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Home, Sweet, Home Mini-Quilt Class

HomeSweetHomeClassRecently I taught a class for my Home, Sweet, Home mini quilt.  I snapped these photos as they were working; they’d all mostly prepped up their pieces before coming, and it made the class go quite smoothly.  I loved all the different ways that people did their blocks (shown here at our Guild Meeting):


Here are most of them (some didn’t bring them to Guild):

It wasn’t until posting these up that I found two errors in these quilts.  Isn’t it funny that you don’t see things…until you do?  (Hint: it’s in the bushes.)  I love the rainbow quilt made by my friend Lisa.  I may have to make one for myself.


(Breaking News: Melissa finished hers!)

7 thoughts on “Home, Sweet, Home Mini-Quilt Class

  1. I love the one with the black houses and glowing windows! I think it would also look good with a black center, with an applique of a pumpkin for fall, or a snowman or something similar for winter.

  2. Happy for you to have the opportunity to teach. What a nice-sized class! I found the mistake, but it’s just a matter of turning a HST, isn’t it? Funny how that happens and we miss it. Such was the case with my finished “Irma Blew Through My Picket Fence” quilt….. didn’t catch ONE block turned the wrong way until it was quilted! Guess God’s trying to ensure we remain humble. 🙂

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