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Triad Harmony • Quilt Finish

Triad Harmony, quilt number 234
33″ wide by 29″ high

Annularity now has a little sister, and her name is Triad Harmony.

Triads that harmonize are found in color wheels and in music. The Oxford Dictionary of Music notes that “Zarlino was the first theorist to accept the triad as a full-fledged consonance. Not only did he accept it, he dubbed it the harmonia perfetta—the ‘perfect harmony.’ He rationalized giving the triad this suggestive name not only on the basis of the sensory pleasure that triadic harmony evoked” but also because of reason and mathematical theory.

But that’s not why I named it that. I don’t really know why I named it this, other than my triad block is the basis of the design. Sometimes names just drift in out of the heavens, and there they are.

I was asked to speak to the Coastal Quilters Guild about a year ago, and my friend Susan wanted to make Annularity. When we all were switching to Zoom, I thought I should try to create a smaller version of that quilt, as small quilts are more easily created in a workshop setting. And I promised her I’d try it in Kaffe fabrics, her first love. So here it is, but it’s so hot off the press, that I haven’t had a chance to quilt this version. (Coming soon, and with a different name, I promise.)

The pattern is finished and can be purchased on PayHip, my pattern site.

I also drew up a bit larger version and I loved seeing some of the drafting details, so I took a screen shot. It is also when I found a significant error in my first quilt, but I doubt you’ll find it so I’m not going to tell you where it is. Humbling moments come at me from every direction.

It’s been an intense two weeks filled with smoke from fires in my lovely California, watching most of the Democratic convention and parts of the Republican convention, worrying about people I love, dealing with asthma and a reaction to a Shingles vaccination, writing up this pattern, quilting the first quilt, cutting and sewing the Kaffe version, moving my in-person Guild Visits to Zoom visits, trying not to be cranky when we had ten days of 100+ temperatures, along with the usual.

I didn’t have to deal with sending children back to school in masks, a stressful essential job where I had to risk the covid-19 virus, money troubles (thinking about my early days when I didn’t have two quarters to rub together in my pocket), locating a good fabric shop, teenagers, car or computer troubles.

I have some observations about the conventions, a thought or two about some of the other things, but today I am tired, so I’ll close it out here.

Take care, everyone. Keep quilting. Keep bringing the beautiful into your lives, one stitch at a time.

20 thoughts on “Triad Harmony • Quilt Finish

  1. Gorgeous, as always Elizabeth. “ Two quarters to rub together” – can’t remember the last time I heard that phrase, but I sure can relate to it! XO

  2. I often think of the Amish quilts that purposefully have something misplaced or wrong in them; both quilts are lovely and I look forward to seeing the Kaffe version quilted up. I’m sorry to hear you had a reaction to the Shingles vaccine that you have been dealing with, and fingers crossed the smoke continues to clear and air quality improves for you!

  3. Beautiful finish, Elisabeth. That Kaffe Fassett is gorgeous also. I like to read your post. I always learn something new. I, too, remember times when quarters were scarce, and a bad Shingles shot reaction. I am considering not getting the second half it was so bad. Enjoy your quiet time.

  4. Exquisite! Beautiful colors. No wonder you’re tired! I never know how you do it under the best of circumstances. But, this heat, the fires, a fear of impending political doom – to say nothing of physical maladies – seem to take the wind out of one’s sails. Thank goodness for the beauty you share with us on a regular basis. Rest! And feel better soon.

  5. Wow! The print version is really striking. With the color choices and prints it feels very rich. I’m glad you found a way to continue teaching and sharing your wonderful work. Hope you’re doing better both physically and mentally. It’s hard to watch any news these days. I can’t imagine how hot it is out there and then to add in the fires, smoke and ash. We’ve had a lot of bad air days here where you an smell the smoke and can’t see the mountains not to mention a light dusting of ash on things.

  6. I love the colors in the Kaffe version of Triad Harmony! So energizing! Keep those colors coming! I also love the break in the weather from the heat although I know more is coming. It wouldn’t be Labor Day without some extreme heat. 🙂

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