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California Bear • collage quilt finished

California Bear, Quilt #241

California Bear, a collage quilt started in a class with Laura Heine at Road to California 2020, is finished and hanging on my sewing room wall. (It just seems pretentious to call it a “sewing studio” so I persist in calling it a sewing room.) This is a fused collage quilt, and I wrote about it a year ago, when I first began.

As usual, I did multiple permutations moving butterfliers and flowers around until I decided I was done messing with it. The perfect is the enemy of the good…and the done, as I always say. More info our on California Bear is here, if you are interested.

I hung him across from my fancy new calendar from The Dolphin Studio (I saw my sister’s and just had to have one), and he’ll stay there until he walks on to somewhere else.

I finished fusing him into place Friday afternoon, then quilted it in a tiny grid all over, thoroughly gumming up a needle, but it got the job done. After that, I my husband, Dave, and I went out to get stretcher bars (we are double-masking now) and a burger, and then we sat in the parking lot afterwards eating our hot french fries and Habit burger. Later, he helped me staple it into place; I cut out Laura’s name from one of the selvages and fused it onto the back. I’ll make a label later on, but I wanted it up on the wall before January ended.

I went walking this morning and it was California cold. Not as cold as some of the weather in other parts of this wonderful state (we have twelve “Fourteeners” in our state–that is, mountains over 14,000 feet, so you know they have snow). But here in Southern California, an hour east of Los Angeles, well…this is kind of cold. All around our geographical basin the mountains were touched with snow after our last storm. Pretty fancy for us.

And here’s a photo of my quilt holders: two clamps duct-taped onto some molding strips that I found in my garage, but you could use dowels. Really high tech. Oh, and here’s a photo of the Quilt Holding Husband using the Quilt Holders:

We just clamped them onto the corners of the quilt. If you are a short person, like I am, then it makes it easier to hold up the quilts. Later on, we switched, and I held the quilt for while, as seen in this post (in front of the colorful wall). I haven’t yet tried them on a quilted-with-batting quilt, but soon I will and I’ll let you know how it works.

That big-skirted lady is for a quilt, coming later on in the year, and the ABCs and other fabrics are part of a quilt for a grandchild who is having a birthday soon. I use my design wall as a bulletin board sometimes.

I’m making progress on this (binding on and clipped down, reading for hand-sewing). I’ve also come up with a name. Coming soon.

I recently freshened up my blog header, switched up my blog theme (the other one wasn’t supported any more) and am working on the commenting problem some of you have had. I think I’ve solved it, but will know when you tell me. I always ask for your name and your email, as I like to answer my comments privately. If you can’t comment on the blog, you are welcome to email me at opquilt [at] gmail [dot] com.

Happy Quilting!

Older Header, from 2014. My, how time flies!

19 thoughts on “California Bear • collage quilt finished

  1. I love your bear. Thanks for sharing how you mounted it too. You can call your sewing room anything you want. I personally think you should call it a studio. What I saw looks like one to me! It doesn’t have to be big to be a studio.

  2. I love your bear! And the snow on the mountains is glorious! It’s not often I admit to enjoying living in Riverside but the winter views are magnificent. You didn’t ask but here is my opinion anyway. If people are purchasing and desiring your designs it is a “studio”, if they are not it is a “room”. You, my friend, have a studio. 🙂

  3. I love your bear. I’ve made a few collage quilts and have a few more of Laura’s patterns waiting their turn. It is a lot of work but so beautiful when done. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have a sewing “room” too. I also have a Laundry “Spa”, which is a window-less, unfinished room in which the water heater and furnace also live. I spend as little time as possible in there, the fancy name hasn’t improved its appeal, but it makes me smile. Up here in the Bay Area we’ve seen a little snow on the peaks, close enough for me.

  5. The bear turned out great! Reading your post I’ve realized beyond a just a few small things I’ve lamented about not being in WA, I miss Habit burger too. So funny because we literally are double-masking it too, decided that in the past week. Loved seeing your behind the scenes for photographing your quilts. I always wondered where the ‘hands’ were as I couldn’t seem to get that right on mine. I think your room is pretty ‘studio worthy’ in my opinion. Sending a virtual hug – stay safe and be well!

  6. I like the new header. I e always enjoyed the collage pieces, but they do look challenging. Your bear turned out so well. I can imagine how gummed up that needle was. We DID get a little snow here. Very strange! I have a hard time calling my space a studio too. It’s always been my “sewing room,” but a lot more happens in there.

  7. I think that is a great quilt to have made and I loved reading about all the symbols of California! Love, Janice

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  8. Love that bear. And thank you, I have been searching everywhere for how you did the quilt holding with the clamps. 4 degrees here this morning and a storm on the way.

  9. Elizabeth, I love the new blog header and I am working on revamping my blog as well! I adore the bear quilt and really want to try something like this one day.

  10. Your bear collage turned out well, and I am sure you are enjoying the satisfaction of finishing a 15 year-old UFO. Personally, I think one of the few good things to come out of the pandemic is the opportunity to catch up on UFOs. Such a good feeling to be done. It looks like you have several more finishes in the near future too. Your quilt-holding devices seem to be proving reliable. It’s still a two-person job, so having an amenable assistant is critical. Good for you to have an agreeable spouse! Our central Florida temps have been coolish, as yours have been. In fact, in nine years of Florida winters, I don’t remember having so many cold days. In spite of that, we’ve managed to not turn on the furnace. We’re Iowa-hardy, so we know how to dress, and how good it feels to sleep under three quilts!

  11. California Bear is just perfect! I’ve always been interested in making a collage quilt and have even cut out lots of flowers to add to one. I showed my hubby your quilt-holding sticks and it’s got him thinking! He’s my assistant and I have heard about the tired/sore/blood-drained arms as he’s doing his duty. Those hubbies are golden!

  12. Your page looks fresh and your sewing room looks inviting. Wish I could come play with you.

    The comment problem is probably a matter of operator error. I’ll take a screen shot and show you what it looks like, and then how I am (hopefully) making it easier. Of course, I’m a WordPress user so it may well be different for me than for non-WP people.

  13. I am going to call my new area my sewing space, I think, since it is basically one big open area that serves many purposes in our new cottage. 🙂 Hooray for finishing the bear collage; I bet you could have gone on rearranging bits forever, so I applaud you committing to an arrangement and finishing it. I hear you on double masking. Be well.

  14. It’s fun to see glimpses of your projects in your sewing ROOM although if you called it your studio, that would be accurate! I’ve only been to California a couple of times, many years ago, but your bear just somehow says “California” to me! Breezy and colorful. That’s a genius way to hold up a quilt!

  15. What a delightful post and your updated logo/coloring looks great! And that bear – love him! I’ve made 2 collages: the Laura Heine giraffe which was given as a gift, and 1 of a beloved greyhound which I designed myself. The latter was also a gift to the owner and upon his death, it was handed down to his neice – so nice when pieces want to be kept in the family! They are fun projects and shouldn’t be rushed 🙂 And you have a studio missy, trust me/us!!!!!!! Envy your temps, we have snow.

  16. Love your bear quilt
    Your room is wonderful. Can I make a suggestion? You should move the bear to where the calendar is. It looks sort of shoved in the corner. Please don’t mean to offend you at all.

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