Blooming Scrap Quilt & Progress

But first, some fun photos arrived in my mailbox this week!

Susan, of PatchworknPlay blog, and found on IG @patchnplay posted this in her Instagram feed this week. I have always loved her colors and especially how she subdivided the center (I changed the pattern because of her design!). Susan’s blog posts are always like a good visit with a far-away friend (we’ve known each other for ages, but have never met since she lives in Australia and I live in California); she makes such beautiful things.

I know that Linda is working on Heart’s Garden and Joan is nearly done as well. Lisa’s almost done, too, but then her daughter decided to get married. When they send their photos to me, I will post them.

Polly, who is on Instagram at Piecing Hope, sent me this photo, saying that it was just the right small project she needed during a move. She enjoyed the free patterns I have in my shop for the New York Beauties. Her feed is filled with lovely wonderful things. Mary S. has made some blocks as have others. You can see their work on Instagram at #newyorkbeautiesquilt.

Mary, of ZippyQuilts, really got in the spirit of New York Beauties, and is now making some more of her own to join these (I backed them with black). I like Mary’s blog, as she’s so inventive and is a champion of creating quick quilts in clever ways. Like Susan, I’ve never met Mary, but feel like she is a good friend. If you make one of my patterns, or something I said on the blog triggered something creative for you, send over a photo! I love seeing your beautiful blocks and quilts.

I started sewing up these blocks in earnest this week.

from here

It reminds me of the Meadow Quilt from the designer Lizzy House (shown above) back in the day, a quilt which doesn’t have a released pattern and was taught for several years only in workshops. I have always loved this quilt, but when I saw this Blooming Scraps pattern, I knew it would be a good one to keep my hands busy while my mind explored all the ramifications of the world we now live in (translation: the J6 Hearings and SCOTUS decisions).

This past Thursday, I finished all 100 blocks. Like the original pattern, I did it in ombré. Now to sew it together and get it sent out for quilting.

I have a whole post on rulers, written when I was teaching, if you want an overview. But this week, I pulled this one out and really found it great for cutting 2 1/2″ blocks and 1 1/2″ snowball blocks. It’s a pretty slimmed down ruler, and sometimes that makes it a lot easier.

I went to my Modern Quilt Guild meeting for the first time in ages on Saturday. I usually participate online, but the covid numbers were down (however, I wore a mask) and it was Just Time. The hybrid meeting was incredibly confusing, but we saw quilts, we saw each other and showed our “Roundabout Challenges.” You can guess what I showed:

Patterns are still free on my pattern shop, for those who are looking for them. And I showed my version of Heart’s Garden for the Show and Share:

It still needs more buttons and some embellishments, but July is bringing me a long car ride, where I can get to work.

Speaking of Get to Work, I packed away my 2021-2022 Get To Work Book, and prepped up my new 2022-2023 book (I like them to go from July of one year to June of the next). I had saved some stickers, acquired others as I like to decorate a bit. I added in events for July, wrote in birthdays, but it’s a blank volume full of possibilities that greets me now at the side of my desk.

As Elise (the maker of the calendar) always says: Big Things Happen One Day at a Time. Think 100 blocks big– Think Making a Democracy big, just like our earliest founders did.

Happy Independence Day!

free handout on making this quilt, found here

As I write this, the (illegal) fireworks are already being shot off, so we’re getting in the mood for the 4th.

(Belated) New York Beauty Notes:

Karen Stone was the one who kind of put the New York Beauty block on the quilting map, when she wrote her well-known book in 2004. You can get a copy now for $50, if you want one. Others have explored this block and written books. One of the more recent writers was Carl Hentsch, who combined the Beauties with Flying Geese blocks in his book, published in 2017. I purchased the book immediately, thought I’d lost it, and bought another. (typical)

Dora, of Orange Dot Quilts, and Rana, of Sewn Wyoming, are doing a summer-long NYBeauty quilt-a-long this year (2022), making a version they call Almond Country Beauty Quilt. Kits are available, as are patterns.

I’ll probably come back with the final four blocks of my New York Beauty series, after I take a break. I want to try out this quilt I sketched up!

11 thoughts on “Blooming Scrap Quilt & Progress

  1. What a fun visit Elizabeth! I didn’t know you had changed the design of Hearts Garden because of the decision I had made…on your advice, if I remember correctly! I love where your NYB blocks are headed- the colours will make an awesome quilt! I find it interesting to see you use a Get-To-Work book that runs from 1st July to 30th June…did you know that is how the Australian financial year goes? And finally your Blooming Scraps quilt is going to be so lovely too. It reminds me of Spring, something I am really looking forward to!

  2. How nice for you to get to see all the lovely iterations of your design! Susan’s is spot-on, isn’t it? Her color combination is divine, and I told her so. You’re very generous to share you patterns with quilters, and I especially like the last NYB version you laid out and colored-in. It’s a bright, modern-looking quilt. Have a lovely weekend! I hope you get to spend it with family.

  3. Such beautiful work, Elizabeth! It’s so fun to see how you’ve inspired others and to see the blooming scraps quilt coming together. Why would anyone not put yellow centers in those blooms! Your colors are the best! Always. I’m not feeling too patriotic this weekend, so what can I say? God, Bless America – please.

  4. I always love a sit down with your posts and this one is no exception!
    I love all your quilt pictures, including Susan’s wonderful Heart’s Garden version. I think I am a bit partial right now as I just put the last stitch in my last leaf on the quilt top last night.
    I am looking forward to seeing your finished Blooming Scraps quilt put together, what a great way to use some of those scraps which we all accumulate!
    Lovely that you got to go to a sit down guild meeting, I am still finding it hard to get myself out the door.

  5. It’s always such a treat to get to see others making your designs, isn’t it? And I look forward to seeing the NYB design you sketched up; I love the colors and movement. I hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July. The fireworks here have been escalating for over a week, and I still worry about them given all my years in the desert.

  6. Your Heart’s Garden is a lovely quilt design and it’s fun to see the way others interpret it. And I hope to start on your NYB blocks soon. I’ve had Karen Stone’s book for ages and it has always been on my list. Your blooming scrap project is lovely as well–ombre–great idea!

  7. I was interested to see that you use the “Get to Work” book. I review my choice every few years, as I use my daybook to organize my life and keep track of things. Currently I’m satisfied with the Day Designer, but I review my options every few years.

  8. Congratulations on getting all 100 blocks done! In this season of my life I can’t even imagine.

    NY Beauties are on my quilting some day to do list.

  9. I just love your New York Beauty mock-up. It’s quite cheery with all those fun summer felling colors. So sorry you feel down about things. Being away for a few days and missing out of touch on news was good for my soul.

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