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New York Beauties Block 2: Cool Rays

Second Wednesday in June means the second block of my New York Beauties and since it has a lot of green in it, I went with Cool Rays. I used variegated greens from dark to light in between the rays, just for fun. Because this series is about having fun, right?

STATS: 9-inch blocks, finished Yes, the rays are a bit wonky on some blocks. The perfect is the enemy of the good, as I used to tell my Freshman English classes.

I made the rays on this block twice, because I neglected to follow this one rule:

Yeah, duh. I printed out the first one at 97%. Close, but not close enough. It was a nice set of rays, too.

Fun times: the spliced outer corner pattern from Wild Sunflower (block #1) is the same for all the blocks, so I just used it again.

Splicing action needed.

Nice work. I had a question from a reader about the paper I use. It’s vellum, and from what she wrote back, it may be hard to find in a ream. I’ve seen it in smaller packages, so hopefully if you want that, you can find it.

Auditioning fabrics. Notice the range of greens. I tried to color them on the pattern from lighter to darker, too.

I took a scrap of my paper, traced off the two different sizes of my rays very loosely, and used that as a template to cut out fabrics. Since I’m using solids, there is no right or wrong side.

Progress. I always work from left to right.

Cut your arc on the bias, to give it a chance for ease around that outer edge.

I cut out two arcs because I didn’t know which one I would like. No, they aren’t sewn in yet, just draped.

I press in four creases and pin. I also do better if the convex is on the bottom and the concave is on the top, although I keep trying it the other way, which leads to use of the seam ripper. You can pin as much as you want to. No rules.


I took them outside to play.

Cool Rays ( Block Two) is available for download in my PayHip Shop.

Because I’m a nice girl, I left up Block One. Why not? It’s June! We are having fun!

Just breathe…and keep quilting!

16 thoughts on “New York Beauties Block 2: Cool Rays

  1. I love the variegated green. Like others, I’m only finding Block 1 for downloading. It’s such a nice summery quilt.

  2. I like the green variation in this one. There is certainly an advantage to using solids in paper piecing since there is no right or wrong. I always make mistakes with this technique. ALWAYS!

  3. These are really beautiful. Instead of overthinking, I will probably just copy your great color ideas!

  4. This one is going to be fun – look forward to making tomorrow! Wonder how my colors will turn out this time?!?! You are so kind and generous to share these and yep, this is a month where some fun is certainly called for.

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