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Finger Paints Quilt-A-Long • Painter’s Palette Solids

I saw this online and immediately jumped. This was one of my favorite quilts at QuiltConTogether, and yes–I’ll take one for myself.

Delta Breeze, by Cindy Wiens

These two quilts, Finger Paints and Cindy’s Delta Breeze, are definitely cousin-quilts, but oh-so different and I’ve had Delta Breeze on the mind for like a 100 years. And the fabric all chosen and set aside in the cupboard, but I can always use another quilt that combines style and color and cool ideas.

Laura Loewen is a relative to another favorite online friend (the Medallion Queen!). Laura has two versions of this quilt: one made straight up, with rulers, etc. and one that is a bit more improv. I decided to jump on the improv class, so am signed up for August 28, Saturday. If you are in that class, come and sit by me! I’m kind of shy as we’ve been in the house like forever, and I don’t quite know how to deal with real people anymore, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

I’m a Painters Palette Solids gal, and Laura doesn’t list these fabrics, so I set out to figure out my colors. Long ago I grabbed one of Paintbrush Studios’ charm packs with all the colors, broke it apart and wrote the number of the color on the small square. But I also wrote another number: one referring to the column on the fabric swatch chart, so I could find them easily. I never understood everyone who cut up their color charts (I mean, I understood why they said they did it, but didn’t understand how it would be easier to find colors), but this system works for me.

(And you can win a complete set of Painters Palette charm colors at the end of the post, if you are a Painters Palette user, or want to be.)

So here’s three photos, showing my chosen colors. You can’t see the Black, but it’s written in pencil beside it: 004. And a quick tip: if you go to Pineapple Fabrics and want to order your Painters Palette Solids, just type in 121- and then the color number in the search bar. It finds it a LOT faster than wading through their menus. (So Black would be 121-004 in the search box.)

The neutrals. I laid the squares over Laura’s cutting instructions so as not to give away any info from her pattern. Again, if you can’t see the number written on the swatch, most are in pencil beside the colored square in her pattern.

Purple is 080. I couldn’t decide on Fabric C–it calls for a light purple and I have two that could do that: a light pinky lavender (084) and a periwinkle lavender (012). I’m holding off on cutting until I see where they go and what will work. Since I think this is sort of the warm colors, it may have to be 084 vs. 012.

Sorry–navy is hard to read, too: It’s Fabric W: 008; Dark Green is 074. I went back and forth on the navy, as to me that color is a bluey-black, but in her original quilt, the color appears much brighter. (The quilt on the cover of her pattern is made up in different fabrics than her original, shown below.)

This is a screenshot from the MQG Website, showing all the award winners from QuiltConTogether 2021, if you want to go and look at the rest. I love what Laura wrote on her blog about creating this quilt: “I had been in a sewing rut, as many of us found ourselves mid-pandemic, and I knew I needed a splash of color and playing with fabric to get back into sewing. I decided on a simple bear paw quilt block but wanted to put a modern spin on it with improv piecing.”

While I did notice that she pressed open all of her seams, I don’t know if I can follow her down that rabbit hole. We’ll see. I’m a press-to-the-side sort of person, because I like the dimension.

Here’s an IG quick movie to show you my mess when I was choosing. Above is my version of the Painter’s Palette Solids color card. Because I’ve been collecting solids for a while, I only had to buy two more colors from Pineapple Fabrics. Hooray for sewing from the stash. (Hooray for collecting!)

This is my Criss-Cross Color pattern. Obviously I like this sort of quilt! Now to get busy on cleaning up the sewing room. We cleared out a lot of my stuff out of the guest room because — oh, gosh — we had guests, and I need to finish cramming stuff onto shelves organizing to get the detritus off the floor.

UPDATE: Giveway closed. Thanks for entering! If you want to enter the giveaway for the charm-packs-color swatches, mention it in your comment below. (Domestic USA only.)

Happy Quilting!

18 thoughts on “Finger Paints Quilt-A-Long • Painter’s Palette Solids

  1. Oh my goodness…I jumped in on the QAL when I saw it,, too!! Your selection is beautiful!! Thx for sharing. Would it be selfish wishing to win the charm pack if I was recently gifted a color card by a dear friend? 😊 Both quilts are inspiring.

  2. I love solids there is just something about pure, uninterrupted colors that makes my heart happy! I definitely would love to win the charm pack! Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. I spend more time and experience more frustration choosing a pallet than any other aspect of quit making. Thanks for your tips.

  4. Love seeing the cousin-quilts in the same post! It will be interesting to see how your improv quilt turns out! Your color choices are gorgeous.

    I would love to be included in the drawing for the charms. Thanks for the chance!

  5. How wonderful these are! I love to see traditional patterns used in a new way. And the color choices are gorgeous. I would love to win the charm pack. Thanks for the opportunity and the inspiration.

  6. I love the improv twist on the traditional bear paws. Finger paints, what a great name for this bright quilt! I’m tempted to join! I’d love a chance to win the charm pack!

  7. I love Finger Paints. Just don’t know if I can get into that improv quilting. I have your Criss-Cross pattern sitting by my sewing machine. I’m looking for the perfect fabric for it. I love all flavors of charms. I’m working on a pattern right now that calls for 6 charm packs. I’m going to need to replace those with something. I would like to be entered to win the charm packs.

  8. I, too, am a press to the side girl. However, when doing teeny tiny pieces, pressing open makes for a neater assembly.

  9. I’ve enjoyed several lectures by Laura as a member of the BoulderMQG. Enjoy the QAL with her. Look forward to seeing your version as I’m sure it will be wonderful. Would also love to be in the drawing for the charms. I’m collecting solids for a future project I’m mulling over and don’t have any Painters Palette fabrics.

  10. I too would love the chance to win the charm pack colors. I truly admire your website & patterns.

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