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Plitvice • Quilt Finish

Plitvice Quilt_6 with poppies

Quilt #218 • 76 1/2″ square

Plitvice Quilt_1 full

After four years, I finally finished up the quilt of multiple pieced hexagons.  Yes, every seam on that top is hand-stitched. I’ve had many posts about this, but here’s its final and complete post: it is done!

Plitvice Quilt_2 back

Back of the quilt, using an Andover Fabrics wideback fabric. No piecing, no fussing around.  This was so slick–just buy the three yards and send it off to the quilter, Darby of Quilted Squid, who did a great job.

Plitvice Quilt_3 labelPlitvice Quilt_4 OPquilt

About that edge binding: it was supposed to be a faced binding, tucked behind the quilt, but once I saw it on the edge, that was the missing piece that fell into place for me.  I wasn’t quite sure I liked this pile of English paper-piecing, until I saw that.  But I stab-stitched the facing in perle cotton all the way around, to get that nice tight, bound edge look.  That’s why it’s so large on the back–I didn’t want to cut down the width of my facing, so I went with it.

Plitvice Quilt_5 detailPlitvice Quilt_5aPlitvice Quilt_7 on poppies

And if you’ve been reading my Instagram account, you know we are poppy-crazy out here with our California Superbloom, so we took the quilt on one of our poppy-hunting treks to get the two photos you see in this post.

Plitvice Words on Label


Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

You can use the tags on this post (click on them) to search for other entries of this quilt, if more information is needed.  Many thanks to Katja Marek for starting us on the Millefiore road.


29 thoughts on “Plitvice • Quilt Finish

  1. You must be very proud of this finish Elizabeth! It is truly gorgeous! I think I could get lost in all those glorious shapes, patterns and colours! Congratulations on another stunning quilt!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! You should be very proud! Will you finish my Celestial Star? 😂
    It will probably take me at least that many years! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  3. Beautiful blending and mixing of colors. Many who have attempted the
    Millefiore can appreciate the hours of handwork and the choosing of fabric patterns and color. You are a master of both.
    Congratulations! I love it!

  4. That is incredible! The fussy cutting is awesome. It must have felt so good to sew that final stitch. I love the photo shoot of it too.

  5. I’m so impressed! Entirely hand-pieced makes this super-special. Though I’ve hand-pieced most of a quilt, I’ve never finished any of them. It’s not because I got tired of the technique, it’s because I got tired of my dull fabric color choices. Your quilt is smashing in the colors department, so like you, I would stick with it to the end. I’m guessing you didn’t quilt it yourself, because of your shoulder. But you surely could have. It’s an all over quilt design, right? The pattern looks great on your piecing. I’m not sure I understood your thought process for first facing it, and then allowing facing to show. It does look good that way, but I’ve never seen facing finished like that. And a picked binding is new to me too. Is that the only way to have made the binding appear “sewn on?” I do love this one, Elizabeth. I hope you enter it into shows.

  6. This is amazing! So beautiful and such a big wonderful project to finish. I love all the colors!

  7. Wowza! What an explosion of color and form! That fabric used for the faced binding beautifully reinforced the lake color theme. I learn something with every post.

  8. Another fantastic finish. I love how you’ve used those fabrics to set off each hexagon. Now, I want to go to Croatia.

  9. Wow! Such a huge accomplishment and so very beautiful. Be proud . . . very proud. I actually like how the binding came out wide on the back since you didn’t cut it down. These millefiore hexie quilts will always be on my pretend bucket list. I wish I would make one but know I never will. Congrats on finishing yours.

    1. Another ga-ga gorgeous quilt. I’m hoping you will be bringing this quilt to share in May when you will be the presenter/teacher at my quilt guild, Valley of the Mist. Truly, what an accomplishment.

  10. This is just stunning, Elizabeth! It takes my breath away. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  11. This work is one of your best, I think. Besides the fact that it’s down right gorgeous, knowing that it is all hand stitched puts it in a special class. And that it was not an easy make and really took time – well, you’ve done it again! Congratulations – I am in awe!

  12. It’s a stunning finish, Elizabeth, congratulations! What are your plans for the quilt? I am amazed at the photos I am seeing of all the poppies in California. We don’t have them up in my area yet, but I’m hoping for a nice bloom in a few more weeks (fingers crossed).

  13. Having made a Millie myself, I can attest to the hours of hand sewing this entails. Your sense of color is magnificent…your quilt amazing! I can truly appreciate your artistry. I do love my quilt (which I’m lying on as I type this), but it doesn’t hold a candle to yours! Well done!

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