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It’s Fall–Time for a Christmas Frivols (#10 is finished!)

Fall Food Pumpkin Spice

What does fall mean?

It’s fall, when — if you live in the Northern States — leaves turn colors and fall off the trees.  Here in Southern California we know it’s fall because all the pumpkin spice food shows up in grocery stores, even though the temps are still in the 80s.

Carrot Cauliflower Soup

We pretend it’s fall, and serve fall-colored food, like this Carrot Cauliflower Soup, and we’ve gotten out the fall-colored placemat and napkins, and you can bet there are pumpkins on my table.

Frivols 10_10d

And if you answered “Christmas!!” in response to the prompt, you — unfortunately — are also correct.  So to take photographs of Frivols #10 finish, done up in a Sweetwater Christmasy line of fabrics, I headed to Costco for the photo shoot.  I’m calling it Christmas Corner, because all those quarter log-cabin shapes remind me of street corners.

Here are the finishing up photos for this little quilt, finishing at 32″ by 36″: arranging the quarter-log cabin square, pinning, then quilting it.  I didn’t have any red fabric for the binding, but in my Christmas bin, found a piece of an earlier Sweetwater Christmas line, and yes–it works quite well.

Frivols 10_10

So I’m tucking and arranging, and a woman comes by and says “They sell quilts at Costco?”  Turns out she’s a quilter (takes one to find one in Costco) and she agreed to hold up the quilt for me next to the ribbons and bows.  I never did find out her name, but we had a great chat about quilting groups, how beginners would be more successful choosing simple quilt designs, the advantages of working with a complete line of fabric in quilts.  It was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had in that giant warehouse store.

Here are couple other photos:
Frivols 10_10bFrivols 10_10cFrivols 10_10f

Almost looks as if the snowmen are helping me.  Interestingly enough, aside from the quilter, nobody else thought it was weird that I was taking photos of a quilt…or at least they didn’t say anything. Here are some photos of the quilt in my garden:

I especially like the look of the stack on that last one.

Ten done — two to go — so onto Frivols #11!


14 thoughts on “It’s Fall–Time for a Christmas Frivols (#10 is finished!)

  1. Love this little quilt (and I finally saw the clear quilted pattern – holly leaves!! – on the pic of the back)!!! You know, one could probably start an interesting guild composed of just “the quilters of Costco”, just saying. Fall has finally, really arrived in central Virginia and we are more than happy to send summer away for a while. Since Fall is my favorite season, I’m ready to savor it for a good while – enjoy yours however it manifests itself!

  2. “Quilters of Costco”…..luv that!!!!! Funny how ppl just seem to go about their business and don’t want to be “caught” observing the unusual!!!!??? Ha! Great post!!!!!!! The chilly/snowflake-filled weather has caught up with our neck of the woods. Sunday we got 2″+ of the white stuff and the average temps have been 20F below the average/normal for this time of year. Spring didn’t come til nearing the end of May and, now, this…….sigh……..thoughts of Texas are ever present!

  3. It amuses me to think of you taking quilt photos at Costco. I would never have thought of using a store as a backdrop. Now I’ll be eyeing every store I go in for photo ops. Thanks for that. haha And congrats on having only 2 frivols left. Almost there.

  4. I love your creative locations for photos! Really love the Nutcracker. Fall to me is when it cools off enough to bake again. My other love. 🙂

  5. Strangely I like the photos taken in your garden because Christmas for me is about summer weather and lots of time outside! It’s a pretty quilt with a simple but effective design.

  6. I am starting to look forward to your photo shoots as much as I do the Frivols! I would have been too chicken and would have imagined the folks in the security booth watching very closely on camera! And thank goodness no one swooped it away from the Nutcracker and got through the checkout line with it! Ok— checking my tins to see what is next month! Xox

  7. I enjoyed your post. I stopped to look at the recipe before reading on about the Frivol quilt. I giggled to think you went to Costco,but it looks like you helped them advertise the upcoming Christmas shopping. The quilt is lovely, with such a simple block pattern. Hubby and I took a friend on the river to see the fall colors. We aren’t at peak yet and with the wind and cold, the leaves may be gone before the colors change!

  8. You took such adorable pictures! Every one of them is perfect, though it’s sad to me that so much Christmas stuff is already in the stores. I’m happy for you to be making such great progress on your Frivols. I keep being impressed that you’re actually going to knock out all of these in 2018! You’re the bomb. And I’m happy for you to have an autumnal attitude. No such thing at my house, but then, I never bother to put out anything for the changing seasons. No one to see it, and I’d rather play in my sewing room. I’m heading toward a quilt finish, and then real PLAY time with some WIPs that I’m dying to get my hands on again. Whoo-ee!

  9. I love love LOVE that you photographed your quilt at Costco!!! I have photographed four different quilts this week and varied placed, and quilt photography is quickly becoming one of the main reasons to even make a quilt!

  10. OMGosh…..I am laughing hysterically at the thought of a Costco photo shoot. Did they charge you for it? I love it and can just imagine the lady’s reaction and your conversation. The newest Frivols looks great in all the settings.

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