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A Tiny Spritz of Elements • Quilt Finish • This and That: Nov 2021

A Tiny Spritz of Elements • Quilt #259 in my Quilt Index
21″ square

So my husband asked me if this was another pillow. He has a point, as that seems the size I can manage lately, but no…this is a quilt. A mini quilt. It started in a swap of small 2″ unfinished blocks from the guild members at the Inland Empire Modern Quilt Guild. I made more.

The past few months I seemed to have fallen into a streak of really sad days, bad days, tired days, and one of my friends sent me a meme indicating that October was just about to break her, too. What is it about this phase of covid? Those who will, are getting vaccinated, but those of us who are at higher risk also have to make decisions: how will we live with this disease, since we aren’t going to hit the vaccination rate we need to. A bog, a verifiable, certifiable bog.

Then one morning I was sitting outside in the car, waiting for my perfect husband, and because the angle was right and having just shut the door, I was treated to a sparkling array of floating bits of light, the dust scattering flashing bits sunshine all around me as I sat. So often I’m in a rush, in a hurry, and don’t notice these tiny spritzes of cheer. I held the moment close; Dave got in and we drove off.

So that’s the name of this quilt made from tiny blocks, stitched with tiny quilting, each square representing those elements that come into our lives: sorrow, elation, peace, anger, frustration, happiness, forgiveness, repentance, sadness, love and most of all, hope.

When I finished making all my little elements, I saw a quilt from Zen Chic; I followed her lead in the arrangement. I’m also grateful to my fellow Guild Members for sewing and swapping. This little effort is due the first meeting in December, but I just finished it and wanted to share it now.

Melanie chose a birdie block for her turn as Queen Bee in Gridsterbee this month. Her signature block was my little Teeny Tree block–can’t wait to see what she makes of all these birds and trees. Free pattern for tree is here.

UPDATE: The Bee is filled! Thanks to those who joined us!

The Gridster Bee (#gridsterbee) is going through some changes next year. I’m stepping down from the head of the group, and we are looking for some new quilters who want to sew one block a month for your other bee-mates (check out the hashtag above for our wide-ranging style). We have several slots available; continental US only. We require you to have an Instagram Account and/or blog; those in charge will also vet you to make sure that all of us are at the same level of ability. So if you are a beginner who is just learning her stuff, this may not be the group for you.

But if you’ve happily been sewing for a minute or two and want to meet a few really cool women, as well as get a series of blocks made just for you when it’s your turn to be Queen Bee…leave me a comment below. I’ve been in over five bees, and they’ve all been great experiences. If you haven’t done a bee, consider it!

Occasionally I do clean up my computer desk. We got our Christmas present early this year (a nearly identical model to this one, but newer), so are passing this one on to our daughter.

November must have known we were anxiously waiting for it, for it came in with this beautiful sunset. We were fixing dinner (see below) and went out several times to admire the color and take photos.

Dinner: Sesame Salmon Bowl. I didn’t have the slaw they called for so we just sliced up another Persian cucumber. We had the leftovers the next night–so good!

The Cape Plumbago is flowering, with its rare blue flowers.

One advantage of covid days…

Please leave me a comment, or email me privately (e.eastmond@gmail.com), if you are interested in becoming part of a great group of women in our GridsterBee.

Happy Quilting!

18 thoughts on “A Tiny Spritz of Elements • Quilt Finish • This and That: Nov 2021

  1. October really WAS a month, wasn’t it?!?! Personally, I chalked it up to “mercury in retrograde”, but many consider that stuff hu-hah. Around here it was relentless and suffocating and then, mercifully, October 28 arrived and the grit began to fade away. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t fare much better. But onward, right?! Love your little “Tiny Spritz of Elements” and have fallen in love with that binding, so please share the line/name, if you don’t mind. And between COVID and politics, I’m about done with all of it and short of any clear sign, am seriously considering “returning to my original program” – it’s all going to happen regardless. Take care of yourself and thank you, for the moments of joy you send out weekly!

  2. I love your little quilt, especially because of the meaning behind it. There are so many conflicting elements to our da.ys, and yet there is joy overall.
    I am definitely interested in your scraps!

  3. Hi, I would love to be considered to become a member of the Gridster Bee. I’ve never been a member of a Bee before. I am on IG at casands1. Thanks, Carolyn.

  4. Another gem of a post. Me, too. The quilt is sparkly perfect. You bring me joy! Love S

    On Sun, Nov 7, 2021 at 4:00 AM OccasionalPiece–Quilt! wrote:

    > Elizabeth E. posted: ” A Tiny Spritz of Elements • Quilt #259 in my Quilt > Index21″ square So my husband asked me if this was another pillow. He has a > point, as that seems the size I can manage lately, but no…this is a > quilt. A mini quilt. It started in a swap o” >

  5. i love your mini quilt! it has given me inspiration! i would appreciate your extra pieces & hope i could do them justice! stay well & thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Yes, yes – I would love to have your scraps to make into a quilt and my label would be a repeat of what you said about our times now & the symbolism in the quilt – how fitting! I’m saving your post as I want to make one of my own for just those reasons & I never win things anyway. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful little quilt and your scraps with whoever wins those! Best wishes! Deb E

  7. Thank goodness for those tiny spritzes of cheer…so very, very needed. Your quilt is beautiful & bright & cheery! Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts & your lovely quilts. I don’t need the scraps but appreciated your post & wanted to let you know. (Hug)

  8. Oh those tiny little pieces . . . I love them! And love the inspiration story behind how you used them. But I’m sorry you are feeling so down. The past year and a half have definitely been a strain on many levels. I hope you can look for the bright side and choose happiness each day. I know it’s not easy. Wishing you a better tomorrow.

  9. What a striking little quilt Elizabeth! When I saw your sunset photo I wondered whether that was about the time we experienced a similar one here on the other side of the world.
    Sorry too that you have been a little blue. Reach out if you need someone to talk to! I endorse Anne’s comments and wish you better days ahead.

  10. October was a rough month here as well. I am starting to feel a bit more hopeful. There is something about the 5-11 year old children who are asking for the vaccine that has really lifted my spirits. I hope that November is better for you and for us all.

  11. Your tiny Elements is just wonderful. I love the quilting duplicating the design and that great border. Your bee blocks are great too. November has been rather dark and gloomy so far. The darker evenings don’t help my mood one bit either!!! Where did my beloved summer go? 😉 I’m sorry to read that you will be retiring from the bee. You have done an amazing job on it all of these years. I can say honestly that I have never been in such a well run bee. Enjoy your retirement!

  12. Oh, I’m late to reading this post! Sorry! Was on a four-day quilt retreat as you were sharing all this loveliness. Your quilt is adorable, and looks modern. Love the interplay of all those little blocks! You did a nice job with it, and I hope it finds a good place to be shown off. It’s happy! But you haven’t been? I’m very sorry. California seems to be slow to coming ’round the bend with COVID, and that’s too bad. All is well here, near as possible to normal, and we’ve been boostered too. Life is good. And busy! The days are rushing by as I flit from activity to activity, and handle everything else in between. All good stuff though! Hope you’re able to continue enjoying beautiful sunsets that perhaps come with cooler weather too.

  13. Elizabeth your Tiny Spritz of Elements mini quilt is perfect to show that even in these days those bits of light and positivity can be found if we just look! Your sunset was amazing. Glad I’m not the only one that found October to be rough; the worst month for me since the Pandemic began. I’m slowly starting to get back to being me; just not there yet. 😉

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