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Guccilicious Moves On to a New Bracket

New York Beauty PPSolids

So, I’ve been playing around some more with my Guccilicious bundle of Painter’s Palette Solids, and created this New York Beauty block (free patterns *here*).

March Madness bracket_9

It seems my bundle has made it into the Top Eight of the Mad for Solids Bracket 2017.  What an honor, and it’s all due to all those nice votes I received from you.  Thank you very much.  If you feel like doing it again, well, I won’t argue.

Paintbrush Studio Solids_lineup

So…Head to the Paintbrush Studios Blog to vote for my bundle of fun another time, or head to their Instagram feed.  The voting opens at 7 a.m. EST Monday April 3rd, and closes 24 hours later.  You can vote once each place.

Sky Rocket Variant

And thank you, thank you.


If I win this round, I’ll be in the final four.  And then we’ll see what happens from there.  At any rate, it will all be over by Friday, as shown by the Paintbrush Studios voting schedule:

Monday, 4/3: voting in games 9 and 10 (That’s this one!!)
Tuesday, 4/4: voting in games 11 and 12
Wednesday, 4/5: announce Final Four and voting for games 13 and 14
Thursday, 4/6: announce championship game and voting
Friday, 4/7: announce winner
Regardless of whether I win or not (so you should vote for the bundle you like best, even if it isn’t this one), I will hold a drawing for the remainder of my fabrics, about a fat-eighth each, as a way to say thank you, and for you try to these fabrics. I may give away a couple of extra things, because you’ve all been so nice to vote, and because I really really want you all to discover how wonderful these fabrics are to work with.
March Madness_1colornames

Go Guccilicious!!

11 thoughts on “Guccilicious Moves On to a New Bracket

  1. I can tell you from personal experience they really ARE special! I have a mini charm pack of the solids and used 3 of them at a recent guild program. Folks around me noticed and commented on how great they looked – so there you go! Now, off to vote, again!

  2. How is the weave & potential for fraying? Looking for solids that will hold up to needle turned Applique. Thanks,

  3. The colors are beautiful. I’m going to try one of the NYB blocks. The NYB block has always reminded me of the sun I’d put on my drawings as a kid. Off to vote!

  4. So glad you made it into the Elite Eight. Got my vote in. Love seeing those gorgeous colors on the fence.

  5. I REALLY hope you win, Elizabeth! Your combination is terrific, but the examples you’ve created with them really helps voters envision the possibilities. You’ve gone above and beyond the scope of the contest, and I wish you well! Before retiring, I used to design fabric with my twin sister for Fabri-Quilt, “Imagine This!”, and used their Paintbrush solids to round out the collection. Good luck! Linda Carlson The Designing Duo

    Linda Carlson Sent from my iPad


  6. How funny… I just popped over here from a link on pinterest for polaroid quilt blocks and I thought I would see what was new on this blog… and well, I’ve been voting for your Guccilicious bundle in both rounds! Love the colors- you did an amazing job creating the bundle!

  7. Hi Elizabeth, congratulations on being in the game yet! I didn’t realize until I looked at the bracket above that you are the number one seed. Well deserved in my humble opinion. Good luck as you go the rest of the way!

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