This and That for February 2019

Bee Happy Quilt_Feb_1
You think I might have caught that wonky churn dash.

I’ve been watching the second season of Anne with an E, a show on Netflix that re-thinks the well-loved story about a certain red-haired orphan.  I binged-watched several episodes while hand-sewing and emobroidering the bees and other blocks from the sew-a-long Leisa and I decided to do.  It’s been good company while I’m still recovering.

Bee Happy Quilt_Feb_2
Okay, now it’s fixed.


I’ve been able to get out for a few walks around the neighborhood; this is our first blossom in our front yard.  We’ve had a ton of rain, and since we’ve been in a drought, the plants (and I) are loving it.

Flower Hexie strips

I was able to sew my Flowers for Emma blocks into strips.  Next up is sashing, the borders. I love this design by Sherri McConnell.Flying Geese BlocLoc ruler

I gave in and pressed the small triangles a different way, because, gosh!  How can I possibly make a year’s worth of triangles and not use this?

Temperature Quilt_Feb13

Here’s a month-and-a-half’s worth of triangle temperature markers.  It’s also an interesting way to note the passage of time. And yes, I have not yet Marie-Kondo-ed my design wall.  I like it just as it is.

Gridster Bee Blocks_Feb13

Bee blocks from my Gridster pals have been coming in: a row of houses!High Quality Life label

I’d actually prefer dark, rich chocolate to give me a high-quality life, rather than Snickers.  (Sign in my local Japanese/Chinese import store)

Quilted quilts_1

I sent out three quilts for quilting, and got them back in record time.

Quilted quilts_2

Now what will I do with them?  I have to figure out how to trim them, and bind them with one working arm.

Time Marker for Surgery

Only now we’re almost at six weeks.  I make these monthly time markers to send to my mother, to show her I’m still around.  Still have the sling, still one-armed, but I’m trying to keep up with all the projects around here.

Happy Stitching!


11 thoughts on “This and That for February 2019

  1. Those applique blocks are so very cute! That is a skill I do not possess for sure. I’ll try and work on the heart houses this coming week, though. What a beautiful flower! And I’m curious about the Bloc-Loc–I have never been successful with the HST triangle one, but maybe I need to try the flying geese?

  2. I am staggered at how much you can achieve with one arm Elizabeth! You are definitely the face of “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” That yellow and green quilt looks delightful!

  3. Your qal blocks are so cute and make a great bing watching project.

    That yellow flower is absolute perfection. I love the rain too, but I am ready for some dry days. It would be nice to get some warmth too.

    Your temperature quilt is looking great. Yes, that is one ruler you really need for that project.

    You’ll soon be back to your regular sewing.

  4. So many pretty things in your post. Glad to see you are managing as a one armed crafter. I’d probably sit at my computer all day. I love my Bloc Loc HST ruler. I don’t always want to press to one side but I will if I can use the ruler for faster trimming.

  5. So happy to see you are making the best of it. Maybe some appliqué on the sling? Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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