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Prepping my Crazy Cushion Class

Crazy Cushion Class_1

When I was visiting the South Bay Quilters, they had one class in their line-up which intrigued me: Becky McDaniels’ Crazy Cushions class.


I found a guild closer to me offering it, and the class is this coming Saturday.

Crazy Cushion Class_2

But since I am not a quick foundation paper piecer, I knew I should get some done before the class.

Vellum Paper 2.jpg

This is what I use–it’s made by Neenah Paper.

Vellum Paper.jpg

I use a vellum paper, purchased at Kelly Paper, for my paper-piecing.  I can see through it, and it’s crisp, so it tears off easily. I know the price looks high, but there are 500 sheets in there, and the last ream I purchased lasted me almost 10 years.  If you go to order it online, use the number by the manager’s finger.

Crazy Cushion Class_3

Once side of the cushion is Pineapple, and the other is called Star Jasmine.  And then there are a lot of flying geese for the cushion sides.

Crazy Cushion Class_4

We’ve also been movingmovingmoving stuff around upstairs and my quilting machine has a new place to live for a while, until I can figure out how I want to configure my sewing room.

I remember corresponding with another quilter and when I told her my sewing room was about 9 feet by 10 feet, she wondered how I could ever sew in such a tiny space.  Well…it’s what I have.  I will confess to having spilled over into the guest room, where that Sweet Sixteen is currently residing.

Garage for RV.png

My daughter just built an RV garage onto their existing three-car garage, and I wouldn’t mind taking over that space, but she lives several hours from me, so (sadly) not feasible.  Besides I’d have to share it with their vehicles.  I guess I’m thrilled to have a room dedicated to my own messes, my own stuff, so it never occurred to me that my room was too small.

Works for me.  Now I’m off to sew about a bazillion tiny flying geese and sew them into strips.

15 thoughts on “Prepping my Crazy Cushion Class

  1. I am grateful to no longer be sewing in the basement next to the furnace. Living alone has its perks. I now sew in my living room.

  2. I’m wondering what could be left to do in class if you’ve had this much preparation to do!!! I love that pretty Star Jasmine design! Happy sewing, o matter where it is….we just make it work, don’t we?

  3. Your piecings are so lovely but I, too, wonder about how much is left to this project! Love to make flying geese and will be anxiously awaiting further posts on this workshop!!!
    Amazing how we fill a space with our “stuff”!!!!

  4. Being grateful for what I have is the basis from where I try to operate. I’m about to condense my whole life to live inside a 7′ x 11′ space, so your sewing room will be gigantic in comparison to what I will have! I hope you enjoy the workshop. It sounds like you will be more than prepared for it!

  5. I’m still kicking myself for not taking Becky’s class when she was here a year ago (or was that earlier this year? Sheesh I’m looking track of time again). I can’t wait to see your finished product!

    My sewing room is half of the second bedroom in the condo we are renting. We tried that at the last place (we moved last weekend) but my husband chased me out with his need to watch documentary after documentary. Plus the desk I use is too small to quilt on and I have a lot of quilts I need to actually quilt. I long for the day when I have a room to myself and I can shut the door on the mess!

  6. It’s wonderful to have a space all your own regardless of size. My studio is fairly small too but it’s all mine and I love it. Your cushion is going to be a beauty. Have fun with the flying geese and the class.

  7. That class really looks like fun! I love your sewing space, tiny though it is. And what comes out of that space is amazing!

  8. There’s a member of our guild whose sewing space is the top of her dryer and the shelf above it. My room is 9.5 by 12 and I make do. Your blocks are ever so lovely.

  9. Ahem. Your friend sounds rather judgy. I am LUCKY to have my sewing table set up in the kitchen of this current house. Last house, I would set up (and put away) my machine on the kitchen table EVERY SINGLE time I wanted to sew.

    You do the best you can with what you have and you don’t look down on people who have less than you.

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