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Blues on the Bed

There’s something to be said for old movies.

I watched Dead Reckoning with Humphrey Bogart this afternoon and finished getting the binding on.  That quilt is now sitting on the end of my bed.

I began buying the fabric for this quilt about three years ago, picking up fat quarters here and there, amassing a collection of blues that would coordinate with those lamps–as they were the first things I bought and my husband will tell you that they pretty much dictated the whole room.  One hectic Christmas, my son-in-law painted (we helped), we bought drapes, and this summer I had the little slipper chair redone in some exotic Amy Butler.

Anyone else build a room around a pair of lamps?

4 thoughts on “Blues on the Bed

  1. I found this quilt from your webpage on Pinterest. It’s called Scrappy Quilt and it’s in red and white. It’s pictured on a bed. Do you know the name of the quilt pattern?

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