Frivols Quilts

Frivols 12

Last one!! Last one!!

This is my last introduction to the series of small-tins-with-fabrics, called Frivols.  Although the other day, one of my non-sewing friends asked me how my Frizzles were doing.  I think she was about right. The little freebie with this tin is a couple of fabric quilt labels, seen in the lower center with the sleigh.

This is a line of blue-toned traditional fabric by Edyta Sitar, before she left the Moda hive and jumped over to Andover.  This design doesn’t call for any extra background fabrics, and makes a smallish table runner, 15″ by 35.”  More can be seen on the Moda blog.  They manufactured these tins about two years ago, but I have it on good authority that if you are resourceful, you can find them on Etsy, Ebay and other places.

Frivols 12_4

This fabric line, Blue Barn, is beautiful, and can easily blend into my holiday decor, since it’s December.  I’ve always loved blue with Christmas decorations.Frivols 12_5

I cut up all the stars and their backgrounds, labeling each stack…

Frivols 12_6

…and tucked them in their own tin until I could get to the sewing.

Frivols 12_7

The one disappointment in this tin was how much fabric I had leftover/wasted.  I’ll have to see if I can augment the design some way to use up what I can of these extra scraps.

Okay, we’re launched!  Get out your last Frivols tin and get cutting!

15 thoughts on “Frivols 12

  1. With your love of blue, I think this might be your favorite. As well as Christmas, I think the blues carry over easily into the month of January.

  2. I’m happy for you to be progressing well on your “Frizzles” 🙂 and that you’re seeing the end. Another pretty one that you can use into January too, I think!

  3. The last Frivol! The fabrics a gorgeous. It is a shame there was so much “waste” fabric. I am confident you’ll find a way to incorporate it into the project. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  4. Almost done . . . I imagined that literally all of the fabric was used for each of these little quilts so am surprised to see the chunks leftover. Maybe you can add to the length of the runner or use on the back.

  5. My hat is off to you for getting through all twelve of these. What an accomplishment! I especially like the blues of this last one, and the label is lovely. So fitting that it belongs to December.

  6. I suppose it was great to not have to supplement the fabric to complete the project, shame to have so much leftover. Maybe you could use it for the backing?

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