Sew Together Bag, et al.

Sew Together Bag_4

I present to you: THE SEW-TOGETHER BAG!!  If you are from my quilt guild and are looking for the link to buy the pattern, it is *here.*  Yes, you have to sign into Craftsy and make up a name and a pin number.  But there are a lot of great things on Craftsy.  Then open up your computer and link to The Quilt Barn Sew-A-Long for the pattern.  They go together.

Sew Together Bag

I have seen about eight million of these online and on Instagram and get putting it off because, my-gosh-oh-golly, it has four zippers.  And binding!

Sew Together Bag1

And all those pockets!  Okay, I’m here to tell you that you will survive to sew another day.  And that Michelle, of Sew Demented, has figured out easy ways to construct pockets.

Sew Together Bag_3

Sew Together Bag_2

The binding was No Big Deal–easy if you’ve done quilt binding, and if you follow The Quilt Barn’s directions.

Sew Together Bag_1

Sew Together Bag_5

So, jump in!  The water’s fine.

Weather 108

And now I have to talk about the weather.  We’ve been having a heat wave.  This is after the crazy rain storm that took out lots of trees in my neighborhood, and ruined concrete drainage ditches in my park.

Riverside Clouds

Tuesday, coming home, I saw these beautiful clouds, a rarity in our area.  Then it got all dark and my phone had this screen:

Weather 106

The power went out…no sewing.  So I did non-electrical quilting things.  And when the power came back on, all the little machines in our house started beeping and whirring and clicking, like they were all talking to each other.

Talenti Gelato

And because this heat wave has broken records, we are glad that they carry my father’s favorite gelato in our local grocery store.  I can vouch for the deliciousness of Tahitian Vanilla Bean, and the jars are very cool for storing stuff once they are emptied.

Circle 5 reject

Then I tried out the pattern for Circles Block #5.  Fail.  Total fail.  Not the pattern, just what I had chosen.  Back to the cutting table.

Block Books

And then some of my favorite books arrived: the BLOCK magazine from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Simple and easy and not complicated reading.

Cotton Couture Colors

Almost finished with this post of trivia, hang in there with me.  I chose a few colors to go with my incoming stack of Couture Cottons, which is part of a QuiltCon challenge.  I hope this heat wave lifts soon, as it’s killing my productivity.

Raincross Guild_LisaBut Lisa has been productive, finishing up her French fabrics quilt for her daughter who has been on a church mission for 18 months and comes home in November.  Lisa will tell you this with a giant smile on her face.  Here the quilt is being shown at the Raincross Quilt Guild last night–a great event.  We both had fun!

And last. . .

Tractor at Sunset

Yes, this is a tractor at sunset.  Actually it’s parked in my front yard, and yes, the demolition on our front yard is going nicely.

Keep quilting: I wish you many happy sunsets too.


18 thoughts on “Sew Together Bag, et al.

  1. I love, love, love your sew together bag–makes me want to make another!

    And wow…it was hotter in Riverside than in Logandale…I can’t believe it!!! Hoping things cool down for both of us soon!

  2. I spy some Salted Caramel gelato- my favourite! Love the Sew Together Bag- yours looks very neat! And I love those spots! And of course Carla could make one! We all love a challenge, don’t we?

  3. Love, love that little bag! Had seen a few and was mildly interested, but am now totally in!!! And I’m sorry you’re getting the heat – it’s finally left our area and Fall appears to be here, mostly. Outdoor swim classes are still lovely though (at least on good, sunny days). And don’t you just love MM Couture Cottons??!! We did a challenge when they first came out and I still choose them when buying solids, wonderful cottons and a great hand.

  4. That little bag is just fabulous! I love all of the pockets and you did such a great job on it too.

    It has been warm this past week. Those hurricanes really have stirred things up for all of us, but the rain would be welcomed. Good luck with the demo.

  5. I have to say, it is one of my favorites as well. I kind of need a new one, ok not really but I want a new one and I could actually make it exactly like yours! It is all in my stash!

  6. The bag is pretty fantastic.It makes my head spin to think of making one, however. I think I’ll stick with the Talenti gelato and art (and artist) appreciation of your work.

  7. I’m making two at the minute as it happens, using the Quilt Barn too. So glad that sew along exists. I’ve got to say though, that pocket construction isn’t Michelle’s own work, there’s a Russian version of this pattern out there in blogland for free that predates it. It’s still a nice thing to have though and I’m making one for my in flight sewing kit and one for my wedding makeup 🙂

  8. I just love the fabrics you chose for your bag! Perfect! I have several planned. I need a sewing partner, which would make it so much more fun. Want to volunteer?? This was a fabulous “really random” post. For some reason, nothing random seems to have happened to me in the last two months.Weird. So I just haven’t been writing the Thursday posts. Looks like Fresno and Riverside weather are going to be pretty similar for the next couple of days…

  9. Glad you had a happy experience making your Sew Together bag. It looks really good! I’ve never seen that gelato before, but it’s sure neat that you’ve found another use for the jars. I’m also glad for you to be getting a yard makeover. Though I don’t know what it looked like before, you’ve gotta be excited about having a new look. Hope it doesn’t take long to complete. Wondering though about how your extreme heat and dryness will impact new plantings. All the best!

  10. Love your bag. I still haven’t taken the bait on making one myself. Seems I always have enough to do without adding more. Don’t envy your heat as we’re having cooler fall like weather. Sorry to see the end to summer though.

  11. After this weekend, I’ve made 8 bags. I love that they are all so different and each have such personality. The bags are useful too! I’m starting to get a knack for it, I was even a bit impressed with myself on this last one. 🙂

    I have no idea how you all survive in that much hot! I thought it was bad here – turns out not so much! I hope there are much cooler days ahead. 🙂

  12. Your sew together bag is so fun! I love that Type fabric for the outside. Next time I make this bag I will check out the Quilt Barn post as I hear so many good things about it. Hope the weather cools down a bit for you. Good luck with the yard renovation too.

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