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Criss-Cross Quilt Top


Criss-Cross Christmas Quilt, top finished December 2017
59 ” by 68″

It all started when my friend Leisa gave me a mini-charm pack of Merrily fabrics by Gingiber.  Then the Fat Quarter Shop had the fat-eighth stack, and then when my making dictated more, I scooped up a layer cake of the line, and I was set (and I still have some left). I added Kona Snow, and got creative.


I just started making…and putting them up..and making…and deciding to enlarge it…


Then I moved around the blocks, making sure the light of the mini-charm-square blocks were balanced against the heavier “filled-in” blocks.  At some point I decided I was done.

I sewed them together, stopping mid-way to celebrate Christmas and get the flu. Because the flu shot is only partially effective this year, more people will probably get the bug.  The good news, though, that by having had the flu shot, the duration and intensity will be lessened.  I hope so.

I’ve got some year-end sewing to do!

UPDATE:  The pattern for Criss-Cross is available on PayHip.

19 thoughts on “Criss-Cross Quilt Top

  1. Yes, even though I had the flu injection (we don’t use the word ‘shot’ here!) but still had one minor dose of it. I love this quilt, and your detailed instructions have me wanting to start one tomorrow!!!

  2. A most impressive quilt – with what appears to be a lot of (fun) work – for a year-end score! The flu was sent to slow you down, I’m thinking!! Happy New Year and thanks for sharing this.

  3. I can’t believe you had time to make a quilt in December! I’m so sorry you have the flu, I hope you feel better soon! So much creativity!

  4. What a beautiful way to show off those stunning fabrics Elizabeth! Happy New Year! I have enjoyed your posts and your “lnstagram friendship”!

  5. It is really perfect! The design is just great and it was so much fun to read about the trials in accomplishing it.

    Sorry that you ended up with the crud. There is so much of it around right now.

  6. Oh, what a pretty quilt! Thank you for sharing your pictures and inspiring me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. Gosh this is pretty, Elizabeth! I like the little bit of a square you added in the center to give an extra ping of interest. Overall, the graphic nature of the design is really appealing. Sorry you aren’t feeling up to anything right now though. Quilting can wait, and maybe this will be your excuse to try the recipe for homemade basting spray…. if you haven’t tried it already. I’m sure sold on it now. Do take care of yourself!

  8. Hope you’re past that nasty flu business. Love the graphic quality of your quilt. It’s got me thinking about how I’d make my own variation . . . as if I need anything else to add to my 2018 quilt list. Happy New Year!

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