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Road to California 2022 • Part II

Road Two of Road to California Quilts. You may want to do this in two bites, but we still have Part III coming, focusing on some specialty exhibits (it’s shorter). Click on any image to make it larger, then hit the small X in the upper right to return to this page.

Thought I’d lead with a high-impact quilt.

I just want to know how she kept track of all the circles. Sometimes I wish they’d tell us how long a quilt took, but maybe I don’t want to know.

I liked the shape of the White Spotted Rose Anemone, by Kelly Spell. I kept wondering what the next wave of covid quilting was going to look like, and perhaps these curves against those lines might be an indication: texture?

Now I know what to do with all those labels in my notions drawer that I’ve been saving. I’m pretty sure I could get a pincushion covered…

Road to California has lights at the base of each quilt, and those lower lights really give a sculptural quality to the stitching.

I have a such admiration for all the detail in this quilt:

All those little houses everywhere, and patchwork flags! As a reminder: click on any image to make it larger, then hit the small X in the upper right to return to this page.

Click to see the teensy-weensy strips in this pineapple block. It was in an exhibit labeled Pride.

I appreciate the humor in this quilt. The exhibit was titled Conspiracy Theory Challenge, and most were clever but political (so.tired.of.that). So I focused in on this scene with cows being lifted heavenward by UFOs.

A perfect quilt for this year, but I think the message does not just stop there. That’s one of the interesting things about quilt shows. I see the expression of quilters being themselves, making their art the way they see it. We have all kinds in a show like Road (which is why it is one of my favorites). They strive to represent art, modern, traditional and I like that many quilts which I’d never see are sent to this show. I get to “meet” a lot of new quilters who have chosen the motto “Be You.”

Love the phone in the back pocket, along with scissors.

Pretty sure that fish lady is made of milagros, but not certain. This one and the one below appear to be about 17″ tall, a foot wide, but I’m guessing.

I love the little peoples everywhere.

Last of the smallish quilts. I thought her treatment of the “fringe” was lovely.

This was such an interesting quilt, made with six colors, and shades of gray, black and white.

Making a whole cloth quilt seems like such a challenge.

I loved the eyes, so I made that the big image in this gallery of Road quilts. The full quilt is on the lower left. I never saw the back of the piece; wish I had!

Not square! (big smile)

Colors!! No, they don’t have chains to keep the quilts from running away. Something about protecting the quilts and fire-marshall-said-so business.

Simple shapes, bold colors, value contrast, great design = smashing quilt.

This quilt, made and quilted by Zena Thorpe, is titled Connectivity. I kept zeroing in to see the quilting, as well as the appliqué. She doesn’t say how she did it, but it looks handsewn. Beautiful work.

We’re almost done!

I also wish they’d put the size of quilts on the title card. I’m guessing this is about 24″ tall. Gorgeous work by both artists.

I’ve been focusing on gardens lately [with the Mystery Quilt of Heart’s Garden I’m hosting (free! on this website!]) so I really loved all the details of Hanne Lohde’s quilt in memory of her summer home in Denmark.

And the final quilt in this post is from Janet Stone–who else to lead us out? By the way, it was also a big prize winner at Houston 2021, and their photo is quite a bit better than mine.

And that’s a wrap for this segment. Next post I’ll have the Cherrywood Diana Quilts, a few pieces of clothing, and quilts from artist Linda Anderson.

Thanks for all your comments last go-round. I tripped on my stairs and slugged the wall accidentally, so haven’t had use of my right hand for a few days, but I didn’t want you to think I hadn’t enjoyed your comments. The hand is getting better. I said to my husband, I may be older, but now it is obvious to me that all the guys in the movies are pulling their punches and not making contact. Now that we never leave our homes, does this mean we’ll have higher incidents of injuries in the home? Hope not. We don’t need to add one more thing to our list of Bad Stuff for the Covid Years.

And speaking of that, I also find it interesting that I didn’t see any visual representations of covid. Not one. I’ve always enjoyed Becky Goldsmith’s covid quilt (above), made right at the beginning of our pandemic, and since we are just past the 2nd anniversary of the first diagnosed case of covid, I thought we’d see more. I once drew up a sketch, but decided I didn’t want to spend my time making it. If I do anything, I’ll do hers (it’s a free download on her website; link above).

I’ve had several hundred downloads of the free mystery quilt-a-long of Heart’s Garden, so those of you who are making that, good luck with your EPP sewing. Our hashtag Instagram online is:

Yes, with the heart. I’m finalizing Part II of the mystery, which will drop in February.

Happy Quilting!

17 thoughts on “Road to California 2022 • Part II

  1. My dear Elizabeth. Sorry about your fall and injured hand. My most recent one occurred as we entered a gallery – nothing hurt but my knee and pride.

    It is great fun looking at your choice of quilts on my big screen computer monitor. Thank you for the contemporary pieces.

    Take care and I hope you recover the use of your hand. Love, Christine

    On Thu, Jan 27, 2022 at 5:28 PM OccasionalPiece–Quilt! wrote:

    > Elizabeth E. posted: ” Road Two of Road to California Quilts. You may want > to do this in two bites, but we still have Part III coming, focusing on > some specialty exhibits (it’s shorter). Click on any image to make it > larger, then hit the small X in the upper right to return ” >

  2. Thanks for the show coverage, some really impressive quilts here. I’m intrigued by the label quilt, though a big part of me says, “why?”

  3. I’m so sorry to hear you had a fall and an altercation with your wall! I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better.
    What an amazing quilt show Elizabeth! I think it was well worth the angst to be there! I love that there was uplighting. I commented to my friend when we were at the Chanel exhibition that some uplighting would have really helped seeing all the details on those beautiful clothes, especially the black ones!
    I think the Masquerade quilt and Carson’s Turtle were my favourites but by gosh, they are all phenomenal pieces of art!
    Thanks for sharing this amazing experience!

  4. Your trip to Road always makes my January better!!!! Thanks so much for sharing all this beauty, I loved every one of these and have such great admiration for folks with this kind of vision. Take care of yourself and the hand, please! Tackling my first Mystery Quilt piece today 🙂

  5. The talent and creativity in this world is truly amazing and really shows in the quilts you posted. Thank you for sharing the Road show with us. So glad you were able to go and enjoy some beautiful sights.

  6. Oh my! Those are all stunning. That Desert in Spring looks like a photo. That is incredible. Imagine how many hours are tied up in those quilts. I hope your hand feels better soon. That doesn’t sound like fun.

  7. Again, it’s great seeing the quilts at R2C. Though every one of them is absolutely fantastic, especially when you think of the hundreds and hundreds of hours stitched into each one, they’re so over-the-top and out-of-my-reach that I can’t relate to making them. I admit I’m not an artist! Us “everyday quilters” can admire them though.

  8. That first quilt is absolutely stunning. What a wide array of quilts, as usual. Thanks for the show. 🙂

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