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Too Hot to Think • Blockchain Quiltblock Freebie

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It’s too hot to think, but here’s a fun sketch from a traditional block, originally called Boise (Brackman 2306). The periodical, Hearth and Home, which published this block, was in operation from 1885 to the 1930s.

The block, exploded.

The 7″ block, set on alternating verticals. All of these can be found in BlockBase+ which is software that is basically the Brackman Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. I modified this in my design software, Affinity Designer by Serif, a reasonable cost design software (NO, you don’t have to buy Illustrator. YES you should buy BlockBase+.)

And I think we should give the quilt a name. I know it’s the capitol of the state of Idaho, but I’d like to give it a more contemporary name: Blockchain. What does that mean? Since I just donated to Wikipedia (you should too), here’s their definition:

blockchain is a type of Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) that consists of growing list of records, called blocks, that are securely linked together using cryptography.

So couldn’t we define a quilt as “a growing list of blocks that are securely linked together with thread”? I think so. I was amused to see that a lot of the images used to depict the idea of blockchain are some of our traditional quilt blocks, like baby’s tumbling block, among others.

If you’d like the 8-inch version, I’ve got that for you here, as a free download. I didn’t monkey around with it too much, so it’s rather a no-frills set of templates (remember, it’s too hot), but you can see how nicely the templates are generated for you by Blockbase+. [Okay, I did do a bit of monkeying…]

Download the free PDF file for an 8″ block here:

Here’s the 12-inch version, which finishes at 52″ square, with those 2″ borders and cornerstones. To get this layout, I did four columns of the Blockchain block, doing half-blocks at the top and bottom of columns 2 and 4. I’m sorry I didn’t include the 12″ size block, but it’s hot, and we are about to head to our traditional Labor Day Cookout: a trip to In and Out Burger, where they do the grilling for me.

from here

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

8 thoughts on “Too Hot to Think • Blockchain Quiltblock Freebie

  1. What a giggly way to begin a blog post. That picture is funny! Guess it’s felt hot where you live? Ha, ha. Thank goodness for A/C, right? Your block design is great, but then you make it seem easy to work with your software programs. It’s really nice of you to share your design with everyone. Hope you enjoy your burgers. I’ve heard a lot about “In and Out Burgers” over the years, but have never been to an area where I could try one. Have a lovely long weekend… even if every day is a weekend!

  2. I’m gobsmacked that it might reach 100 degrees here on Tuesday. It’s utterly ridiculous. The heat certainly makes me want to not plug in my iron, so I deeply appreciate the fun you’ve been having with BlockBase+. I hope you have a good In and Out meal!

  3. I’m sorry to hear it’s so hot there! We are having a spell of “relatively cool” weather, meaning that it’s cooler than it was in July. We take what we can get! I’m still trying to teach myself Affinity Designer–wish you were here!

  4. We’re starting our second week of triple digit temperatures. Flex Alerts every day — so reduced AC, no unnecessary lights, and no sewing machine and iron during the designated hours.

  5. Thanks for the pattern – I really like it. I do donate to Wikipedia, and also to the Internet Archive, savior of lost websites. Say “Hello, I miss you” to In-N-Out from me.

  6. I’m impressed you are able to get anything done in that heatwave! It’s a great pattern- very graphic! I hope you enjoyed your meal at “In and Out”! I see they opened a popup shop for one day here in Melbourne…back in 2018! Oh, those were the days!

  7. Thank you for sharing your interesting design and I like the name! I’d strongly consider trying it if I had endless time😊 and not so many other things under way right now. I’m really “old school” and don’t use any computer design programs, but kudos to those who do!! Hope cooler air reaches you soon!

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