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Heart’s Garden Sew-A-Long

I received a stack of fat eighths as a gift from my friend Sherri last fall, from her new line of Sincerely Yours, and the question of what to do with this yummy range of fabrics has been percolating in my head ever since.

A Sew-A-Long? A Mystery? A Freebie Pattern? How about all three? So yes, this is a sew-a-long, mystery, free pattern that should run for several months. I thought it was only four, but then I had another idea, so I had to add an extra month. I will put the patterns up on my pattern site, one month at a time. The usual caveats apply: Don’t print them off for your mother or eighteen of your closest friends; instead send them to my pattern shop to download their own.

The first downloadable (free) pattern is found here.

Follow the directions and print off four pages of Page 4, then cut them apart on the lines. Prep them for English Paper Piecing {see this post (which uses thread basting) or this post (which uses glue basting) for some tips}, then start stitching them back together in the units.

I’ve placed small colorful dots to help guide you in getting the pieces sewn. Follow the guidelines on the pattern.

I like to sew it in two sections, as it is easier to hold it. I also like to take stitches across the seam points on the outside curved edge, for stability. For example, I join one G1 to the F point, then add the G2, taking an extra stitch at that outer point. It will make more sense as you sew it.

Once I’ve gotten this far, I sew those last two seams.

I always love the look of these from the back. One trick I use for the inner circle is that I don’t glue down the inner curve, instead leaving it flat. This helps when you go to stitch on the center circle.

I write about how I do the center circle in this post, and I will again express my undying love for Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Circles: both sizes. Sometimes I put the circle on first, then appliqué it the background. Other times I appliqué it to the background square, then sew on the center circle.

For this round, do the center circle first.

Then cut a large square the size mentioned in the pattern. I always iron creases: fold in half, iron; fold in half the other way; iron. You’ll have a giant cross so you get your circle centered. Pin it evenly around the circle while on a flat surface. Then start to sew it down.

I give you the tips in this post.

Yes, I’ve been doing the EPP-circle-bit a while now, and there are lots of tips and tricks under the tab SHINE: The Circle Quilt (found above). And yes, I’ve probably made millions of mistakes, but after sewing over three dozen EPP circles, I’m getting the hang of it.

Here it is, sewn to the background. Don’t trim this yet. If you are curious, your circle will probably measure about 12 1/4″ in diameter, largely due to the thickness of all those fabrics spreading it apart. We will deal with any variations in the next post, coming mid-month February.

I use several methods of construction: piecing, appliqué, English Paper Piecing for starters. While the theme is Heart’s Garden, there aren’t a billion hearts on this quilt, so you could make it in other palettes or groupings of fabric or from scraps. I started with one fat-eighth stack of Sincerely Yours, from Sherri and Chelsi, then purchased four one-yard lengths of the lights (always good for the stash, if I don’t use them all). I also bought two half-yards of the strongest colors; perhaps that is overkill, but I didn’t want to let this line get away from me. I am happy to have this great inspiration, so thank you Sherri and Chelsi!

So head over now to my pattern shop on PayHip, and download your free mystery pattern. At the end of this series, I will combine all the sections into one pattern, and will list it for sale in the same place. Feel free to stash the pattern until you see the end, or to just pick up a little piecing here and there as we go.

Happy Heart’s-Garden-ing!

14 thoughts on “Heart’s Garden Sew-A-Long

  1. Oh Oh. I’m in trouble now. I have my first ever 2 EPP projects on the go now and you show me this beauty? Now I just need to figure out how to have more time to sit and hand stitch. 😉

  2. Thank you Elizabeth for the EPP pattern !!! I love Sherri and Chelsi’s “Sincerely Yours” fabric line. Perfect for Valentines Day and all through the year. Thank you again !

  3. What a wonderful treat, thank you!!!!! Since an EPP project is on my Focus 22 list, this is it 🙂 Totally doable, right?!

  4. Your talents continue to amaze me. Love, Christine

    On Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 10:56 PM OccasionalPiece–Quilt! wrote:

    > Elizabeth E. posted: ” I received a stack of fat eighths as a gift from my > friend Sherri last fall, from her new line of Sincerely Yours, and the > question of what to do with this yummy range of fabrics has been > percolating in my head ever since. A Sew-A-Long? A Mys” >

  5. This is so tempting. I’ve never done EEP. But I still have three of your other patterns on my to do list PLUS all the other projects I think I’m going to make this year. Ha!

  6. Its been way too long since I had an EPP project on the go, and now seems a good a time as any to jump in ! I’m hoping a little stash of fabric I have been saving will work for this pattern! Thank you for sharing your talent and expertise with us yet again!

  7. Another great piece of generosity, this is beautiful and I’m anxiously waiting to see where your creativity leads. Thanks so much although I have had to give up most of my EPP due to arthritis, maybe this summer I might give it a try again, the warmth helps.

  8. This is a really pretty line of fabric, and you are certainly doing it justice! For some reason, the combination of red, purple, pink, and peach is calling out to me. You always have the best creative design ideas.

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