12 thoughts on “Too Close to Home

  1. Awoke from my nap yesterday to the on-going news coverage and when I first heard “San Bernardino”, I thought “Elizabeth”!!!!! This insanity has just got to stop.

  2. I was thinking about you yesterday during all of this. I was up so much of the night last night thinking about and praying for those poor people and their grieving families.

  3. One of my first thoughts when this happened, was of you. So, so close. It must have been terrifying. I’m a little south of San Diego(in Imperial Beach), and it was scary thinking it was less than 120 miles from me, and since so many fugitives head towards Mexico, and I’m just a few miles from there, and only a mile from the freeway that could take them there, it felt like it could very easily be on my doorstep! I feel so sad for the loved ones of those killed, and all of the responders and survivors. Unspeakable terror is now on our doorstep. I hate guns and always have. And the couple who did the killing have orphaned their little girl. There is no upside at all to this, unless gun control comes out of it.

    Be safe! xo Linda

  4. Hi Elizabeth – It is hard. So many left their homes this morning never thinking their world would never be the same again. One of my standard ESL grammar assignments for “used to, would” is for the students to first do a family tree. (That alone is an interesting part of the discussion as many don’t know their grandparents’ names) and then to choose one family member. They write about what they know of that relative’s childhood. I find their remembrances so moving. I always read many of them aloud to the class. The first time, I found myself passionately telling them they HAD to let their family know of their love and respect. “You never know what could happen. You think you’ll have the chance to tell them. But something might happen. You have to tell them!” Your realization was mine also – all those people, all that loss, all that never-again. oxo

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