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Two Finishes: Baskets and a Halloween Quilt for 2016

NOTE: Please forgive the blog gremlins who used to work here.  To quote Monty Python, they have been sacked.Halloween QuiltQuilt Number 154
Spooky Action at a Distance

Construction began October 2015 • Finished November 2015

I began saving Polaroid blocks for this quilt two years ago, and purchased the fabric about the same time.  I thought it was time to push it over to the “done” side of the ledger, given my last post.  Label’s not yet finished–coming soon.  The title is taken from one of Einstein’s scoffing statements over the idea that  that one particle can have an effect on another particle which might be some distance away.  He thought is was not possible.  Modern physics has proved him wrong, and scads of poems have been written about this, so I thought, why not a quilt title for a spooky quilt?

Spooky Quilt_front

Howard Levy’s poem, of the same name, notes that those who snuggle under quilts can experience this effect:

It is this way: men and women
spin. Hundreds of miles apart, thousands
of miles, the speed of light, it will make no difference….

And Einstein, could he admit
that love would be fast enough,
that this “spooky action at a distance”
is not necessarily paradox,
that these two influence simply in their being,
taken in to each other and separate,
separate and taken in.

Spooky Quilt_detail Spooky Quilt_back

Baskets QuiltQuilt Number 155
I carried quilt and basket through whispering grass

Made the first basket in May 2015 • Finished November 2015

This was a fun quilt to make, a really great one to do with large scraps.  I have a tutorial •here• for cutting up the baskets quickly, and the how-to for the handle is *here.*  Just go go go, trying not to think about it too much, and have fun while you cut and sew.  The title is taken from “The Picnic,” a poem by Maylee Bossy, about an outing after her husband has passed away.  My husband is still very much here, but the poem involved a quilt and a basket — how could I pass it up?

Basket Quilt_frontBasket Quilt_back

So I guess that deadline thing is working for me, right?  A Halloween quilt finished in November?  A Spring quilt finished in autumn?  Let’s just say we’re EARLY, and leave it at that.

10 thoughts on “Two Finishes: Baskets and a Halloween Quilt for 2016

  1. Happy for you to see these finishes in 2015! I like the polaroid quilt, and I’m not even a Halloween fan. It’s interesting that you number your quilts. Do you count them only if they’re larger than a particular size? Or does a mug rug count in your tally? Just curious. I wish I’d tracked my quilts from the beginning. I tried to catch up on the list, putting them into an Excel spreadsheet after 20 years of quilting, and I know I missed a lot of them. I never tracked all the quilts I donated. And I moved to Florida with 116 quilts! Haven’t counted again since then. Maybe there’s really no reason to… I’m sure my kids will give away all the quilts they find in my house after I pass. Keep on keeping’ on! I hope you’re feeling more energetic these days.

  2. I love the Halloween quilt and like your reader above, I’m not necessarily a Halloween fan though certain Halloween projects capture my interest like my “FLY” wallhanging I did in October. I feel that you are definitely EARLY with your projects, both Halloween and Spring Baskets. Love their names and feel illiterate when you discuss your titles; poetry and I never really meshed and I blame it on my college profs.
    Fun post and do love the Polaroids in amongst the other bits. I can’t wait to do my Polaroid swap in January so I, too, can do Polaroid fun things! I hope you don’t mind that I’ll be borrowing some photos and even your ‘how to’ when the time comes. It’s so concise and easy to understand. Why reinvent the wheel. Do tell if you don’t want me to use them, for sure. Hugs. Marsha

  3. Sometimes deadlines work for me, but other times I find them easy to ignore–the “fake” deadlines that I create for myself, that is. Real deadlines are another matter. Even then I can let a challenge or show go by rather than push. Other times I can push till the wee hours of the morning. Motivation is a funny thing.

    Meanwhile, I enjoyed both quilts and the poetic reflections that go with them.

  4. You seem to be on a roll, making up for lost time over the Summer! Always so interesting to read your posts! I feel quite educated after them! Love the Halloween one with its green and orange palette. And the baskets are just so cute! Two great finishes!

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