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Mister Pumpkin

Sometimes I really don’t like our season-less world. I walked through Target last week, looking for some orange Halloween lights. Okay, I know some of you are laughing hysterically out there. Halloween Lights? They were gone by the 4th of July! Swimsuits come in February, and it used to be a rule not to put out Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Used to be.

And this year, with the Great Supply Chain Disruption working its pandemic magic (would we expect any less?), good luck. The lady at Target told me they “weren’t getting much Christmas” so if I saw “something you like, buy it.” The section was pretty empty, as they were doing the switchover from witches to elves.

One of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, I now call the Invisible Holiday: so desperately needed, yet nearly imperceptible. But if you aren’t yet hanging the Christmas garlands and putting up the Santas, here’s one more little fun thing for you to stitch up in an afternoon: Mister Pumpkin.

It all started because my monthly Riley Blake pillow arrived and I was just sort of meh about the design of it. I’d done some shapes for my daughter’s Fall Tag Tip Sheet, and made the pumpkin, and remembered the photo on the lower left, a detail of a quilt I’d seen at a quilt show. I had purchased the little ornament on our trip to Utah last month. I loved them all and combined them to make my 20″ pillow. Which I have now made up into a PatternLite Pattern, but because it’s like…the middle of the month…I’m giving you a coupon to get it for a deal of 25% off:

Since PatternLite patterns only cost a tiny amount, you are getting a Mister Pumpkin Pattern Lite for less than a large Coke and fries at McDonald’s. Or a slice of pizza at the mall. And WAY less than a bag of Halloween candy. Coupon good until (when else?)…Halloween night.

He’s now resting comfortably on our bed, and I may keep him there for the first part of November, too. So have fun–enjoy your grinning 20″ Mister Pumpkin pillow before you have to nestle it under the Christmas tree. And he doesn’t get made this year, well, there’s always next year! (That old baseball phrase is meant for consolation for the Giants, who lost their pennant race to the LA Dodgers; if you are a sports watcher, you know about this.)

Happy Quilting!

6 thoughts on “Mister Pumpkin

  1. He is absolutely darling. You did a great job. Great price too. I jumped right over and got it. I really like his look even though Halloween is supposed to be scary, he is a delight. I have downloaded it, printed it, and saved it (just in case I lose it). It makes me want to make a whole pumpkin patch of Jack-o-lantern pillows. I haven’t checked yet but you may have other patterns.

  2. What a happy little pumpkin. I haven’t decorated specifically for Halloween in years other than carving pumpkins which is something we’ll always do. I do have fall decor up though. This whole supply chain thing is really crazy. I’ve thought for years we have too much choice and too much consumerism surrounding us and yet I’ve happily bought my fair share. Now that we don’t have all the choices maybe it’s not such a bad thing. As long as there are pumpkin spice bagels, dark chocolate and fabric. lol

  3. Mr. Pumpkin is very cute. Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday as well–except when my birthday falls on Thanksgiving, like it does this year. I have a few things up for Halloween. I like making Halloween quilts, but it is my least favorite holiday–go figure.

  4. Unlike most of my friends, I just don’t DO Halloween. No cute quilts (they make many Halloween donation quilts), no decorations, etc. Guess I’m the Halloween Grinch, but what is there to like about dead people, scary stuff, and too much candy? Sorry… But Mr. Pumpkin is cute and could be a Thanksgiving pumpkin!!! I agree we need Thanksgiving!

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