Nice to See You, Christmas Quilts!

Christmas Quilts on Bed1

We have a tradition that nothing Christmas happens until after the Thanksgiving meal.  In the Old Days, when I had children at home, we’d sing Christmas carols that afternoon, a cluster of us at the piano.  Now, we turn on iTunes and listen to the songs while we do the dishes.  This is Christmas Star, #80 on my 100 Quilts List, in case you want to read more about it.

Christmas Quilts on Bed2

This morning I got out all the Christmas quilts that have been in the cupboard for a year.  It’s nice to see them again.  This is Star Mother’s Youngest Child, #108.

Christmas Quilts2Christmas Treat, #111.

Christmas Quilts1

This was about the first Christmas display quilt I made and I called it Christmas Wall Hanging.  It’s label-less, but is #15 on my 100-Quilts List, having been made twenty-two years ago.  I have made other Christmas quilts, but they’ve been passed on to others.

Wide Mouth Pouch1

I also found time to make a little pouch for a granddaughter, at her mother’s request.  It’s Noodle Head’s Wide Mouth Pouch, but I made it a little bit taller.

Wide Mouth Pouch2

Wide Mouth Pouch3I also added a tab at the zipper closure end so it’s easy to grab.  Her birthday is coming up this week, so I popped it in the mail the day before Thanksgiving.

Hope you enjoy getting reacquainted with your Christmas quilts, too!


14 thoughts on “Nice to See You, Christmas Quilts!

  1. Your Christmas quiltings are lovely and I so agree with your “nothing Christmas until after Thanksgiving” thought, unfortunately, retailers feel they will miss out an a $1 or two if they don’t start “hyping” us way before. By the time mid-December arrives I’m exhausted from hearing it. Sad…………………….

  2. You are already WAY ahead of me for Christmas. I’m thinking December 1 might be my day. I love your Christmas quilts.

  3. Christmas time, the quilts are lovely and glad you found time to make the pouch. I remember when the girls were home, they insisted that the day after Thanksgiving the tree would have to be decorated. This year with both gone, I will take my time slowly decorating, as it is time to decide which ornaments, etc. we no longer need or use. Thanks for the lovely post.

  4. You have a beautiful collection of Christmas quilts! I have the grand total of one! It is far too hot to be thinking of putting a quilt on the bed here in Summer so mine graces the back of the sofa!
    You do start Christmas way earlier than we do Downunder- school finishing and Summer holidays have to be thought about too! :-))

  5. Love all the Christmas goodness! That pouch is soooo cute. It’s time for me to get busy sewing some pouches. We listened to Christmas music while we ate out TG dinner last nite!

  6. It’s fun to see your Christmas quilts. We won’t be decorating (again) this year, so I have nothing Christmasy to show. Sure like that pouch you made, though you have made me look like an awful grandmother. Our step-granddaughter turns 16 next Tuesday, and I forgot! I’m an awful Nana. No time to even get a card in the mail. Don’t know what I’ll do to make it up to her. Just shameful.

  7. I love getting reacquainted with my Christmas quilts each year. I’m also a believer in the “no Christmas until after Thanksgiving” philosophy, and I try to enjoy every minute between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  8. Love your Christmas quilts. You’re ahead of me. I’m half way done with taking fall stuff down then the Christmas stuff out tomorrow I hope. I work at it a little at a time.

  9. Love quilt with signatures, XMas quilt, XmAs wall hanging, mini bag…gifts you make. What pen works best for signatures & won’t bleed. Did you hear set writing? Thanks for sharing.

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