Lora’s Quilt

Lora Quilt_frontTo Lora, with Love
Quilt #139

Pieced by Elizabeth Eastmond, Quilted by Lisa J (Lora’s niece and my friend)

Quilt for Lora_quilt top

This was the quilt top, and it measures 54″ tall and 43″ wide, before quilting and binding.

Lora quilt with bow

Lisa was headed up to Utah to see her Aunt Lora, so after she finished the quilting and binding…

Lora Quilt Label

. . . she sewed on the label I made, wrapped it up and took it over to Lora’s assisted living center to present it to her.  (More about Lora’s situation can be found *here.*)  Lisa and her two daughters arrived the same time as a lot of other cousins, so the room was full.  As soon as Lisa brought out the quilt, Lora began to weep.  Lisa read the label to her — more tears — and by the time they unfurled it and showed all the signatures, nearly everyone in the room was crying, too.

Lora receiving quilt

A few days later, after Lisa finished telling me the story, she gave me a big hug and thanked me for thinking up the idea of the quilt, but really, we thought of it together.  I’m really glad we did, as it obviously brought the message to Lora that we loved her and cared for her.  And we do.



13 thoughts on “Lora’s Quilt

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story. Lora is such a talented person and has done so much for so many people over the years. It was neat to be able to sign a piece of fabric that went into the quilt for her. Thank you to Elizabeth and Lisa for making her a quilt. You are both angels of service.

  2. Such a heart-, soul- and body-warming gesture from you both. And from all of the people who sent a message to Lora letting her know that she is remembered, that she is still important to them. I can see from the look on her face how moved she is.

  3. I can imagine Lora going to sleep at night or just sitting, thinking during the day and each name on that quilt is going to bring her a different memory or thought, like a box of chocolates! You and Lisa and all those who contributed – and enjoyed Lora’s talents for so many years – are certainly special.

  4. Isn’t that wonderful. She looks very pleased ; )
    My daughter in law to be, wants a signature quilt at her wedding. She chose fabrics today

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