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Gardiner’s Quilt Shop

Several states away from Ginger’s Quilt Shoppe is Gardiner’s Quilt Shop.  My mom and I went out one morning for some girls shopping, and after we did the errands she said she knew of a place I might like to visit.  My mom really loves me!

Gardiner’s Sew and Quilt  •  3789 Wall Ave, Ogden, UT 84405, near the Newgate Mall

Before I turn you loose on the slideshow, it should be said that this unassuming facade houses a fabulous selection of fabric.  I know I sometimes sound like a shill for these quilt shops, but the local quilt shops are very important to me–even if they are in my mother’s hometown.  By frequenting these, we help keep the industry alive and kicking, plus we get to see and handle all those luscious fabrics.

I was quite impressed with the range of lines they carried, from Riley Blake to Amy Butler and many inbetween.  Gardiner’s has a great display of quilts showing ideas for how to use their fabrics, and they are fresh and new and make you want to get a few fat quarters. . . or yards.  Here’s the two ladies who helped me. . . and told me about Ginger’s Quilt Shoppe, too.  By the way, I apologize for the quality of the photos, as I only had my cellphone.

One shot in the slideshow is from above.  They have an upstairs with all their sale fabric, but I must admit I had more fun downstairs with the regular goods.  In one picture you’ll see sewing machines, and next to them is a wall of cubbies holding quilts for sale.  So smart to sell all the displays afterwards–good for those who don’t want to make a quilt, but want to have one on their bed.

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2 thoughts on “Gardiner’s Quilt Shop

  1. It was a great place to see and browse and buy. Of course having Mother as a companion added to the shopping experience. Great shots of the store.

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