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Secret Garden • Quilt Finish

What is it about Kaffe Fassett fabrics that pulls us in? The rich hues and full range of shades? The interesting patterns, many from old wallpapers and fabrics? I have a couple of stacks of his fabrics and it’s always a delight when I can pull them out from my shelves and start playing.

Secret Garden, quilt number 235, is the original size of my Triad Harmony pattern, measuring 28 1/2″ by 31 1/2″ and was made for a class sample, since my friend Susan loved Kaffe fabrics. She was the program chair and had me teach this class for their Guild.

After several weeks of lallygagging around — or so it felt — this week I put on the binding and the label:

The quilting goes fast with this size! (Click any image to enlarge.)

It also helped to get back into a Guido Brunetti Mystery, after a long time away.

Here’s another scrappy version.

And a bigger version, Eris.

And the first in the series in Jennifer Sampou’s ombré fabrics. I put them all together in a reel on Instagram. (See my tip in my next post for how I deal with that app.)

Triad Harmony and her sisters. One more is coming…

9 thoughts on “Secret Garden • Quilt Finish

  1. Each Triad Harmony has it’s own unique look which shows just what a great pattern you’ve designed. They all look fabulous together in the last photo. You know I love me some Kaffe. I probably have more than enough in my stash to quilt solely from Kaffe till the end of my days. Seriously. I’ve actually been thinking about making quilts with very large chunks of Kaffe just to show off the fabric and use more of it. Minimal piecing with maximum fabric design. The idea intrigues me.

    1. Me, too, as far as looking for a pattern that use large chunks of fabric with simple piecing. I’ve been trying to find just the pattern for Tula Pink’s Spool for Love, not the kit. I think that pattern fits the bill…

  2. Oh my goodness! This quilt is scrumptious. Well, all of her sisters are, too. and your quilting adds another layer of deliciousness! Just beautiful!

  3. Your Kaffe version is just gorgeous, Elizabeth! Stunning! I don’t use Kaffe prints in my quilts, but I see the appeal in the colors. You’ve made so many beautiful quilts, and it’s wonderful that you’ve kept track of them. Where were you when I started making quilts in 1976? It would have been great to have a friend tell me that someday, decades ahead, I would like to know how many quilts I’ve made. Guesstimating is as good as it gets here. Your quilting is beautiful too. You’ve really mastered using your sit-down longarm.

  4. Fantastic work! Kaffe makes everything pop! And, I love the Donna Leon Guido series!
    Do you teach this class via remote method, and if so, do you have a contract fee for doing it? My Colorado guild might like this. Thanks, Michelle

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