Temperature Quilt Key

I’ve been thinking hard about how I want to record the colors I used in my Temperature quilt.  I’ve seen lots of different kinds (on Instagram use the hashtag #tempquilt, or some variation of it, to see more), so it directed my thinking.

I wanted one that showed all the colors and left me places where I could embroider or write on it what that color meant, in terms of the temperature scale.

Temp Quilt Key.png

I decided on this: Kelly Liddle’s Goosed Up pattern, now on PayHip. I only have 23 colors in play, but I’ll figure out that last color, plus there’s lot of room to mark it up somehow.

Temp Quilt_key1

I colored in the triangles and labeled them to make construction easier.  I also pulled out my thin LED light box, which helps in placing the fabrics. Temp Quilt_key2

Three more sections to go.

Gridsters Feb 2019_1

My little houses are coming in from the Gridsters already, and I’ve lined them up like the Victorian Ladies on San Francisco street. I plan to make this into a pattern; I’ll let you know when it’s up online.

I’ve finished January! Now to wait for some days to pile up so I can start on February.

7 thoughts on “Temperature Quilt Key

  1. I love your temperature “guage.” I would love to make a temperature quilt for my son who is getting married for the first time at 41. I’m in a quandry because he doesn’t like red and to me red screams of hot temperatures and her in the Oklahoma/Arkansas area we have many, many hot days. I’m not sure that he even likes orange. He loves blue and that just does not scream hot. Of course where he is in Arkansas he usually dips a little lower than I do here but not always. His fiancee’s favorite color is purple. The walls in her house are lavender. Actually, it is quite pretty. So, I could make the majority of the colors in the purple tones, but I want to have a good variety of colors and that could easily feed into the blues. I was confused on a post where I saw that you put a triangle for a rain day. We have rain and snow days both. When I went out to get the mail, there were just a few snow flurries today. There was thunder last night. I don’t know if there was precipitation with it and if so, what form it took. My friend’s car was out and she had ice on her car this morning. I guess if I can understand I could use a rain and a snow or just a water triangle. I’m learning many good tips. Hoping and praying that your shoulder is much better.

  2. Your temperature key is fabulous. That is such a great idea. Your January row looks so nice. I’m really looking forward to see the colors change as we go into warmer weather. I LOVE your little houses too. That is going to be darling.

  3. Your ingenuity never ceases to amaze me Elizabeth! I agree with Yvonne-one triangle in the flying geese in the background fabric will solve that little problem, I think. I’m also wondering where this block will go? I love all your rows of houses too! I want to make a scrappy row quilt this year, so this pattern is going to be perfect for it! You also amaze me that you are sewing while in recovery from surgery! I guess ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

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