing up for a rv trip to see the Grands! The day was complete as we met some close friends at a Brewery to relax!

  54. Recently had lunch with a childhood friend I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. Fun to see her and catch up.

  55. My happiest day, I’ll say this year, was Valentines Day. My daughter was nearly due with her first child. When at 4:30 in the morning, my phone pinged with a text from my son-in-law, which was simply a baby emoji. Groggy, but curious I text him back a simple question mark. Babies are rarely early so it didn’t occur to me, in that moment, that the baby had come a full week ahead of schedule. It was like pulling teeth to get the rest of the information since my son-in-law was so excited. Having to ask separately for gender, size, weight and even a few pictures.
    My mother was very ill with Alzheimer’s at the time, but she understood well what was going on, told to us by the sheer happiness at the sight of him when were able to video call that night.
    Felix Otto, is now the absolute joy of our whole family!

  56. Recent happy day: I just found out my daughter is making me a first time grandma in April, 2022!

  57. My recent “happy day” involved a drive down a winding country road past a field of pumpkins, up into the mountains to a natural spring where all the locals fill jugs with the spring water. It’s said that this spring water has medicinal properties; I don’t know about that but it sure does taste good!

  58. I had a happy day hiking with our granddaughters in Cuyahoga National Park. So glad they love the outdoors!

  59. My husband and I tried a new restaurant for takeout food and had our lunch at a nearby park.

  60. I live on a wicked dirt road, so I’m happy to have new tires on my car so I can drive to the fabric store!

  61. It is a beautiful fall day in IL. A happy day to go for a walk and do some quilting! Thank you for your beautiful post!

  62. It’s a beautiful day in Safety Harbor, Fl. Still quite warm for the normal fall….but it will get to pleasant days with lower temps in a few more weeks. It’s still wonderful days for quilting anywhere or time ! Hope everyone has a glorious weekend !

  63. I had a happy day quilting the quilt my guild made for our friend who is fighting cancer.

  64. Yesterday was a very happy day! Our old faithful apple tree yielded at least 10 bushels of Golden Delicious apples. We celebrated with baked apples for dessert. No quilting for me until I make my quarts of applesauce and bake a few pies.

  65. Lovely pictures! My boys came in early to see me for my birthday (end of month) what a great surprise and we had fun hiking in beautiful Michigan and going to a cider mill! So fun! Wishing us all more happy days!! Thank you!

  66. Today, your post provided a burst of happiness – beautiful vacation photos that reinforced to me that other people appreciate our earth and nature – these photos inspired my husband to remember growing up with Hollyhocks and our time living in Utah. Most of all, your blog gives my brain a happy boost! Thank you.

  67. Our oldest daughter was married in July. To have all our family and friends in one place was wonderful. So happy and fun.

  68. Walked out this morning and felt the first nip of fall here in the south. Now that is a happy day indeed!

  69. My recent happy days were at a quilting retreat, with three other friends. We go every year, usually there are six of us. We stay four nights at a house and always have a great time!!!

  70. It was a happy day for me when I picked the last of my garden veggies & pulled all the plants out of my raised beds garden. The weather forecast predicted a hard freeze for the next night. It was a good feeling to be done with the season’s work and see the cleaned beds. It was Just in time because we had early snow (6”) just a few days later.

  71. Had a wonderful ‘Happy Day’ last week riding bicycles in the warm sunshine along the colourful autumn tree lined Boise Greenbelt with my good friend and stopping for lunch on the patio of a favorite restaurant.

  72. Happy day apple picking with the grandkids and another happy day making applesauce, apple butter, apple crostada, apple blondies and apple dumpling dessert.

  73. I had a happy day picking grapes with my daughter and grandchildren to make into juice! It’s wonderful to spend time with family.

  74. This Georgia girl just returned from the Albuquerque hot air balloon fiesta. It was spectacular! But what really made it a happy day was spending time with my daughter and her husband. He is stationed in Albuquerque for Air Force helicopter pilot training. It was wonderful to visit with them!

  75. Oh Happy Day! Both my grandsons came over to play on Wednesday. It makes me happy that they live close by.

  76. My husband and I are finally getting our new travel trailer ready to start camping again after being cooped up during COVID. Yay Happy Days for sure.

  77. We don’t have much in the way of fall in Florida either but we recently went to Indiana to babysit for our grandkids. Got to experience the absolute delight of fall festivals and mid-west parades while we were there. Those folks know how to do fall!

  78. Happy Day: Yesterday we had two of our best friends visiting from New Orleans. We went out on our boat, the day was absolutely beautiful and to top it all off, we saw four (!) bald eagles–one of them swooped up a large fish immediately in front of our boat! Thrilling!

  79. My niece & I drove an hour to B&B Quilt store in Buda Tx, our favorite quilt store. We met a dear friend that we had not seen in nearly 2 years due to COVID-19. It was such a happy wonderful day to shop & catch up with all that we missed over the years!!

  80. I have a happy day driving past Millcreek Canyon on my way home from work. I’ve loved the fall colors this year.
    I’ve also had a wonderful day taking my youngest to San Francisco and spending a day in Muir Woods.

  81. Love the Hollyhocks, the cookie cutter wall, and I really need to tour Utah. Such gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing them!

  82. My most recent ‘Happy Day’ was last month. My son and his fiancée were engaged several years, had semi-planned their wedding several times, but due to Covid the plans fell through. Finally, in mid-August, they decided to ‘elope’ with 15 family members in attendance. September 17 started out as a grey day, but the sun came out and they had a beautiful wedding…and now I have a new daughter-in-law!

  83. A recent happy day began with stops at the local espresso shop for a beverage, followed by a stop at a fast food joint for a breakfast sandwich. I then drove to the cove, an area in my beach town that’s popular among surfers, and sat on a large log while I ate. Engulfed by the cool morning breeze, I watched the breaking waves and the surfers who tried to ride them. The fabulous view included peeks of blue sky emerging from the early morning fog. I love the sights, sounds, and scents of the beach! By the way, your photos are incredible-thanks for sharing as well as the opportunity to win a jellyroll!

  84. Every day is a happy day for my husband and me, since my daughter and SIL blessed us with a second grandson last May. It’s wonderful to see him grow and develop!

  85. It wasn’t gorgeous weather that made it a happy day, but this week I had a great day at the beach visiting with a college friend.

  86. Every day is a happy day for my husband and me, since our daughter and SIL blessed us with a second grandson. We love seeing him grow and develop!

  87. My happy day is being able to attend our first-in-a-long-time quilt guild’s sewing weekend. Wonderful to spend time with good friends and fabric.

  88. My happy day is today, a beautiful fall day with sun shining, leaves falling and planning for a dinner of soup and crusty bread!

  89. What a lovely website and beautiful photos. I saw the giveaway on Sherri’s post and came over t your website to look around. I will be back!

  90. Everyday is a happy day serving the Lord. He gave His life that we may live for eternity. God Bless You. 😍

  91. Happy day is taking a ride to look at the fall colors in our 1965 Austin Healey (which my husband restored from the frame up). The car is beautiful. And, we plan on going out in it this afternoon.

  92. My happy days were during our COVID19 lock down when I was able to make many quilts from my stash for my family members. I made several quilts for my grandchildren for their birthdays. I also made four quilts for my family in Germany. Yesterday I did a happy dance when I was able to put the four quilts in the mail to Germany. I can’t wait to hear from them when they receive the quilts. Thanks for the opportunity.

  93. I had a Happy Day driving around just to see fall leaves in various stages of red and gold. Love your pictures of Utah!

  94. When my husband and I watch one of our grandsons quarterback his team to victory surrounded by our children and grandchildren, this truly is a happy event. Of course, any event with your children and grandchildren is a happy event.

  95. My recent Happy Days were spent camping in Lake County (California North of Napa) we toured Peace and Plenty Farms and Anderson Marsh and were delighted with beautiful old Oaks (400+years), Snowy Egret, Blue Herons, wild Turkeys and many song birds.

  96. My recent Happy Day was spent with my Mama just running her errands. She had COVID over the summer but after rehab she is stronger than before. I am so proud of her for all of her hard work.

  97. I had a very happy day last Sunday celebrating my godson’s son’s first birthday. I plan to make lots of quilts for him!

  98. Love these fall days, raking leaves and watching the sandhill cranes on their way south. Just beautiful!

  99. My happy day was a visit from a grandson with several college mates on break. They took the long way home to stop for pizza and brownies and big hugs for his grandparents! It doesn’t get much better than this🤗

  100. My happy day was a beautiful day hanging with my granddaughters and their parents and finding out we have a grandson on the way!

  101. My happy day was today as we had our 4 yo granddaughter stay overnight, she can be such a joy to be around and loves to giggle! We have 5 total and is very nice to have one-on-one time with them!

  102. I had a nice visit with my mum this week. The weather was warm and we sat in the sun and enjoyed a nice talk.

  103. We went to an absolute beautiful wedding today on a farm in Santa Fe, TN with a gorgeous blue sky and lovely fall breezes.

  104. My last happy day was spending time with my family at my granddaughters’ tournament soccer game she played in. Beautiful starry night and warm weather!

  105. My happy day was when all my four sons came home from college and we are all together again. They still tease each other and act silly, just like when they were boys.

  106. Today I spent the day with my daughter, her husband and 4 grandchildren! First visit in months!! Always a happy day when with my kids and grands ❤️!!

  107. We had a “Happy Day “. My husband and I did some hiking and had a picnic lunch by a beautiful creek.

  108. Spent my grandson’s 8th birthday with him, his football team won their first play off game, he made 2 tackles and was so excited to have his number and name mentioned on the loud speaker. It. Was a nice sunny day, just a little to cool and breezy.

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