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Criss-Cross Color • Quilt Finish

Criss-Cross Color, quilt no. 233
49″ wide by 68″ high

The quilting by Kelley of Wolf Girl Quilts really looks lovely in this light.

IKEA fabric, from back in the day: a series of numbers. It was what I had.

the label

All photographs above by my husband or I, taken from a frontage road on the 680 freeway, to the west of Grizzly Bay and the Goodyear Slough, on Lopes Road near the Bay Area in Northern California. I like how the shadows are playing with the quilt in this image.

These last two photos were not taken on Lopes Road, but at my brother’s, as I knew they had a picturesque playhouse from when their girls were tiny.

I listed this as Quilt #233, as I got over-eager when the quilt top was done. Kelley, a long-armer friend, did the fabulous loopy quilting texture on the quilt. It’s been a good series for me, challenging me to think differently about color, texture and size.

The pattern is sold in my pattern shop on PayHip. There is a discount running on this pattern right now, until January 15th, if you are interested in purchasing it. Details are at the pattern shop.

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12 thoughts on “Criss-Cross Color • Quilt Finish

  1. The word that popped into my head upon seeing this quilt was DYNAMIC! Yes, all caps because there’s so much movement of color and pattern. I really like the use of the cheddar (that’s how it appears on my tablet screen), it adds zing.

  2. That is stunning – your color choice make it sing! So enjoy reading your blog posts and watching what you create!

  3. This is my favorite version of Criss Cross. Love the color play. The photos on the road side are lovely. Imagining you and the hubs to the side of the road with quilts and can relate to the experience. Not something I’m terribly comfortable with but will do as long as I have help. The playhouse is such a wonderful setting for quilt photos. If I lived there I’d be taking lots of quilt shots with that in the background.

  4. I hope this comment works- I’ve had all sorts of trouble with mt WordPress account! I love this Spring-like version of the Criss Cross Color quilt. And the photos are wonderful too. I am always on the lookout for new locations! I either find great locations but don’t have a quilt with me, or a quilt and the same old locales!

  5. Really gorgeous, Elizabeth! The bright colors and graphicness of the design are wonderful. It’s such a happy-looking memory of COVID-19 days… and I know we can’t wait for COVID to be a distant memory.

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