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Criss-Cross Color

Criss-Cross Color • Quilt [Top] No. 233
49″ wide by 68″ high

It has been a good month, a month of Criss-Crossing with the Criss-Cross Quilt pattern.

Criss-Cross Autumn • Quilt No. 232
35″ square

After getting over my terror of Zooming, and finding I really quite liked it a LOT, I jumped in with both feet to prepare for the class that the Glendale Quilt Guild had chosen. To teach, I had to make some new samples — not to be sent around this time, but for short videos for their class.

So, these two quilts came from those endeavors.

Okay, I take it back. Maybe Criss-Cross Color started here, when a series of photos showed up on my Instagram. I pulled colors of Painters Palette Solids to mimic what I saw. (Yes, I’ve had this series of photos for over a year. Sometimes quilts take a while to percolate up to the top.)

This is what was on my design wall when I started my Workshop with the quilters from Glendale last Saturday:

This group is on fire! They were engaged, enthusiastic and even the most beginner of the bunch dived in and got to work on their quilts. This morning we had a follow-up session, where they showed off what they’d sewn and talked about their quilts.

Follow-up Workshop

I like to do a follow-up Zoom one week later, as it’s close enough to the time of the Workshop that the event doesn’t drag on and on, yet gives a few days to cut and sew. And these ladies did just that. Here are the quilts from the slide show I put together for them (they all gave me permission to share them). From the top, the owner/makers are: Cindy, Joyce, Flo, Annie, Nancy, Caren, Beth, Kathy, Rebecca, and Mary.

Some of these are under construction, some are completed tops, and one is all quilted, finished and bound! It was a most lovely follow-up session, and they had great insights about the quilt, working with pattern, finding ways to make this idea their own. I’ve been floating all day.

Thank you to the fine quilters of Glendale Quilt Guild for a wonderful time!

16 thoughts on “Criss-Cross Color

  1. I think it speaks volumes when a week after the class everyone has their top in a state of pretty-much-finished!!! Congratulations to you and the guild on this win!!!! And, btw, I noticed your haircut took you shorter and I love it.

  2. I love seeing all the interpretations of Criss Cross. I especially love the solid one by Joyce. And yours too of course. I too noticed your shorter hair style….gorgeous! Don’t tell me your dear husband did it for you!?

  3. Wow, these are all amazing! What a versatile pattern and from the results, it’s clear your zoom class was a resounding success! I love your pastel/bright version, and all of the class projects are awesome – especially the first one, Cindy’s – somehow that one is just extra great!

  4. I LOVE the way your solids turned out! The gals all did a great job with the pattern and each one looks so different. Congratulations on another fun class. I, too, noticed he shorter haircut. Are you enjoying it for the summer?

  5. Those really are an amazing group of ladies to have gotten right on their projects – loved each of their creations as well as the gorgeous colors in yours. What a great idea to do a follow up a week later! I’m saying they really got their money’s worth! Great job!

  6. Wow, they did a wonderful job with the pattern and I’m most impressed that one quilt was fully finished! It can take a while for the right time for a quilt; the color inspiration was fun to see and your pieced quilt top is lively.

  7. It’s great that you’re feeling so comfortable with Zoom, and that you have enthusiastic students! I’m really happy for you, and as I’ve found for myself as I’ve taken a virtual workshop, this is the ONLY way to go! Who can argue with the fact that all one’s quilting supplies are available, and that one can still interact with the instructor? My instructor was looking at what I’d put on the design wall behind me, and found a mistake in my block assembly! While I wasn’t happy about my mistake, I’m so glad that piece was up so she could see it. A virtual workshop is nothing but win, win, win. Keep enjoying this new mode of learning!

  8. Please keep sharing all the different Criss Cross makes. I bought the pattern and need ideas. It will probably be ages before I get to it though so don’t be looking for anything soon. I really like your solid colored one. The palette is wonderful.

  9. The solid color ones are really shining for me! But all of them have such a vibrancy with the pattern. Its really a great versatile pattern. And way to go with Zoom teaching!

  10. Oh my goodness, this class looks like a blast! I so wish I could take one with you, in person or virtually, Obviously, you are a great teacher, because the class quilts are all brilliant. [Yes, that is sucking up taking place in the sentence before. I am not above it at all. 🙂 ]
    Thanks for posting these session, Elizabeth. I love following along. And like the posters before me, I also think your hair is really cute.


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