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Hanagasaku: Flowering Rings • Quilt Finish

Hanagasaku: Flowering Rings
Quilt #255
23″ square

What’s that word that describes that feeling of when you finally get it, that gradual understanding, the skill opening up before you and the lights going on? We often use the word “blossom” to describe this but in a more long-term sense of the word, of working hard at something and all of sudden (or so it seems) it’s gone from a tight little bud of mysterious possibilities to a bloom in gorgeous bouquet.

The Olympics are like that. These athletes spend hours out of sight, working hard until all of a sudden they blossom out on the world stage, touching the wall after a 1500 meter swim, or sticking a landing.

We blossom into our quilting, beginning with learning how to make a proper cut, then a proper seam, and then all of sudden we are flowering into patches and designs and colors and quilts.

So this is Hanagasaku: Flowering Rings, in honor of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (held in 2021), partly inspired by Barb’s quilt of the Beijing Olympics (and others).

But here’s also to you: a quilter, whose creations grace our world with as much beauty as a whole garden of blossoms.

While I started this from my Flowering Snowball Pattern Lite series, the intention was a new sample for the class I’m teaching in September for the Santa Clarita Quilt Guild. And in a couple of weeks, this Pattern Lite — whose concept is just a few pieces and general guidelines — will grow into a full-fledged pattern which is better for teaching, with more instructions and yardage guidelines.

UPDATE: In other words…it blossomed into Blossom!

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway for the Painter’s Palette swatch pack. I actually found more than one set, so there are winners (plural)! Emails will be going out tomorrow to alert the winners.

And if you were a winner of the book giveaway, I mailed them all off this morning. Look for them in about a week (depending on where you live).

Thank you, mostly, to you! (all my readers). I appreciate the conversations, the stories you share, the coaching you give and the gold medal hearts you all have.

Happy August!

12 thoughts on “Hanagasaku: Flowering Rings • Quilt Finish

  1. What a wonderful analogy and so on point! And I marvel at how quickly you started and completed this oh-so-special commemorative mini – it is just perfect. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the athletes during this Olympics (less so listening to the commentators) and applaud every one of them for their commitment in spite of the pandemic. Another wonderful Sunday post! Thank you.

  2. I always love your posts and what a beautiful mini quilt with special meaning tied to this years Olympics!

  3. What an absolutely stunning quilt! This is so inspiring and makes me want to dip my toe into sewing circles. Love your color choices and quilting.

  4. How lovely, Elizabeth. I agree that our skills continue to grow and blossom, and I love that we make such functional items along the way. And congratulations on having the pattern blossom as well. Have fun with the Santa Clarita Quilt Guild!

  5. I love reading your posts. They are always so well written not to mention inspiring and thought provoking. Seeing all your creativity is icing on the cake.

  6. What a beautiful post and quilt to commemorate the Tokyo Olympics. Every detail is lovely and well designed. Thanks for adding a link to my Olympic quilts.
    Beijing is 2022 and Paris is 2024. I might have reprise a Beijing Olympic quilt.

  7. Your Olympic 2020 quilt is beautiful. This certainly is a memorable Olympic.

    I won the two book pack of Twisted and Southern Quilts by Mary Kerr. Thank you so much. As soon as I opened the package, I glanced through each one and know that I must read both of them from cover to cover. Scrap quilts are my favorite and I know I will enjoy taking my fabrics and seeing them in a different light. Thank you for sharing them.

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