Millefiore Quilt Update

Millefiore mood board

It all began here, with my Millefiore mood board, drawing on colors from the National Park in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes.  I had decided to jump in and go with all of Quilting America that year and join the The New Hexagon Millefiore Quiltalong.  I was pretty much nuts to do this.  This was photographed on January 19, 2015.

Millefiore first sewing

First glued-up paper pieces: January 19, 2015.

First Rosette.png

First public appearance for Rosette #1: March 14, 2015.

All Rosettes_OPQuilt

Last public appearance for quilt, mocked up in Photoshop: July 15, 2018. That’s over three years, if you are doing the math.

As you know, I hated the crenellated edges on this particular quilt.  So the quilt sat in the corner until this week.  Then suddenly it was do or die time, and I picked up making little sections to fit into the cut-outs.

Millefiore Center_2

And here it is today, all edges filled in.

Millefiore Working Mess

I pretty much used all the papers I’d taken out of the rosettes — once they were sewn together — and categorized these pieces into bags, using paper clips and rubber bands to keep them organized.

Millefiore numbering cutouts

To keep track, I took a photo, and numbered the half–hexies I was making.  I ended up not needing to do this for every corner, as I used long triangles that fit into the zig-zaggy sides (#5-12)  in a variety of darker fabrics (taking cues from the adjacent blocks).

Millefiore place tryout

I kept one half-hexie out on my cutting mat and tried different “puzzles” of what could go in that shape.  I had pretty much determined that I was not going to use a full half-hexie; I’d seen others and to me they looked bland, like they didn’t add anything to the quilt.  I did end up using one, but the fabric had a print that just worked.

Millefiore pinning

I used triangles and a variety of other shapes to fill in, always letting the adjacent fabrics dictate what I’d use for the fill-in fabrics.

Because I like to keep records, and because I’m hoping this will help others when they try this technique, here are all the filled-in shapes and the marked spaces (scroll past fast, if it doesn’t interest you):

Millefiore Fillins_1Millefiore Fillins_1A

I did my own thing on this rosette.

Millefiore Fillins_3Millefiore Fillins_3A

I liked how I was able to complete the “bird points.”

Millefiore Fillins_5Millefiore Fillins_5AMillefiore Fillins_6Millefiore Fillins_6A

The half-hexie on the lower left is the only one cut from one piece of fabric, but I think it reads as more complex.

Millefiore Fillins_7Millefiore Fillins_7AMillefiore Fillins_8Millefiore Fillins_8A

I used a floral Kaffe fabric from deep in the interior (just barely out of sight on the middle left).

Millefiore Fillins_9Millefiore Fillins_9A

Millefiore Center_3
Stained Glass View

Millefiore Center_4

This is the rosette that started it all, and I still like it.

Quilt Stand

More info on my new quilt stand, coming in a couple of weeks.  But now I have my final Frivols to attend to!

22 thoughts on “Millefiore Quilt Update

  1. I bow to your persistence, creativity and “harnessing” that “left-brain super power”!!!! For me (even IF I would have attempted such a piecing!) this would be just daunting enough to allow it to languish quite a while longer!!! It is stunningly gorgeous!
    I look forward to seeing/hearing of your quilt stands. I really should make that investment, also!!!! Hugs………..

  2. I love how you finished yours. Makes me want to drag mine out of the closet and fill in similarly (yes, mine is still languishing). I am grateful that you are always willing to share your trials as well as your successes.

  3. That is a major WOW quilt. Although I have no desire to attempt such an undertaking, I surely admire those who do. That quilt is GAGA gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazing doesn’t come close to describing this quilt! Can’t wait to see it with all the quilting. Did you have a general plan for the overall color effect before starting? I love how the yellow seems to glow. Well done Elizabeth.

  5. A tremendous work of art! The colors are delightful and yes, the yellow does glow. It needs a home in a quilt museum or on display where many people will enjoy it. Promise it will not be shoved back into the corner.

  6. Totally Amazing!
    Having worked with EPP’s I know the work involved. You are amazing.
    My suggestion, grab a few elf’s ( ‘‘tis the season) and pay them for a extra help during 2019. 😘

  7. Now, don’t you feel good?! What a stunning finish and your persistence is most admirable. I did not jump on that wagon, but watched you and that was quite satisfying!!

  8. Love your quilt! I agree about the jagged borders so I chose to applique mine to a border. It was a work of love but I think mine took about a year and a half…lots of it done while riding back and forth from CO to MN before my MIL passed away. Definitely my keepsake quilt ad I’m sure you feel the same way.

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