This and That • (July) & August 2022

Yes, I skipped July, but here we are for August!

My fabric forest as Queen Bee:

What a leafy wonderland! The small leaves at the top are their signature blocks.

I’m leaving Gridster Bee, my creation of five years-going-on-six at the end of this year. I don’t know what Patti will do with the bee after that, but you can contact her directly if you would like to check if there are any slots available.

(Madeline Dore, now found here, but used to be found *here*)

This worked out for many years and they are still a great group, which you can see by clicking on the Instagram hashtag #gridsterbee.

I did finish the Gridster Bee block for August already. Robin asked us to use colorful, bright, kids-oriented fabrics, of which I’m sad to report I only had a few. How my stash has changed! It was a fun block, and on the signature block, we were to write our favorite (children’s) book:

This was mine. I once raised an “Alexander” and today he is a fabulous father, friend and son. Who would have thought we’d make it through those years in such fine form?

Becky Goldsmith, a favorite, has put up a video on how to change up our EPP stitches. Take a look.

I’m writing this next tip here, and not on IG because I don’t want Them to Find Out.

Although Instagram seems to be behaving a *touch* better these days, I’ve taken to reading Instagram on my home computer, through the browser (like Safari or Firefox, not the IG app). It’s like the Old Days! I only see the people I follow, and I can comment on their posts without the annoying deluge of suggested posts and ads. Try it, before They take it away.

Trip to Utah Last Month was Busy…But Never Fear!

I managed a mini Shop Hop while I was there. In spurts. Like 10 minutes at a time over several days. But it’s always nice to see fabric where it lives on shelves in fabric stores, and Utah has some mighty nice shops. Here’s a link to their website, where it lists some of the shops I was able to hit. However, I missed our Southern California Shop Hop while I was gone. And yes, the yellow fabric from Mother Superior’s Fab! Fabrics (lower right) was used in the making of my Sunflower! block.

I came home with a horrid case of asthma (I am making progress, having finished with two of the four medications–hooray) but at night, when I think the pollution has cleared out, I’ll go outside in our side garden and enjoy the sky (an old photo, above). We also saw some stellar skies one morning near Beaver, Utah, when an amazing sunrise opened up our travels home that day. So many people around me have had extraordinarily difficult challenges – from devastating health diagnoses to broken hearts — and so I welcome these small colorful blessings, helping me keep my balance.

Circling back around to Mother Superior’s Fab Fabric Shop from my Utah Shop-hop, that store was the brainchild of Heather Purcell, who with her husband Bob, started and ran Superior Threads. Yesterday was her funeral, as she died of cancer too early. Mourning her, I clicked in to watch it on Zoom, but was cheered by the view of so many of her quilts, displayed at the front of the church. I listened to her first son, and recognized so many of her sayings and inflections. Her sister spoke, and again, I heard Heather. I went in and out of tears during the 90-minute service — especially during Bob’s talk — and at the end, everyone paused as the choir sang “Aloha ʻOe” (Farewell to Thee), before the family filed out behind her. Aloha, Heather. We will miss you.

Photo of Heather and I in front of one of her quilts, 2012.

Speaking of 2012, this was my summer To-Do List from a decade ago.

And to wind this up this This & That post, I noticed that Laundry Basket Quilts has restocked their Tannenbaum quilt. I’m happy to report that I finished mine up in April of this year. I’m calling it early. The inner panel is from Laundry Basket Quilts with some changes in the background fabric. I added the outer borders, and yes, the pattern is in my PayHip shop (link on upper right).

Having Christmas lights in our bushes year-round makes me happy.

Take time for a sunset–

9 thoughts on “This and That • (July) & August 2022

  1. Such a busy time!!! I remember Judith Viorst from her Redbook days. As a young (oh, so very) wife, she seemed so sophisticated! And of course had my own Alexandra! Also turned out just fine, although I wasn’t sure we’d lived until about it. I am always envious of the Utah quilt shops. My favorite in Ohio is closing. I read about “Mother Superior” on By Annie’s Facebook. Such a loss. Happy Sunday, my friend.

  2. I love your bee blocks. Those colors are just calling my name! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with them. Your book blocks are so cute too. That was one of our favorite books here too. I always enjoy visiting the quilt shops and seeing the fabulous fabrics. Too many of them have closed over the years. Sorry you missed your shop hop. I am going to try your IG idea. I really find it awful the way it is now.

  3. So sorry to hear your asthma is behaving badly, never a fun time.
    Your Bee blocks are so yummy, they remind me that fall is around the corner.
    I just spent some enjoyable time perusing IG, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say that. Thanks so much for the tip!

  4. Thanks for the Instagram hint about using a browser. My daughter is a photographer and posts there frequently. She loved the comic you posted today. My favorite book as a child (long, long ago) was “Nothing At All” by Wanda Gág, about an invisible puppy. Not as well-known as her “Millions of Cats”.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about Heather Purcell. I was just looking through the blogger book I had printed about the MCM bee–so many good memories it brought back.And your Tannenbaum quilt–fabulous. I’m not an appliquer so it would be a hard one for me to do, but yours is such a beauty.

  6. Your Autumn leaves quilt is going to be lovely! Even the signature blocks are special. I loved seeing your reference to the Gingham Giveaway, reminding me again of your generosity in sending me some of your scraps that began our precious friendship, take care my friend.

  7. Lots of nice things happening to balance out the sad. Quilting and creating isn’t only for our visual senses but also for our souls.

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