Shine: The Circles Quilt


Shine: The Circles Quilt
66″ square
First block started June 2014 • Top finished June 2015

I’ve finished my quilt top and am happy to release it into the wilds world today.  I started sewing these English Paper Piecing patterns after I’d finished Kaleidoscope and needed a new hand project.  I was also sick of straight lines, and though I’d do some circles.  Those of you who have followed along know that I took a lot of inspiration for the circles from a church my husband and I had visited while traveling in Slovenia, the art which found its way into fabric.

Shine_Quilt Top Final800

I named it Shine because of all those circles, those suns, those compass points, radiating out from the quilt.  I could see this all done up in solids, too.  I’ve seen a few of your starting your project.  Please tag me on IG (occasionalpiecequilt) or drop me an email with a photo so I can see what you’ve begun.

I’ve now completed the instructions for this quilt, and have priced it at six dollars for a PDF download.  For those in non-EU countries, the pattern is in my Craftsy Store, listed as Shine: Circles Quilt Finishing Instructions and is available for purchase, so you too can finish off your quilt.  For those in EU countries with VAT tax, the pattern is in the PayHip shop.

I know I haven’t released the last circles — numbers 13 to 16 — yet (well, you have one of them), but I’ve made up a pattern for the final four, which is also on my Craftsy store if you can’t wait through the end of summer to get them all.  The Final Four Blocks from Shine (I made the pattern earlier) is also priced at six dollars, for a PDF download.  For EU readers, please use PayHip.

I’ve loved creating these and sharing them for free, so I hope you’ve enjoyed grabbing them and making them.  At some point in the future, I’ll start moving the downloads to Craftsy, as I’m trying to gather all my patterns there for ease in locating them.  Sometimes it gets hard to navigate blogs, even with the excellent search engine that my blog software provides.

Shine Sashing inspiration

Where did I get the inspiration for the finishing?  One day when I was walking around San Diego, I looked up and saw the facade of the building and thought, aha! — those crosses with circles would be perfect in between my circles.  I ended up leaving off the circles as my quilt had a lot going on and they were just too much.  Your quilt may be different, so you decide (the option is in the pattern).

Zagreb doorway design churchAnd the border?  I started here, in this archway from the church in Slovenia, with those triangles.  But again, I wanted my circles — and all that handwork — to stand out, so I simplified it with trapezoidal pieces in between the triangles.

Now to quilt this, a good summer project since we’ll be local most of the time.  I’ll find the next Inspector Gamache book (I heard a new one is coming out in August) and sew my brains out.  Can’t think of a better thing to be doing when it’s scorching outside.   The tutorials for the final patterns will post regularly throughout the summer, but feel free to grab those final block patterns early, if you want to get going on them.

Thanks for all your support and EPP love while I’ve been working on this project. Happy Piecing!

24 thoughts on “Shine: The Circles Quilt

  1. What a stunning finish Elizabeth. You have gone into great detail to border those circles to truly make them shine!! Congratulations- I love it!!

  2. Stunning. Your choices for the finishing and border are perfect! This looks like a Road to California quilt to me…

  3. I have been watching from the sideline and enjoyed seeing your creativity, the top turned out fabulous, really fabulous, looks like shining jewels, also love your border and sashing which shows the circles beautifully, well done !

  4. I’m new to EPP and want to start this pattern absolutely love it. Is there a way to download all the patterns at one time?

  5. Elizabeth, I am off to a LQS to pick up some fabrics so I can start this TONIGHT! I am so excited…thank you once again for sharing your amazing talent with us. Its really, really appreciated! Happy 4th!

  6. Hey Elizabeth . . . I’m catching up on reading and working my way back instead of forward. Absolutely LOVE how you brought all these great circles together. It’s a perfect setting for them and oh so colorful. Well done lady!!!

  7. I am so in love with this quilt. It’s absolutely a masterpiece! It’s been fun to follow along–can’t wait to see what you come up with for the quilting!

  8. OMG, Eliabeth, I just came across this and can’t believe I didn’t see it before. I thought I’d gone back through all of the posts I’d missed while my computer (and my hand) were out of commission. This defies all of my expectations. It is absolutely gorgeous, and the crosses linking your blocks, which were inspired by the Slovenia church, are perfect.

    And there isn’t a single joke in this comment. But you are allowed to ask for my address.

  9. Fantastic setting for these wonderful circle blocks! This quilt combines all my favorites: innovation, color, shape, movement, modern and traditional elements combined, geometry without rigidity, and lots of joy! I’m really enjoying making some of these (lkhomework on IG).

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  12. Thank you! These are beautiful and I have purchased the last ones from Payhip. I am a little puzzled that you are not selling to UK members through Craftsy, though, as I live in the UK and purchase classes, patterns and fabric from them…anyway, thanks again and I am looking forward to getting the time to make a start! – Caroline

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