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Blossoming • Quilt Finish

Blossoming, Quilt #267

I got this back from the quilter, cut the binding, and in the last gloriously awful days of our heat wave, I sewed on the binding while listening to Hamnet, a novel I highly recommend. Finally(!) we get a view of Shakespeare’s wife from a woman, and I was fascinated with the things I learned about running a household in the 1600s.

Jen’s quilting, using the E2E pattern Funky Fans really complimented the repetitive nature of this quilt. I think of this as a calming quilt. I have another blue quilt, also quilted in a repeated curving design, also calming. Here they are talking together:

The photographs were taken right after the outer edges of Hurricane Kay graced our area with a full day-and-night of steady drizzle, breaking the heat wave, bringing wanted moisture to our parched area. Now all we’ll need is an earthquake and we’ll have covered all the bases. Oh, wait. We did have a 3.6 earthquake, with an epicenter about five miles from our house, so we’re good on the disaster front.

And in a measure of how time (maybe) heals all wounds, I thought of 9-11 in passing, and only when I scheduled this post. Yes, I have been immersed in disasters: reading a book set in the 1600s with people dying of the plague; Pale Rider, a book about the 1918 flu; watching all the events associated with the death of Queen Elizabeth. I guess those were prominent in my mind. But today, let us remember.

Ground Zero Memorial at dusk

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Beginning: June 17, 2022

8 thoughts on “Blossoming • Quilt Finish

  1. So many beautiful blues! That turned out beautifully. The awful heat wouldn’t be as bad if we didn’t have this unbearable humidity. This is dreadful and doesn’t seem to be dissipating any time soon. There are so many memories and emotions flooding back these past few days.

  2. just recently read, “the day the world came to town” and the book “come from away”. both very good accounts of 9/11 in newfoundland.

  3. It is indeed a calm quilt. The gradient effect of the blue fabric and the spots of yellow are just delightful! I hope it brings that feeling of calmness to you Elizabeth. Thinking of you on this significant day.

  4. Congratulations on finishing Blossoming, which is lovely and filled with wonderful blue fabrics! The quilting suits it well. I loved Hamnet and like Katharine Porter’s stories, too, especially Pale Rider, which my book group read at the height of the pandemic 😵‍💫. Glad to hear your weather is approaching normal and hope you don’t ever have another brush with such a bunch of disasters all at once!

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