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Quilt Finish: Blossom and This & That for May 2023

I’ve been storing up some This-and-Thats, so buckle up, here we go.

First up is a quilt finish. I started this in June of 2021, and finished it today. I was teaching classes about this to Guilds and thought I needed to make up a sample. Or two. Or three. But finally, the genesis of all the samples is finished. I promised it to my sister, who always impresses me with her ability to adapt to whatever the world throws at her. She told me it will probably hang in her soon-to-be-finished basement (she lives in a colder climate than we do).

I quilted the petals simply, and the surrounding area and little more densely. It’s made of all Anna Maria Horton fabrics, from a wide range of her collections.

I seem to be going through irons like water lately. That means that this last one only lasted a few years, instead of decades. We’ll see what the new Shark one does. I’m sort of over name-brand irons. I look for the vent holes and if it has a ton of places for the steam to exit, I usually buy it.

Thought you’d like to see the full branching of that Mother of Pearl plant I showed you last week. These colors!

This popped up on Sherri McConnell’s Instagram today, and I love them. You’ve got to keep your eye on Sherri. She is Industry personified, and always has such fun things to share. So head over to her blog to see all her talents as well as links to the download. The free downloads for this block can also be found at Fat Quarter Shop, as they are building a Charity Quilt with delightful blocks.

Continuing with the flower theme, the geraniums on the left are from our front yard, and have just thrived in this cool, rainy weather we’ve had. The flower on the right is from our Chinese Fringe bush in the side yard. I love how they uncurl like they are strips of paper (like quilling? remember that?).

We’re three weeks into the garden, and so far we haven’t killed anything. The bare-limbed jacaranda took a hit this year from all the cold weather and the jury is still out on whether it will come back to life. Once the heat lands, we spend all summer trying to keep the vegetables alive, working hard to get our proverbial “64-dollar tomato.”

Why yes, I will be up early to watch all the Pomp-and-Circumstance, especially the bagpipers. I already purchased my souvenir, but it won’t be here for a couple of weeks:

I plan to use this when I inaugurate my kitchen. If you want to have your eyes glaze over, a lot of it is on Instagram under the hashtag #itsnewkitchentime2023 but that does not mean I’m doing this in 2024, or 2025, or ever again. I’m weary of not being to cook normally, although we are getting good at soaking our pasta to make dinner. And I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I made a pan of brownies:

That Breville oven has saved my sanity during this past eight weeks. The tile went up today on the backsplash, and as I type this, our contractor, Saintly Dennis, is installing the drawer/door fronts. Okay, hang on. We are almost finished.

Did you see the costumery of the 2023 Met Gala? This outfit above wasn’t one of them, but it was waaaay better looking that most of them, and this Rainbow Woman is completely covered, unlike a lot of what was worn at the Gala. Geesh. It had such potential.

Two sides of motherhood (in advance of Mother’s Day):

When your Young Adults are of a certain age, this might be a great sweatshirt for them.

And this is for when your Mom has passed away, and you are surprised that Reality is so different than the Expectation.

Happy May Flowers to you, all!

16 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Blossom and This & That for May 2023

  1. I adore that see-through, transparent quality in that quilt !

    30 years on, and I am still sometimes struck by the loss of my dad. The curl in James’ hair, my brother’s voice on a voicemail.

    The kitchen is a-maz-ing!!!

  2. Your blossom quilt is just lovely! The delicate nature of the border is a perfect foil for the bright yellow petals. I can pretend it is for me! I love the soft and delicate colour palette of the Mother of Pearl plant- a quilt in the offing?? I just knew you would be into the Coronation. Even as a member of the Commonwealth, I cannot see how the cost ($125M) can be justified. And to think this will be the pared-down version. I’m sure there will be plenty of coverage on the news services, where I can get to see the highlights! Although I do love your new apron!

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the mother-of-pearl flower! The colors are so beautiful together, and the petal shapes could also be used in quilt blocks.
      Elizabeth, your next quilt is planned 😁

  3. I’ve always loved your blossoms quilt and the transparency effect along the border. Someday I hope to make one. Glad you are seeing the light at the end of the kitchen tunnel. Soon you’ll be cooking away in your wonderful new space. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Your Blossom quilt is so beautiful! I love the bright yellow and hot pink centers with the Anna Maria Horner fabrics 😻 and the blues. Such lively colors that work so well together! Yes, I love a good steam iron. Mine is good but sure guzzles down the water, have to refill more often than my old one. I’m surprised the coronation will cost so much. Money could be helpful other places, just wear your Sunday best and hold a potluck. People would still show up 🤣!

  5. As always, your posts send me down rabbit holes! LOL I loved seeing all the fabric variations of your blossom quilt. I hope to get to make one in the future when I get caught up on my UFOs! I’ll get there. Oh, the irons. I buy the cheapest and lightest and I think they last longer than the expensive ones. Today, if clothes need to be ironed, I send them to the cleaners! I only use irons on quilt making, table cloths and napkins!

    And the signs of grieving. My mother has been gone about 35 years and my dad almost 25 years. Up until recently, my grieving process looked more like your first graph because I just pretended like they lived too far too visit, but now the harsh reality has set in and I am looking more like your second graph! Maybe my journey would have been different if I hadn’t waited so long to put my photos in albums.

  6. This might be my favorite blossom quilt. The colors are so great in it. I’m up watching theCoronation as well. I love this sort of tradition.

  7. Hooray for yet another quilt finish in the midst of all the kitchen upheaval; it looks great and I’m sure your sister will really appreciate it. Sounds like she has a bit of construction going n at her home as well. The flowers are so delightful to get to see. We are still in the 50s for highs, but should start warming up more soon. I don’t know if we’ll have much of a lupine / poppy bloom given how separated the warmth has been from the rain this year for us up here.

  8. Ooooooh how I love this blossom quilt!, your color combo just sparkles! I also really like your quilting

    I think the first Mothers Day is the hardest but even now, for me, I always feel a bit unsettled on Mothers Day.

  9. Lovely little quilt that pops, I just love the color combinations and that’s such a nice tribute to your sister. Ah yes kitchen renovations…. I dread ours even though I’m anxious for it to happen (It’s going to be a minor renovation). Cooking with cars;). It will make settling in to your new beautiful kitchen all the sweeter. Ohhhh ya the first Mother’s Day without your Mom… you may feel all the feelings and that’s normal. Very accurate graph about grieving for sure.

  10. Good morning Elizabeth! I’ve been so busy, I missed seeing this post till now. I love the quilt! What a beautiful way to showcase those AMH fabrics. It’s great that you have a sister who is flexible and adaptable – very important traits for good mental health. The fates made me an only child, but I’ve given a lot of effort to keeping close to a small group of great friends to help make up for it.
    I’m one of those people who never uses steam – just spray a little water from a bottle if I need it. Your kitchen is looking magnificent! Our house was built 1973 and we moved here in 1984. In 2003 we remodeled the entire kitchen, but didn’t change the footprint and it’s too small for an island. I’ve enjoyed the kitchen and forgotten the pains of its transformation just like one forgets the pain of childbirth 🙂. If we were younger and going to be here another 20 years, I think I’d consider another redo, but that’s not happening!

  11. And I am the lucky owner of the Blossom quilt now. It is so bright and beautiful now hanging in my living room. I love the prints and the Wasabi color, and admire the quilting. I feel grateful for my sister and her love for me.

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