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Gridster Bee Blocks & Catch-Ups


Gridster_Septemeber Teton

Simone, the Queen Bee for September, visited Grand Teton National Park over the summer and wanted a block to commemorate her visit.  I can hardly wait to see this one.

Gridster_October African QueenLeisa’s mother used to live in Ghana, a missionary for the LDS church.  While she was there, she sent Leisa a box of fabrics that she’s turned into African Queen blocks.  In case you want one, here’s the info on the pattern by Anne Batiste.

I also saw Leisa’s block in my latest Quiltfolk Magazine, issue #4:

Quiltfolk Issue 4Quiltfolk Issue 4aI have to admit, even though it’s a bit more than I’d usually pay for a single issue, I do enjoy this publication, as it generally focuses on the regular people of quilting, not the big Brand Names of Quilt Stardom.  A nice change, which exposes me to a wider range of our quilt world (and lets me find an African Queen pattern!).


Here’s another I really enjoy–Uppercase Magazine.  This issue hit it out of the park, in my view, so if you decide to subscribe, make sure you start with #35.  Neither of these publications have advertisements, they are subscription based only, which is why they cost a bit more: the advertisers aren’t subsidizing the costs.  I like advertisements okay; it helps me know what my favorite companies are doing.  But I also like not having advertisements, too.

If you join up with Jeanine’s mailing list, she’ll give you a deal on a new subscription, plus you get her cool little missives.  Never heavy, only intriguing and fun, filled with art and creativity everywhere.  I’m sure you can sign up to get those all by themselves, if you want.  (And no, Uppercase doesn’t pay me.)

Okay, as long as we are in the panting-over-something-but-don’t-know-if-I’ll-get-it phase, look what came in my mailbox this morning:

QuiltMania box set Di Ford

You get one box at a time, filled with stuff to make two Di Ford blocks.  I’m not even a Di Ford aficionado (although you might persuade me) and I’m tempted.  They are only making 400.

This news comes from someone who has the complete set of Frivols, yes, boxes 1-12.  It was my retirement gift to myself.  I still haven’t made ONE of those quilts, although I still like seeing the boxes.  Soon.

My box fetish comes honestly from my mother, who always had a cupboard full of empty boxes for gift-giving, and a stack of them outside in the garage next to the freezer, just in case we needed one.  I’m sure there are other box-hoarders out there, besides me, right?


Coming November 1st: my final quilt in the Four-in-Art experience.  Although I’ll not be a part of it, the art quilt group still continues on, however, as Endeavourers, with Janine and Catherine at the helm.



They had such a nice response that their slots are full, but having run a few groups, I know that the line-ups change all the time.  If you are interested in joining them, drop either one of them a note and ask to be added to their waiting list.  It has been a wonderful experience to make art quilts these past five years, and being a part of a group is wonderful.

See you November 1st!


8 thoughts on “Gridster Bee Blocks & Catch-Ups

  1. Did you know I learned a lot from workshops and classes at Di Fords patchwork shop in Canterbury here in Melbourne back in the nineties? Maybe that’s enough to persuade you?! I received the email from Quiltmania too, but I don’t think I can justify the cost, although any beautiful box has me wishing… I love the look of those Uppercase magazines but again the dollars make it out of my price range. A quick flick at the newsagents is all I can manage! 😃

  2. I have all the frivols too, and have done nothing with them except to open them up and fondle the contents. The Di Ford boxes are very tempting but I think I have most of the contents already so it would be hard to justify that much for just a box!

  3. The blocks for Simone and Leisa are wonderful. Like you, I am looking forward to seeing both of those quilts finished.

    Oh…those boxes are really gorgeous. Who doesn’t love pretty boxes. One feels too guilty throwing them away. My grandmother was a great box collector. Her attic was so much fun.

  4. I’m a gift bag hoarder, although I will be purging soon as we’re having to move. I don’t know how I’ll move and/or part with my fabric hoard!

  5. Your post, today, is full of inspiration and temptation! I love the Africa Queen block and the idea of a quilt magazine about regular quilters. But it was the Upper Case site that I found VERY hard to resist. If I win the lottery I’ll take out an international subscription! I have finally succumbed to buying a single issue (35) from a UK distributor because I love lettering and typography. Thank you for mentioning The Endeavours. I will miss 4 in Art very much but I’m glad that some of us will continue 🙂

  6. That Di Ford box is gorgeous! I, too, have all the Frivols on a shelf, none of the projects even started. I have a professional organizer coming here in about an hour, and we’ll see what she has to say about that — lol!

  7. Ok I have to add the African Queen pattern to my list! I might check out that “Quiltfolk magazine” too! I confess, I am a box hoarder. I also save ribbons and bows and other little lovlies to wrap pretty packages! I once thought I should start a gift wrapping service in my home lol!

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