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Starry Compass Rose


Starry Compass Rose
Quilt # 156

Starry Compass Rose EQ7 sketch

I’d like to tell you the background about how I went to Quilt Market.  I was contacted by Paintbrush Studios in November of 2015 to see if I would design and make a quilt for them using their Painter’s Palette line of solids.  At first I was like, who is this? but soon got to corresponding with Anne, a delightful woman with a great sense of humor.  She turned me over to Deena in the design department, and I sent over a rough sketch.  Then another.  We soon had several renditions flying back and forth over email, which meant not only did I have to design a quilt for them, and sew it, but I also had to learn how to express myself in EQ7 (cue: grimace).  I learned it “enough” and produced the sketch you see above.StarryCompassRose_booth3

Of course, all this is stuff I couldn’t mention on the blog, but I worked on this steadily from late November until mid-February when I sent off to them a quilt top, binding, backing and a label.  Someone else would quilt it.StarryCompassRose_booth1

As a thank-you for this experience, I made them Focus, a small quilt to hang in their booth at QuiltCon. While at QuiltCon, I screwed up my nerve to ask Sue and Deena if I could get a pass to see the quilt at market, and they arranged it.StarryCompassRose_quilting5 StarryCompassRose_quilting4 StarryCompassRose_quilting3

But I was most interested in seeing my quilt, all quilted up by Denise Marieno, at Quilt Market.  I was sad to see it go in February, but ecstatic to see it now, hanging in the Painter’s Palette booth.  I checked on the progress several times on Thursday as they set up their booth, watching as they moved it from an inner spot, to an outer spot.  They were very happy with the result, as was I.  Denise did a terrific job of quilting it.StarryCompassRose_quilting2 StarryCompassRose_quilting1 StarryCompassRose_booth2 StarryCompassRose_label

So now it’s gone, and who knows when I’ll see it again, but oh, what a high! to see it at market.  I hope I can work with them again sometime, as I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the people at this company.

I’ve spent my life in unheralded endeavors: a young bride having babies, a mother at home, a student, an adjunct professor, but no one praises your skill at loading a dishwasher, managing a complicated carpool schedule, or compliments you on the nice comments you leave on student papers.  So to come into Quilt Market and to see my quilt hanging there as a professional quilt designer was an experience I won’t soon forget.  It was like someone patted me on the head and said “You did great,” that my skills were recognized, instead of just giving service or being a cog in what passes for Higher Ed these days.  I certainly don’t regret being a mother-at-home, nor of my years of teaching.  I don’t regret being an older student, trying to fit in with the 20-somethings who were writing edgy short stories that included drugs and sex, while all I could come up with is little stories of mothers and fathers and families that somehow always included a quilt somewhere.

But to round that corner that first morning and see this quilt?
Oh, so satisfying.

tiny nine patches

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29 thoughts on “Starry Compass Rose

  1. Beautifully said Elizabeth! It WAS an achievement to design this lovely quilt, transform it so wonderfully to fabric and to have it hanging so predominately in the Painters’ Palette booth! I certainly understand your thoughts on compliments and pats on the back. (In my job the only time I go to my boss’ office is to be ‘dressed down’! It’s never for a compliment!) When “Starry Compass Rose” comes home to you, you will re-live those feelings again! So well deserved!!!

  2. What a beautiful quilt and a wonderful accomplishment for a first professional design. Hopefully a pattern will be produced and more jobs will come your way. Now you can add this to your resume and feel good on a job well done.

  3. Wish I could have been there to see the look in your face!! You worked hard for this one (conquering EQ7 alone is notable) and every time I see it, I marvel at how well the colors work in it along with the spatial balance. Well done, again 👏🤗😍. And the pattetn will be coming out when?!

  4. So exciting to see your work on exhibit. It is a beautiful quilt and certainly deserves being acknowledged .Yes, the little everyday things do not get acknowledged but do make the world go round. The highlights come occasionally but lift us so high. Enjoy.

  5. “Validation” has several levels of credibility and meaning. Not to say any of us demean the positive comments from our quilter friends or family but to see such expressions of our heart and souls receive acceptance by those whose business it is to “know” is what touches a certain deep quiet spot and sends it fluttering. You are a phenomenal artist, my friend! I’m thrilled that your artistry is shared with this larger audience!!!! Hugs……..

  6. You did an awesome job on it, Elizabeth, and the quilting is glorious too. It must have been a heart stopping moment to see it hanging at Market. GREAT job…..and you were so secretive about it all of these months.

  7. To have such a sister as you is to be constantly in awe. Congrats youngest sister, the quilt speaks of your great determination to discover your hidden talents.

    Love to you. Can’t wait to see the next quilt…..


  8. Beautiful quilt!! Is this English paper pieced? I am working on the last couple blocks of your circles quilt, hope to be finishing it in a month or so. Your designs are lovely.

  9. What a coup for you to have this experience… and opportunity! Few quilters can say they’ve been tapped by a fabric company to design and make a one-of-a-kind quilt. Yay you, Elizabeth! The design and colors are magnificent. You deserve the attention, kudos and much back-patting. Great job! Now that you’ve mastered EQ7, we’ll surely see more original designs! 🙂

  10. What an honor to have your creativity showcased front and center at Quilt Market. It’s no wonder you look so vibrant in the show photos even after all of your travels.

  11. Congrats Elizabeth! Well done on the quilt and the EQ skills and all the carpools and family dinners you made and papers marked and lectures given.

    But especially the quilt. 🙂

    Nicole, who is currently in the mother-at-home stage of life

  12. Wow! What a great experience (all except maybe learning EQ7, though having learned it is a good thing). And the quilt looks so lovely hanging in its spot of honor. So glad you got to see it.

  13. Way to Elizabeth!!! What an honor to design a special quilt for them and then get to go see it in person. Go girl. You’ve go the right stuff.

  14. Congratulations, Elizabeth! It’s beautiful. I can almost imagine how amazing it would be to see your quilt at Market, for all to see and admire. Wonderful!

  15. Awesome! Your design is so incredably inticing…! The geometric design and the colours. Just think it is beautiful.

  16. It’s a stunning quilt!! Beautiful design, beautiful piecing, and beautiful quilting! Congrats on such a wonderful quilt!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  17. Congratulations, Elizabeth. I would be blown away with that kind of request. How exciting for you! The quilt is amazing and I was surprised to see the label say “sewn by” and yet not mention “designed by”. Wow! You are a powerhouse quilter, for sure.

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