Happy Old Year Ending (Wrap-up)

Happy Old Year Ending • 2017

This year’s main quilting events: Shoulder surgery in January, which pretty much sidelined me for a long time.  That’s at the top of the list, because whatever I did after that was like icing on the cake.  My  achievements — or lack of, depending on your view — can be found under the tab “200 Quilts,” a handy way to navigate the morass of blogland.

But here’s some eye-candy, quilt-style.

2017 Makes_1

2017 Makes_2

and a few more…

2017 Makes_3

So, in spite of a lame start, I did manage to get a few things made.  That’s why I do these posts–they are more for me, to say…hey, you didn’t do so bad.  So often we only notice what we don’t do, what we can’t make or achieve, as you’ll notice by my language in the intro, where I denigrate my accomplishments.

European Patchwork Meeting Banner

I did some some traveling, which expanded my horizons a bit, to the European Patchwork Meeting…


…as well as Seoul and Tokyo (accompanying my husband to his meetings).  Next travel is to Ontario, California for Road to California, and to Pasadena for QuiltCon 2018. Luckily both are within an hour of my home.

I’m joining up with Cheryl’s Linky Party, because I’ve found it so fun to browse what everyone else has been doing this year.  My top five posts for 2017 are:

  1.  Mini Sew-Together Bag.  I recently moved the pattern up to Craftsy and am happy that it has helped find a wider audience of bag enthusiasts. The rest of my patterns are on PayHip (link to the right).

Mini Sew Together Bag_5b stuffed

2. Christmas Tree Skirt.  Although there is no pattern, there is enough information on this post so you can make your own.  I’m still surprised by how much traffic this post gets.


3. Shine–the Circle Quilt Post is a busy place, as I make available many EPP patterns for free, so you can make a circle block either for a quilt, or pillows or wall-hangings.  And this year, the quilt will hang in Road to California.


4. Two posts are virtually tied for the same place: the post on how to convert a Chuck Nohara block illustration to a pattern, and the posts showing the tutorial on my Piggies quilt.

Chuck Nohara_2
Chuck Nohara quilt top

5.  Christmas Tree Block Swap tutorial.


I hope you do your own tallying up, and sail into 2018 with the wind at your back.
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year18.png

15 thoughts on “Happy Old Year Ending • 2017

  1. Thanks for the round-up. I know exactly what you mean — it can feel like not much was accomplished, but on looking more closely, there is more to the story! Congratulations on a really wonderful set of quilts. I especially love your Eclipse. And the quilt the youngster is holding on the center right is terrific — a great idea starter for granddaughter’s high school graduation quilt. No need to respond. Have a happy and healthy new year!

  2. What a wonderful year’s accomplishment, especially when you started out in less than ideal quilting form. I love your collection of accomplishments and perhaps I’ll try the same for my first of year, return to the blog. Happy New Year my friend.

  3. Happy New Year to you as well, Elizabeth! A big surgery like that can definitely put a lot on the back burner, but I have really enjoyed seeing your creativity and quilting finishes through the year. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018 for us all.

  4. I’d say you did an amazing, amazing job for a “lame” quilter. I usually don’t do these year end posts. I think it has something to do with not getting much done year after year but I’m hoping/planning to change that in 2018. So far I have no built in excuses so It’s time I get real. Have fun at Road and QuiltCon.

  5. You had an amazing year Elizabeth! Travel, surgery and all those beautiful creations! And to think, your wonderful Shine quilt is going to be seen and loved by so many others! Fantastic! Wish I could be there! I think this year is the one I make a Christmas Tree skirt. I know my daughter-in-law wants one, but I’m not sure I could make it the exact way she wants it! I could always keep it, couldn’t I? Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration to the quilting world!

  6. You had an amazing year in spite of a rough start. I wish you even more stitching fun in 2018 and look forward to following your adventures.

  7. You’ve made a very beautiful collection of quilts in 2017 despite your surgery. I’m just sorry I didn’t manage to keep up with all your travels and projects better. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Elizabeth, and I wish you a very Happy New Year 🙂 xxx

  8. When I look over this stream of photos, I think you had a fantastic quilting year. That is a stunning line-up. (And by the way, the mini sew-together bag you made for me is my favorite travel make-up bag EVER. I love it.

  9. It’s amazing to me how much you accomplished in 2017 considering your shoulder! Remarkable. Looking forward to 2018. 🙂

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