Friendship Swap for the Cross-X Block

CrossX_final quilt top


Today is the day we reveal our quilts made in the Friendship Swap of the Cross-X blocks (some call them the + and x blocks).  I got started on this through an invitation from Krista of KristaStitched, who is now found more commonly on Instagram.  She wrote and invited me to play along, and since I’d always wanted to try out this block, I agreed.  Susan of PatchworkNPlay and Carla of Lollyquiltz set us up a Flickr Group and we were in business.

Cross-X So FarB

I’m sure you remember these photos, as we kept track of our progress.  Well, all of a sudden we were done, and then all of a sudden there was a deadline of today to get the quilt done.  So, what you see up there is my quilt top (or flimsy), as the quilt is at the quilter, and since I was a bit slow in getting the top done, I don’t have the final “finish” on the quilt.  Soon, very soon.

KristastitchedHowever, I don’t think I have to worry about my partner Krista finishing her quilt top before I will.  She was working on a better and bigger project, which arrived several weeks early!  Congratulations, Krista!  Having Baby Rita here safe and sound is waaaaay better than a quilt top.  Many thanks to Krista, Carla and Susan, for inspiring us to a Cross-X quilt top.

Thought you’d like to see what the inspiration was for these blocks, in the early days:

Setsuko InagawaQuilt

This quilt by Setsuko Inagawa, which used an old block by Nancy Cabot, caught everyone’s eye.  The pattern diagram and the current origins (from Badskirt) are *here.*

UPDATES: Here are some thumbnails of the completed quilts or quilt tops, with links to their blogs.

Lollyquiltz Cross-X

Carla, from Lollyquiltz

Grace and Favour Cross-X

Carla, from Grace and Favour

PatchworknPlay Cross-X

Susan, from Patchwork N Play

LiveAColorfulLife Cross-X

Cindy, from Live A Colorful Life

Libellen Quilts Cross-X

Heidi of Libellen Quilts

Jane's Quilt Cross-X

Jane of Jane’s Fabrics and Quilts

13 thoughts on “Friendship Swap for the Cross-X Block

  1. Firstly, thanks for sharing this amazing journey with us! And I love that original quilt- so very French! Your yellow border is stunning- I look forward to seeing it in all it’s quilted glory soon!

  2. The colors just sing together! Very uplifting. And how great that it was a work created by an ensemble of friends. H.

  3. I enjoyed seeing you and Krista post blocks on Instagram!!! The quilt top is so pretty!! That counts as a finish in my book. Also, happy to see baby Rita pictures too on IG 😉

  4. That border totally makes the quilt. The squares are beautiful, and the border really makes them shine. Gorgeous quilt.

  5. How great your colorful quilt looks, Elizabeth! Thanks for playing along. I saw Krista at KCMQG a few weeks ago and she looked great. I bet she will be back to quilting before you know it now that Rita has gotten to come home!

  6. Wow, so many gorgeous quilts! Now I’m really sad I didn’t finish mine, haha. Owell, I guess Rita is keeping me pretty busy. Thanks for swapping with me, this was so fun.

  7. Thanks for sharing all the little thumb nail pics. You all made such great quilts and yet all so different. It’s a good block for showing off lots of variety.

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