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Crossed Lillies, Riverside Sawtooth, and Halloween

Although the title has three subjects and in a particular order, I’m going to reverse them, starting now.

We need a Halloween quilt and this one, made by Tracy Cox using my Sun and Sea Pattern, catches the mood of the day. I love her use of spooky prints! I have corresponded with her for some time, and met in person at PIQF held before the world shut down. She lives near my old stomping grounds in the Bay Area, so it was fun to hang out with her and admire her prizewinning blue ribbon quilt.

Here’s my version of this…of course! you say. I remember. It’s just so different in different fabrics, which is one of the magic tricks we quilters do. We are really good at this particular trick and don’t even need a magic wand, unless that’s what you want to call our rotary cutters.

A Quilter’s Magic Wand

The next one is Riverside Sawtooth, a quilt that was featured in QuiltMania in issue #163 (July/August 2020). It’s finally time for it to hit the pattern shop!

I was asked by Brenda if she could purchase the pattern, and I realized I hadn’t put it back up when it was time to do so. And then it was revise revise and spruce up, because I’d also made it in the Before Times — before I knew sort of what I was doing in Affinity Publisher. Both the program and I have made strides, so I updated what I could. It’s for sale in my pattern shop.

Lastly, it’s Crossed Lilies. This is probably the most complete pattern of my Pattern Lite series, and could probably sell for more, but it’s the same price as all the rest: less than a bag of Halloween Candy, less than an upscale chocolate bar when you are sick of eating all that candy, and way less than the price of a good rice bowl, when you are totally sick of eating sweets.

I had many inspirations, but mostly this stems from the pillow series I’ve been doing this year. You know I wasn’t that keen about October’s pillow kit that came in the mail, so I made Mister Pumpkin. And then I kind of liked this month’s kit, but it was a pumpkin (again), so I had to do something different.

I like the mixing of the fall tones with the deep aqua blues, and these pillows are all fun to quilt, before I back them and bind them. This pattern is also for sale in my PayHip shop, if you need a fall pillow.

But I could wave my quilter’s magic wand, spend an afternoon, and have something completely different for spring, or Christmas, or in red, white and blue for summer.

from here

The magic is all up to you, my pretties!

Happy Halloween!

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7 thoughts on “Crossed Lillies, Riverside Sawtooth, and Halloween

  1. The Halloween version of your pattern is really pretty, though if I can admit it… I’m not a fan of Halloween. Still, the holiday is another great reason for quilters to make a quilt, and I certainly don’t begrudge anyone doing that! Actually, having finished my QuiltCon entries, I’m sort of in between projects myself, so am thinking about what to make and for whom. It’s great that you’re a prolific pattern designer, especially when you can offer the project as a workshop. Many guilds are looking for just that sort of project-based activity. You can deliver! I always like seeing your free motion quilting. You do beautiful work on your Handiquilter.

  2. I absolutely love the Crossed Lilies block pattern, along with your original version of the Halloween quilt (am not a Halloween person). Thank you. Please, I need visual direction to make an Autumn pillow from my first- ever quilting using Double Four Patch pattern. Please note that my finished (absolutely love my chosen Autumn colors from my stash) fabric block pattern is roughly 11″x11″. While I have two books of how-to that i’ve been studying, visuals are so very helpful. When three-layering (top, middle, backing), does one do the same backing after stuffing the pillow? This is not clear to me. Thanks, again.

  3. I just love Riverside Sawtooth–love being a part of that gorgeous quilt! That was such a good group–I miss it. Your quilts are all so beautiful.

  4. Your Crossed Lilies turned out beautifully. I love the colors you chose for it. Riverside Sawtooth is such a fabulous quilt. It’s nice to have been a part of it, but it was the great designer who made it all work! Yes, isn’t it funny how different quilts look with different fabrics?

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